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After Being Denied 'Minute Alone' With Convicted Child Molester, Father Lunges at Larry Nasser in Courtroom


After Being Denied 'Minute Alone' With Convicted Child Molester, Father Lunges at Larry Nasser in Courtroom

Common Dreams staff

The father of three daughters who were victims of convicted child molester Larry Nasser, lunged across the courtroom and was tackled by marshals during a hearing on Friday morning after the judge denied his request to have even "one minute alone" in the room with the perpetrator.

"I would ask you to as part of the sentencing to grant me 5 minutes in a locked room with this demon. Would you do that?" the father, Randall Margraves, asked the judge. Denied, he asked "How about one minute?" When the judge again said that was not possible, Margraves dashed towards Nasser.


Jerry! Jerry! lovely.


Don’t worry, sir. He’s soon to have plenty of alone time with people who want to lunge at him in a variety of manners, all more violent than yours.


i don’t blame him, can you imagine all 3 of your daughters being used by this jerk? hopefully he will face karma where he is going and each time they move him he will have to deal with it again.


Larry Nassar will be lucky to live a year in prison. He’s already a marked man - “short eyes”. Sure, people try to get 5 minutes alone with an offender, but that’s vigilante justice, and we must not allow that to happen. Even though the criminal “justice” system is corrupt, one tier for the rich, and one tier for the poor, it is what keeps us away from having warlords (openly) running society.


Gotta admit I’m sorry the dad didn’t get to him. But that’s just the prelim, because when he gets to where he’s going, no one can stop all the fella’s who are going to make him their boyfriend. Better get a night-light, Larry


Larry Nassar is a product of our pornographic society. You can thank all the men in our government who were too cowardly to shut down Playboy magazine and jail all pornographers. This is not to excuse Nassar at all, it is to say that the society we live in where he is just one of hundreds of abusers who have been caught, is the completely understandable epistomological end of a pornographic society.


I checked the article. It’s pure, old-fashioned Christian hypocrisy. Last time I checked, the Catholic church was defending itself from years of sexual predation starting way before the first issue of Playboy came out.


This man is speaking from his own experience of how Hefner’s philosophy ruined his life. What didn’t you get about that?


If you re-read the article, you’ll note that he says he was already off the rails at 8 and didn’t discover Playboy until he was in his teens. Playboy was merely a symptom of his issues, not the cause.

What didn’t you get about that?


I have nothing but sympathy for the father. I know where my thoughts would be if anyone did that to my daughters.

That said, I think he’s going to have a lot of opportunity to understand how his victims felt. Even if he only lives a year, he’s going to die very old.


Because I wrote the article, because that was me, I can tell you that you are dead wrong. You just don’t “get it,” do you.

What I had was a smoldering fire that could have been put out with the right parental and societal guidance. What happened instead was that Playboy magazine pour gasoline on the fire.


And the after effects have corroded my life for decades even after I began to realize just how wrong I was.


Rubbish. I’ll concede the lack of parental responsibility - your parents should be ashamed of themselves. As for Hefner, he owed you nothing.

What you had was an utter lack of personal responsibility. Even now, you’re blaming everyone else for your own failings. If it was the fault of “society” everyone would be in the same boat you are. Take responsibility for your own decisions and your own life.


Hefner owed me the decency of not tossing gasoline on the fires of my smoldering passions.

BTW - as an aside (and not to try to get you to feel sympathy for me, but just to understand) counselors I spoke with over the years have said that certain symptomatic behaviors we discussed lend credence to the possibility that I was molested at a young age.

And yeah, my parent were pretty much self-absorbed in their own world. I had practically no guidance at all from school, home, or church. It stank.

It does sound, however, like you are standing up for Hefner and his smutty little piece of misogynistic trash. Are you trying to tell me that you believe that most men could read (and gawk) at Playboy magazine and not be affected by it? If so, obviously you don’t accept the psychological make up of men vs woman.


Hefner owed you nothing. If you were so flammable, you owed yourself the duty of staying away from fire.

IF, and I note that in capital letters, because you don’t offer any proof - if you start citing “repressed memory syndrome”, then I simply pity the fact that you’ve fallen into the hands of charlatans, you have my sympathy - as I noted above, no one deserves

Most men who do (or did) read Playboy are no worse for wear. If you were messed up by it, either you’re suffering from “glass jaw” syndrome, or you’re still not willing to accept responsibility for your own actions.


Your last sentence shows that you are without understanding of male psychology. It also shows that you are clueless as to the changes that have taken place in our society and the damage done by the behavior of so many men who have been brainwashed by Playboy to see women as nothing more than genitalia on two legs for their sexual amusement. This attitude is one of the main reasons that STD’s, divorce, and rape are at all time highs in this country. Male brains have been overstimulated to the point of insanity.

As for your sentence regarding “you owed yourself the duty to stay away from the fire,” you apparently have no sympathy at all for a young child who barely knows his rear end from third base and is in need of good direction from moral adults. Pretty cold, dude.


I have no sympathy for someone who refuses to take any responsibility for his own actions. You’re just looking for others to blame so that you can say to yourself “none of this was my fault.”

Look around you - millions, if not billions of people look at porn. The overwhelming majority of them are not rapists, molesters, or, to use your purple prose “overstimulated to the point of insanity.”


And you have no idea how I feel about what happened to me. You easily judge me as being irresponsible and trying to pass off my guilt onto others. You have no idea the people I have apologized to and asked to forgive me, nor the things I have confessed in my private time with God. As I said, you are just a cold, heartless prick.


Cold is the person who hurts others and then thinks an apology can make it all right.


It is never made right by just an apology. It is made right by changing your life and becoming a better person, especially to the people you have wronged.