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After Being Told He's 'Full of Sh*t' at School Event, Mnuchin Demands UCLA Suppress Video


The Trump administration finds itself with very few public places to be. Interior Secretary Pruitt receives open hostility on commercial flights-people know who he is. Betsy De Vos has to keep her distance from the education community she is supposed to serve. Basically none of them can appear at a public university like UC without getting verbally attacked-as it should be.
They are thieves, grifters, liars, and the very lowest we have ever had. Nobody like Mnuchin should even expect people to keep quiet. He should not be on stage, he should be in handcuffs headed to prison and over half the country knows it, not just progressive students at UCLA. We really need to get Mnuchin indicted, and soon.


Who TF are you callin “older folks with lips sown-shut in silent complicity”?!

Until very recently - except for a relative few - it’s been the smart-phone me-media jackass shallow generation with their lips sown shut and “older folks” out there in the freakin streets!..we were young in the 60’s putting our bodies in the streets, and many still are!..sorry to fly off the handle…peace!


Yes. I agree; There is no legal authority to suppress human search for truth and meaning in life.

I don’t see it as a student’s job to teach already brain washed UCLA staff and administrators right from wrong.

Students should communicate among themselves and be clear as a student body that UCLA administrators are serving totalitarian monsters either out of fear or desire for a rewarding appointment at the plum pudding trough.


Come on. Your generation might have been in the streets in the 1960’s, by the 1980’s you got us Reagan, and your generation pulled the Democrats to the right too. I realize that some in your generation put up a good fight, but the fact is that your generation pulled the entire country way to the right, and young people today are utterly fucked because of it. Maybe that wasn’t your fault or the fault of people like you, but it was certainly the fault of your generation. The environment is in much worse shape, everything costs a lot more relative to wages than they did in your day, infrastructure is in far worst shape, the jobs being produced are often low paying and offer little in benefits, private debt has exploded and the system is thoroughly corrupt.

I find it puzzling too people that are of that generation saying that young people today are the “me” generation when it is your generation that glorified selfishness and individualism. The young folks of today are far more progressive and want structural changes to reverse some of that, and those things necessitate far more socialism. How is that a sign of extreme selfishness? It’s the opposite of that. Besides, some of the time they are on the phone, they’re going to site like this, and not having their minds destroyed by CNN and the traditional media. They also organize using their phones and social media.

I am not trying to start a generational war, but I’m done with Boomers lecturing young people. The country is worse off, more right wing and young people are screwed in ways your generation wasn’t because of that. Your parents’ generation did a far better job of handing over a country and world to the next generation than your generation has done. I hope this at some points sinks in, cause it is important as far as reversing the horrible trajectory Reagan set us on and in making sense of why it happened. How did the 60’s generation grow up and give us Reagan?


My parents generation was protected from mass brainwashing propaganda by the fairness doctrine in media.

If someone spouted propaganda and lies on the people’s airways then a first come first serve person was given free air time to counter lies and half truths. This simple technique was instituted by my parents parents to protect the nation from mass media brainwashing like that used by Hitler and Stalin (who only had radio to work with).


This is what happens when the elitist pigs come out of their hiding places and have to face the public. Poor thing! He can’t hide in the bowels of Goldman-Sachs anymore, and has to face angry college students who call him on his shit. If more of these “public servants” actually had to face the public they scorn and look down on, things would change fast in this country. People do have power, but not when the people they pay to “serve” them hide from them. Their days of hiding may be coming to an end soon.


Another plutocrat, or as conspiracy theorists would say, another reptilian.


It is blatantly unfair to castigate an entire generation for this world’s woes. It’s like blaming ALL men, or ALL white men, or ALL Americans. I agree that the boomer generation - taken as a whole, and using a broad brush - didn’t live up to the ideals they expressed in the 1960s. I have been disappointed my whole life in the failure of this country - and yes, that generation - to move in a progressive direction. What happened? Comfort, money, amenities, and then, families, kids, jobs.

Instead, the generation that saw the lies of Vietnam, the assassinations, the bigotry, the racism - seemingly went on to accept, tolerate and even embrace the same old shit in a different package. So yeah, disappointing doesn’t cover it.

I was born in 1957, and the handy division of people into neat little “generations” is unrealistic. People my age didn’t have to serve in Vietnam, get drafted or avoid police batons in the streets like older Boomers. On the other hand, the year I graduated from high school, Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace and the United States ran with its tail between its legs from Vietnam. Within a handful of years, we had Reagan. Lots to be optimistic about, eh?

We’re all in this together, so blaming Boomers or Millenials or GenXers just doesn’t cut it, just as putting all the blame on any group only serves to divide and inflame.


