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After Biden’s Sharp Decline, Wall Street Investors Reassessing Other Blue Chips

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/01/after-bidens-sharp-decline-wall-street-investors-reassessing-other-blue-chips


Sounds like we should all be buying put options on Hope and Change once again…


Just like betting on a race horse.

Although, race horses don’t care about money.

From the article:
“The overarching goals are to quickly shore up capitalization of aligned political products and to implement sustained brand enhancement.”

Sounds like Democracy Inc.


You forgot to add “TM” (Trademark) after Hope and Change…


It is interesting to note that a major reason why the DNC is flat-footed when promoting candidates is because Wall Street is. Oddly, they are aware enough to worry that Biden’s cozy relationships with segregationinsts in the '70’s will hurt his appeal to voters, but don’t worry that his ties to Wall Street will hurt him. It appears that they never have done any “lessons learned” evaluations of why HRC lost (the 2016 candidate favored by Wall Street). They must believe their own propaganda…


… al gore, I mean algorithms can’t keep the beat in the propaganda song and dance.


Nate Silver says we should be comparing it more to NASCAR than a horse race. (something to do with burnout later on)

Either way, the bookies of the internet have given a big boost to Kamala Harris.

Unfortunately, they are also giving a boost to Donald Trump’s reelection chances. The betting sites have been depressing to look at lately, because they are betting on his reelection. :frowning:


Solomon certainly has his tongue planted deeply in his cheek, here. Yes, " it’s not beanbag " unless your wondering if the HSA will be firing rounds on the delegates in Milwaukee. To keep them from getting their hands around the Super Delegates’ throats sitting in the luxury boxes, that is.
The Uniparty Consensus: " of the money, by the money, for the money " is way beyond the old days of your slip is showing, my dear. If the progressives and populists have a real shot in choosing the next POTUS, the Money Boys & Girls will be running back to their gated communities, wearing only a barrel. And, a deer in the headlights, scared shitless look about them.
This is starting to get very interesting. As Sen. Sanders says, " they have the money, but we have the votes ". For starters, the table stakes just got a lot bigger. Now, if we just had some real transparency in campaign funding…ah sorry, I must of been sleep walking/dreaming.
So it goes…until it doesn’t. Here’s to hoping. And, shaking the short change from the old fruit jar.


The only thing I’ll bet on Donald Trump doing, is I’ll bet he “dies” before any Democratic nominee does.

Hey, who needs polls when the media is already rating the candidates based on how much money they have raised after each debate? What can be more American? It’s downright patriotic. After all, the DNC is using each candidate’s donation figures as a means of eliminating some candidates.

Come to think of it, why bother with elections? Just give the candidate with the biggest haul the win. Let the billionaires battle it out and the corporations decide. Think of all the money the government would save doing away with elections. Come on Pete, come on Kamala. Smile for the camera and get those dollar figures up.

We’re almost there, anyway.


When I was a grad student four decades ago my business law professor signaled the end of each class session with the same sentence…“Irrespective of our discussion today, the real question is always: How much justice can you afford”.

20th century elections pivoted on how much “democracy” you could afford.

The 1% have way more money than they can possibly spend on 21st century elections, thereby making democracy irrelevant.


They understand the marketplace well. They also understand the ‘average’ American. Americans are quick to jump on the bandwagon, falling prey constantly to groupthink, which, at the moment, seem to be the emphasis on racial sensitivity. Of course, this is not a bad thing, however, humans being the self-centered animal they are can’t seem to pin the real issue down: economic inequality, mainly because they selfishly want as much money and ‘stuff’ as they can get.

If every family in America suddenly found themselves with enough money to pay the bills and make the required purchases without stress, we’d find the number of hate-related crimes would drop dramatically, very quickly.


I like how support from the donor class is referred to as ‘investing’ in a certain candidate.
Shows again how venal the system we live live under has become. Investors expect a return on their money, especially when we’re talking millions. Why doesn’t one of those clueless idiots asking questions at the debates bring up the glaring funding differences between Sanders and Warren vs the others? Oh, that’s right, Chuck Todd would be out on his ass if he did.


I’ll take a Thousand Shares of Blue Chip Stock in:


Interesting, isn’t it, how much they are willing to spend on their obsession with avoiding taxes. I guess the numbers must be working out for them.

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Investors choose candidates and candidates choose voters. And the people choose to be subjects.


Avoiding taxes is just the tip of the iceberg with the Corporatocracy. Let’s start watching them run, like pigs from a gun, if/when a real Adm. were to take enforcement, litigation and regulations seriously.
Now all we get is the old " wink,wink, nod, nod. " Or, an updated version of Runaround Sue.

Status Quo Joe is not through destroying himself. This will be like a Saturday afternoon serial at the move theater.

(ok that was before my time but I know about them)

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It’s not just avoiding taxes, it’s about funding (starving the beast) the only entity that can stand up to them. It’s about eliminating the Control