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After Biden Vowed '$2,000 Checks Will Go Out the Door' Ahead of Georgia Wins, Relief Plan Reportedly Includes Just $1,400

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/14/after-biden-vowed-2000-checks-will-go-out-door-ahead-georgia-wins-relief-plan

“Don’t worry about doing too
much. Worry about doing too little,”
I agree. Why not give more to the poor who are desperate and take it from people like me who do not need any stimulus $$$$.


Funny how Joe Manchin, who represents one of the poorest states in the nation, WV, is against the checks so desperately needed by many of his constituents. Can anyone tell me why the poor and disadvantaged seem to always vote for the person who throws them under the bus?


If Dems proceed on the grounds of “going small,” they will be decimated in the midterms and lose to a worse fascist than Trump in 2024. Americans will vote for a fascist who stands for something over a mealy-mouthed neoliberal who stands for nothing. It’s almost as if the Dems want to lose. It’s hard to imagine anyone being this bad unless it’s on purpose.


This criticism seems pretty weak making a mountain our of a mole-hill - i don;t recall anyone calling for more than a total of $2000, regardless what Biden said in the moment. More important stuff to focus-on it seems to me!


I think one answer may be that too many are too poor to vote.


They may have no alternative. But there was an excellent teachers strike in WV in 2018, and Bernie ran well in WV. Manchin needs to be primaried.


Agreed the original practical goal was $2000. then we ended up with $600. So $1400 meets the original goal. Anyway expanded unemployment like in the original CARE act is more important as it is a recurring amount.


Sorry, I disagree. 600+1400=2000.

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it IS on purpose. it’s taken a long time but I’m finally seeing that their goal isn’t to win but to advance the agenda of the Oligarchs. Part of their strategy is to seem inept…


here comes the middle class…sigh.

“we don’t need it, so no one needs it…”

I’m guessing most of you cozy types aren’t renters.


I’m assuming you do not mean by “means-testing”, but by taxation. Means testing is bureaucratically cumbersome, biased and unneccessary.

How is that a “regardless”? Biden should, of course, live up to what he said! $600 checks were already out the door. Biden promised those Georgia voters, and the rest of us, $2000 checks! Promises broken are fine with you?


$2000.00 is a joke also. It needs to $2000.00 every 2 weeks until the 1% and corp. are paying taxes or are in Jail.


Well here we go again. Obama 2.0 Capitulate to the terrorist repubs BEFORE NEGOTIATIONS EVEN BEGIN! smdh…


I expect that ‘our good friend Joe’ will pull another Barack Obama and totally blow the opportunity for any kind of substantive ‘hope and change’ in an attempt to be ‘bipartisan.’ More than likely, so much time and energy will be tied up with impeaching Trump - after he’s already gone - that the window of opportunity for even Biden’s modest ‘progressive’ agenda will fall by the wayside.

Okay, hopefully not. But this is what I expect.


“No, what I really meant was…”

And here we go…


This article was re-posted over at Raw Sewage.
It’s causing a snit between the 3rd Way and the Democrats - LOL

“No, what I really meant was…”

Was mentioned (in other words) at RS. The 3rd Way is making excuses and has pounced on the guy, and dumped on CD in the ‘same breath’


ain’t capitulating. he doesn’t want them, and neither do the movers and shakers of his party. they used to win an election. they have no further use for us and our suffering down here.


It was always either-or. You’d have known that if you had kept abreast of the congressional wranglings.

$2,000 was NOT a “practical goal”; it was a “promise”! And, there is nothing “practical” about piecemeal $2000 stimulus payments. It barely scratches the surface. And if YOU are more interested in expanded unemployment, please speak only for yourself and not all those who are suffering but do not get, or qualify for, unemployment benefits. Thank you.