Calm down. I am a baby boomer myself. But I am surrounded by complacency in the status quo–most of my generation have achieved 'the American dream" and are by far more comfortable than the next generation (my kids and grand kids). And although I did generalize, you can be comforted by the assurance that I realize there are exceptions everywhere. Peace to you as well!


It should have been obvious my comment was more humorous and friendly than an actually angry response to ncycat, I hope!

That said, maybe you have a point Joan…maybe not -its highly debatable. I mentioned “my generation” as being “young in the 60’s putting our bodies in the streets” - many did not, but many of us still do, with Occupy, climate actions, anti-war, civil rights, women’s issues ,and so much more - I see some younger people in street demos and political action, but still many too few, IMO the statement it was my “generation that glorified selfishness and individualism. The young folks of today are far more progressive” may be rubbish, not to be too confrontational…but. - the faults you list are real but the cause is political and wealth-driven, not generational per se… you cannot lay those crimes on “my generations” doorstep completely…it is a complicated issue, but bottom line, we need to get more people young and older out into the streets and into political, social and environmental actions…IF they can take their eyes off their freakin “devices”!

mea maxima culpa


As someone solidly in the middle of the Boomer generation, I totally agree that my generation failed to live up to the promise it showed at the beginning of the 1960’s, when it looked like the revolution might succeed, and we might go in a different direction than the U. S. had previously pursued. Somehow, between all of the assassinations and oppression of student protest, most lost heart, and sold out to the materialistic status quo, and as Gary Trudeau said when he put Doonesbury on hiatus for 18 months in the 1980’s, “got haircuts, and grew up”, and became the Yuppie scum those of us who avoided that fate hate so much. Having been reminded of the strange saga of Patty Hearst on CNN the past few weeks, the trajectory of her journey from privileged kidnapped heiress to radical freedom fighter and urban guerilla, and back to pardoned bank robber, and wealthy socialite show dog breeder becomes a microcosm for our generation. We blew it. Hopefully the up and coming generation reflected in the fed-up and pissed-off students in Parkland, Florida will not, if it’s not too late already.


Capitalism must end before it ends all life on earth.


Indeed let’s! Email sent here as well.


What is with this blaming of the baby boomers for everything that’s going wrong with this country? I’m a baby boomer and I never voted for Reagan. Voted Democratic until the last two elections where I voted for Jill Stein - while my nieces and nephew in their late 20’s and early 30’s voted for Hillary.

Stop blaming baby boomers. The issue is much more complex than that.


I don’t blame an entire generation, and in the case of the person I was talking to, I said that whatever critiques of I have of their generation, it doesn’t apply to every single person. However, anyone critiquing Millennials for something as a group can’t object when others critique Boomers as a group.

It is also a fact that the 60’s generation did give us Reagan. So, whatever patting themselves on the back they do while critiquing young people today, take responsibility for what the generation did later on along with the credit it may have deserved for getting involved in activism and politics when that generation was young.

As I also said, I see little value in getting into a generational war. I am just responding to a comment. Having said all of that, it does matter to me if the Boomers do take responsibility for the policy choices they made. They did hand over a country in worse shape than the one they inherited. It makes sense to think about why that was the case, and it would help to put an end to that generation always talking down to young people today.


Did I blame Boomers for everything going wrong with this country? No, I responded to a critique of young people as a group (you are welcome to object to that as well) and I responded to someone saying that his or her generation really got out and got active in the 60’s. Yeah, you did, and 20 years later you all put Reagan into power. How is that not relevant? How is it not relevant, especially when responding to critiques of Millennials, to point out the horrible country, environment and world being given to them by the generation always talking down to them? I will say this again, I am not interested in a generational war, waste of damn time. Keep in mind though, I was responding to what you are objecting to. Maybe respond to that person as well, if you don’t want to blame an entire generation, not just me because I struck a nerve with you.


Agree. One of the reasons the Boomers turned to the right was government repression. Many of the groups and movements that were forming in the 60’s were undermined by the state. We know this and we know what people like Nixon did. Look at Watergate. Yeah, he did some bad stuff to the Democrats, he did a thousand times worse and violated constitutional rights of many groups on the more radical left, and no one seems to care. My god, the state went hard after US Maoists at one point, and it wasn’t like they were a threat to take power or were doing terrorist attacks.


soon the likes of Mnuchin and his cabinet thugs will not be able to go anywhere as more and more students and the rest of us ask the real questions most msm “reporters” fail to. As a California resident I am appalled that the UCLA administration has not yet released the tape of the talk. That is my tax dollars paying for it! GET IT OUT THERE.


I’m an American, I sometimes miss irony. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to hijack the thread with this. I am done with the Boomer vs. Millennial stuff.