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After Being Told He's 'Full of Sh*t' at School Event, Mnuchin Demands UCLA Suppress Video

After Being Told He's 'Full of Sh*t' at School Event, Mnuchin Demands UCLA Suppress Video

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Trump Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin isn't accustomed to facing direct challenges to his wild economic claims or protests over the GOP tax plan he helped craft, and after experiencing both during an event at UCLA's Burkle Center on Monday, Mnuchin demanded that video of his appearance be suppressed.


Interesting. At the University of Florida hecklers were allowed to shout down Richard Spencer. At UCLA hecklers (much milder in nature) were removed from Steve Mnuchin’s talk. Selective application of the first amendment one might conclude. As Goldman Sachs further fuses with the government, fascism further rears its ugly head. All hail the Fourth Reich…


This epitomization of the deluded financial predator that pontificates from within full fecal fecundity continues to grow a target on the [otherwise male] genitalia emerging from his forehead in place of a unicorn horn.

He “believes” this magical thinking? I think not.

Little more than straw man; target; sacrificial chaos producer; _______fill in the blank


Good job, young people. It’s your First Amendment—use it or lose it.


I can’t think of a single success of a"trickle down" economy. Keynesian (?) economics starts at the bottom with it’s stimulus. That is, with higher minimum wage and so forth, whereas “trickle” bails out large corporations.
It has never worked.
The students are right!


Very sad. A low down corporatist thief from golden sacks ordered UCLA to suppress recorded truth and it obeyed totalitarian orders. Sad. Very very super sad.


This fairy princess can’t defend his predatory capitalism, so the rest of us are supposed to give him a free pass? “I don’t want the world to see how these kids kicked my ass”.
Mnuchin’s first sentence should be removal of wealth, and live in the real world.


Authoritarians don’t want their critics and challengers to be seen publicly opposing them and receiving support for their opposition. It sets a ‘bad’ precedent where citizens might actually think what they feel really matters. “God forbid”, they would say, “that citizens actually find out what we are really doing before it’s too late to stop. We authoritarians are the entitled ones.” !?!?


Aren’t First Amendment Rights Wonderful?


Time for a campaign of massive call-ins and write-ins to the University to force them to release the entire unedited video. Allow me to begin.

Tel: (310) 206-6365

Fax: (310) 206-3555

Email: burkle@international.ucla.edu


If everyone who ever comes in contact with the Sensitive Secretary tells him, loudly, what he is “Full Of” never, will all of the recordings be erased and many will remain for all of posterity.

The Truth will set you free, Munch.


These trump regime scum and financial predators/thieves can dish it out but can’t take it! Cowards hiding behind cover-up and censorship! Munchkin (and his low-life wife) is the quintessential poster boy for being full of shite!

If there was ANY justice, this contemptible POS and all his ilk would be breaking rocks for life or swinging at the end of a rope! The rimes of this regime are and have been the clear and present danger all elected representatives take an oath to oppose - treasonous bastards foreign OR domestic!

As others have written the public must demand UCLA release the film evidence - isn’t that censorship criminal collusion?

BDS everywhere!


Just remember, this a-hole is in no small measure brought to us by now-Senator Kamala Harris, who as California Attorney General, not only refused to investigate Mnuchin for the mortgage foreclosure scandal, but then became one of his largest campaign contribution recipients in her run for Senate. So now we have this SOB as head of Treasury, instead of doing time in stir. So, no, Harris, like the Wall Street-owned Cory Booker, and the rest of the heavily promoted establishment Democrats for the Presidency in 2020 are nowhere near progressives, and need to be shunned by the rest of us who are.


The students should protest the suppression. There is no legal authority to suppress is there?


Not that I’m aware of. I’m shocked that UCLA would cave to that demand. He spoke in a public forum about public business. That can’t be censored (or shouldn’t).

My guess is UCLA will eventually release the video, voluntarily or not. Is the ACLU on its way? Or how about the students at UCLA Law School?


I am liking this outrage by young generations. As the older folks sit with their lips sewn shut in silent complicity, the young rip open the curtain to show us the pathway to social justice. Munchkin is not: he’s more of a flying money than anything (yes, I know the correct spelling :-D).

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We’ve got teenagers & BLM responding to gun violence, citizens being prosecuted for dissent, a generation of black and brown men behind bars, an opioid crisis, a climate crisis… and Steve Mnuchin cries victim? OMG

That said, UCLA, Harvard, Georgetown and who knows how many others are all entwined with corporate America. Just because legislatures cut their funding, doesn’t mean schools need less money. Raising tuition, sports programs, and soliciting funds are what keep the doors open. Neither government or education are businesses, nor should they be run as ones–a fact lost on far too many Americans. The US budget has long reflected that our priority is empire not education, and a compassionate soul could see Mnuchin as a victim of the system which produced him. Mostly he’s just a tool, as in both meanings of the word.


Colleges don’t want to lose that Koch money.


Email sent - Thanks dissent! Let’s flood the inbox!


certainly mnuchin and edjit pie - both assholes, should have their smug faces smashed…