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After Biden Vowed '$2,000 Checks Will Go Out the Door' Ahead of Georgia Wins, Relief Plan Reportedly Includes Just $1,400

The myth of progressive Nixon strikes again! Nearly every piece of major environmental legislation in the late 60s and early 70s passed via veto proof majorities. He vetoed the Clean Water Act and Congress overrode his veto, for example. If he had a Congress similar to the one Trump had his first two years in office, none of those pieces of legislation would have become law. He was just smart enough not to battle when he’d lose at times.

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Heavily tax the richest. They should be proud to be able to help stabilize their country. If they find it too much trouble and decide, why work for the big, big bucks if I can’t keep it all, well, doesn’t that solve one of our other problems. Them sucking too much earnings out of the economy.
You economists can hack at that idea. I’m not one.

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Exactly. If your job isn’t reinstated, or your rent isn’t postponed, or your power, light, and heat aren’t postponed, we need a check every month (from somewhere).
Someone does have to decide then, where the cutoff point is.
Unemployment at a certain level? End of covid-19 spending etc.?


So, you missed all that talk of a UBI?


Was not how it was sold. This is where lawyers really make their money, being cute with language, vague with promises. $1,400 or $2,000 anyway, they are both well short of what will be needed. That would be better, but it shouldn’t be the most left position on this issue within the discussion. I am sick of our policy discussions being so narrow, especially when the narrowness results in really crappy options.


Ohh, Ooo…I know, I KNOW? Because, we’ve NO choice?

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Just for the record - here it is

January 4th Biden Ralley in Georgia AFTER the $600 Checks had started going out.

"If you send Jon and the Reverend to Washington, those $2,000 checks will go out the door, restoring hope and decency and honor for so many people who are struggling right now," Mr. Biden said.


Bait & Switch.

We can never fix this if Wall Street trolls keep shilling for the 3rd Way DNC. But then fixing this isn’t their goal is it. Its Status Quo.

Well, nothing will fundamentally change


Senator Coal’s been primaried repeatedly, to no avail.

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Here’s what’s probably coming next: Biden Administration: “Since you got $1200 several months ago, we will deduct that from the $1400, so now you will get $200 instead. See, it all adds up to $2000 and thanks for getting us the Senate, suckers.”


THAT is exactly the ‘logic’ the 3rd way Trolls are using at RS
You should post that over there on one of the many “Do The Math” morons
See what happens


An ode to Joe Biden:

“If I listen long enough to you
I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true
Knowing, that you lied, straight-faced
While I cried”

“Reason to Believe”, written and first recorded by Tim Hardin, 1965


Born and raised in Eugene Oregon !
I have a couple of original Hardin Vinyl

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The state is probably rigged like Kentucky is for Mitch

(oops! Too soon?)


Every single grassroots act of independent pragmatism on the part of ACTUAL Democrats HAS to be CRUSHED? It’s why OUR party is simply THE corporatacracy’s reactionary whack-a-mole gatekeepers; “where we gonna GO” after all?

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/01/15/resi-j14.html (is ANYBODY, here willing to cover WORKERS?)




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It’s a lot like the choice Henry Ford gave his Model T buyers. “You can have it in any color you like, as long as it’s black.” (Black being the only quick-drying paint color at the time.)


Biden is an enemy of the people and a clear and present danger, as much as any other winger. He must be removed from office within the coming year.


Nice try, Kamala. Wait your turn, please. { snark }

All the folks I’ve talked to about this " assumed " P-E Biden meant $2,000.00 additional dollars. However, the resentment crowd is getting angry about the deficit spending. Especially so when they go financing their new hybrid auto @ 0.9% for 72 mos. with a $3000.00 rebate and free tire rotations for life. Did someone say tax advantages, too? Will those charging stations have subsidized electricity and/or rates?


As if Kamala Harris would be an improvement…


Because to tens of millions unable to afford to even eat properly, unable to afford rents, car payments and for medical bills, tens of millions facing eviction, $2000 really isn’t important right? That extra $600 can mean the literal difference between someone being evicted or not and dying or not. Shameful! I am so glad that extreme centrists and the Democratic Party as a whole are going to be bypassed and treated as the enemies of the people that they are. More broken promises illustrates that they are no better than any other wingers and they should be treated accordingly.


OK… if you add: In 1922, several makers colluded with GM to pretty much stop innovating, competing, fundementally CHANGE was replaced by simply SEXY new sheet-metal to induce our upwards mobility/ keep-up with the Joneses/ bourgeois grandiosity of planned obsolescence, all while stomping out: urban mass transit for workers, innovative domestic companies and red-lining white flight to suburbs, as “minority” or “ethnic” business districts were replaced by giant stadiums… just like our senile, OBSOLETE kleptocrats?