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After Biden Vowed '$2,000 Checks Will Go Out the Door' Ahead of Georgia Wins, Relief Plan Reportedly Includes Just $1,400

I was just over scanning RS a minute or so ago. The third way sycophants are absolutely apoplectic at the mere suggestion that Biden played fast and loose with the truth.
I suppose we should get used to this. Biden has always had a casual relationship with the truth. Third Way trolls are going to circle their wagons around Joe for the next four years. What I fear may happen, and it looks to be happening already, is that the bar is going to be very low for Joe.


And so now we the people are supposed to digest interminable “congressional wranglings” rather than listen to what our “President Elect” actually said???


We can only imagine how bad things are going to be in a couple of months when the moratorium on evictions expires and renters and mortgage holders who owe six months at least of back payments.
It’s going to be a fucking disaster without a far more aggressive plan. And $2000 measly bucks ain’t gonna cut it.


I think Biden ought to clarify that the $2000 check will be in addition to the $600 and stop the GOP shenanigan and trickery cheap skate maneuvers. The money will boost the economy and according to many studies every dollar will create equivalent of $1.25 after circulation into commerce by working class.


I don’t know why anyone’s complaining, If the additional checks do eventually come through (highly unlikely), they can pay for a whole month of COBRA! Or most of a month, anyway.

Meanwhile, in socialist hellholes across Europe and in the Great White North, monthly checks that began last Spring continue to go out to most every adult. Oh, and their checks don’t then go right out the back door to insurance parasites, since they have universal, nonprofit healthcare.

We have no idea how oppressed we are.


Don’t misunderstand me august, or misrepresent my point please.
What resources are critically needed by society and the most vulnerable is obvious. Where that money comes-from equally important, but one thing at time. The ability to get the needed resources and stimulus to the people must be passed and funded; passed by Congress and funded by the restoration of fair and means-based taxation on the wealthiest and corporate pirates, as well as clawing-back hidden profits/taxes and demanding we become more a society for the Common Good and not one based om and dedicated to common greed!.

We as a society have been repeatedly screwed by the political servants of great wealth and power via campaign-contribution bribery ans a fixed money-based system to lower taxation on only the wealthiest while crony’s and the MICC are coddled, and gifted the lion’s share; the shortfall put on those least able to afford it for the past half century and longer., while the beneficiaries use the thefts to buy media, fund endless wars and arms industry, supply police with military hardware, and buy luxury housing and toys - all supported by capitalist speculators, parasites, banker and wall street gambler opportunists.
To dwell on the misspoken $2000 check by Biden is to divert attention from far-more critical issues and reforms - IMO.

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Democrats ARE obliged contractually, to “go SMALL” and can no longer even be bothered to lie about it, under oath! It’s only diminished expectations to formerly affluent ofay churls who’d lectured us unremittingly* about our childish cupidity?

*Sweet baby Jesus: people, in here, still read Raw Sewage?



~https://www.propublica.org/article/no-one-took-us-seriously-black-cops-warned-about-racist-capitol-police-officers-for-years (the COPS will save liberal’s Democracy)




Yes, you can see the bar has already been dropped a few notches in that comment section today.
I’ve was harassed bigly by the 3rd Way Trolls and the Mods over there during the primaries in 2016 and 2020, comments dissapeared, put on hold till I was tombstoned. I can see that happening again! lol
I’d better get over there and get started

From another comment:
And $2000 measly bucks ain’t gonna cut it.
How long before Ol Joe starts telling us about the need for Austerity and cuttng social programs because - Deficit ?


My dear lady, it isn’t the money as such but the denial of the promise of an elected president. It is a slap in the face of the working people, the democrats and the progressives. The GOP knows what Biden meant 2000 + 600 = 2600, so we get jipped $600. If this were tax breaks to the filthy billionaire class or money to the military the whole congress will approve billions more than originally requested. Even some billionaires reject the socialist handouts to the fat pigs.


I agree with almost all of what you say here EXCEPT, ‘oh, please excuse my senility; I misspoke, again’. Everyone wants to be able to believe, sometimes with dire consequences, what those in power actually say and wants to believe that what they say is the truth.


For the record, here is the legislation that passed the House:


It would have amended the just-passed Covid relief bill providing $600 to $2000 (adding $1400). An additional round of $1400 stimulus checks would accomplish the exact same thing.

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The only thing I can think of when reading stuff on RS is just how far democrats have fallen since 1972. We used to be the party of the New Deal and the Great Society. Now the majority, as witness at sites like RS Daily Kos, are politically to the right of Richard Nixon.


Biden is an austerity screw tightener. Remember that it was Obama who did not give a cost of living increase to social security recipients and Biden was in that administration.

Democrats are into war, sanctions, and austerity for everyday people.


Yes, thanks for your correct assumption.


Did Richard Nixon send out stimulus checks? I posted the resolution that amended the Covid relief bill to add money to stimulus checks above. It kinda says something that we are commenting on a potential bill that would add the same amount to make the total $2000, just after the initial $600 went out. I mean, it’s a decidedly not-conservative, and good, argument. The government is giving people money!

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When we figure that out, let’s try to do the same for Wisconsin. Whether we have a democratic governor or not, we still ultimately get shit on by republican gerrymandered districts which dominate the state.

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No, the government is sending the people’s money to the people in a time of national crisis.
When I read the platform goals of Nixon in 1972 a few things stand out. He wanted the EPA. He wanted a 30% increase in social security payments. He wanted to end the war (or at least he was smart enough to say he did). He wanted arms treaties with the Russians and Chinese. The Third Way democrats, and their latest incarnation, Joe Biden, are arguably to the right of Nixon on nearly every issue.
Oh, and Joe appeared at a campaign rally in Atlanta on January 4th. At that rally (held after the $600 relief checks were sent out) he said that, if you elect Ossoff and Warnock, $2000 checks will be sent out post haste. You notice he didn’t say $1400.
What gives?


In terms of Wisconsin, doesn’t the governor have to sign onto the maps? My feeling was the importance of 2018 was the legislatures in several states no longer had a freehand to redraw districts.

And then there are the retirees. Just got my earnings report. Poverty level.


Thanks for the query. I’ll be looking at that.