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After Billionaires Gained $1 Trillion in Wealth, Says Sanders, It Is Not 'Radical' to Demand Another Stimulus Check of $1,200

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/18/after-billionaires-gained-1-trillion-wealth-says-sanders-it-not-radical-demand


It is only radical…Sanders, to ask a right wing oligarchy to represent its citizens, to care about human life in general, that would be a radical departure from what they fundamentally are. You should have known that, long before you gave the campaign money I sent you to Biden…traitor


One check isn’t going to do much good.

If you are going to make demands, make one that’s worth it. Make it monthly checks.

Otherwise we will just have to fight for another year to get one more check. What a waste of time, energy, and money.


You have a good point that I have also pondered.
The people who need help the most spent some or all of any savings they had. Many had immediate need for the stimulus check. So that train has already left the station
So now they may get another check to spend. They will also be getting a btll, or maybe a rebate from the IRS at years end. Home owners will be getting property tax bills. School supplies.
We are proving the idea that many people are living paycheck to paycheck.
Nobody from the administration is hinting at where the starving people with no place to live are supposed to go. And how they stay sane not being able to come up with money for next month. Some of the unemployed will get some relief, but how about the others?
I agree, monthly checks until we are financially safe.


It can easily be determined just how much was given to the top 1% from this government this year.

That amount must be publicized for all Americans to see.

Then, when the GOP votes to prevent $1200 checks to go to Americans who desperately need them, the Democrats can begin legislation to have all of the funds provided to those who were given well in excess of $1200, returned to the U.S. Government.


…Calling Sanders a traitor is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard from anyone, when Drumph, Flynn, Graham, Barr, Murdoch, and Gouliani exist. Pffft!..


Now that Biden has been elected, Bernie can go back to speaking as if the People’s interests were important.

WE all need to vote in our own interests in 2022, and that is clearly not for Republicans and Democrats. Vote for your neighbor, don’t vote for a crew who personally benefit from the tax cuts they support while denying ordinary citizens a fair share of their own treasury. ROLL CONGRESS in 2022!


Man, where have you been the last four years while Bernie Sanders was busting his for this country?
You are certainly entitled to tour view on political parties and who to choose to vote for or not.
I simply disagree with that attitude, and four years ahead of time at that.


Even Bernie is only going for Crumbs


Bernie urged the partisan sheep to vote for Hillary and Joe, both of whom are diametrically opposed to the policies he claims to support. You can’t act big in one direction and then pretend you sincerely believe the opposite.

Until we stop tolerating two-way B.S. and reasons to stand back from taking action, we’ll see a continuation of 33 years of Democratic Party sellout of the people’s interests, and continued movement in opposition to progressive ideals. 2020 was the worst deal in history for any population, and it was accomplished with bi-partisan agreement, including the Progressive Caucus, the Squad, Bernie, and all the rest.

We must cast aside those who support those who work against US, and those who take no action to use every bit of power the People have lent them, and pay them to use, to promote the general welfare.

When will WE tire of being courteous victims of an obviously corrupt government?


Bernie votes for the don’tCARES Act, the largest upward transfer of wealth in history, then complains about the rich gaining one trillion more in wealth as a result of his actions. He complained about relief checks not being part of a stop-gap spending bill and voted for it anyway. When are people going to quit defending this guy or thinking he will make a tinker’s damn bit of a difference? We need Che Guevara leading Our Revolution and got sheepdog Mr. Rogers instead. Where is Malcolm X when you need him? Oh, that’s right, they assassinated him too.


Calling Sanders a traitor to a country founded on slave-trade, capitalism would be stupid, calling him a traitor to progressive, socialist ideals would not. Not sure what happened to that drunken guy singing Woody Guthrie songs around a campfire, but that is not the same person standing in front of us today trying to sheepdog us into thinking the Democratic Party Corporation gives a sh*t about poor and working people.


Bernie in my mind your name’s spells TRUTH!


Sec’y of Treasury, munchkin, has not distributed 400 to 600 million dollars from the CARES act. He and a senator want to have the current assistance package being badly negotiated to pass with a clause that prevents future federal assistance in economic crisis.

It is easy to see that those with cash in hand can purchase land, homes, apartment buildings at lower prices due to panic. Applies to the stock market gambling pits also.

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This site was a lot more incisive and critical when Lina Newhouser was alive. I have to say that I agree with Jimmy Dore’s critique of Sanders and AOC, although it is a bit raw. The Democratic Party “progressives” are not willing to risk anything to fight for their alleged priorities and values.


Nina Turner is probably breathing a sigh of relief, now that she can run as a Democrat (as opposed to her brief flirtation with the People’s Party). She will end up just as AOC did, making nice to “Mama Bear.”


mama bear cannot protect a lead.
mama bear cannot negotiate
mama bear has a ring through her nose
and the attached leash goes to wall street and bankers.
Sec’y of treasury munchkin dragged her through tortuous
promises of assistance for families, then pulled the
football away - plus did not use CARE funds from last
financial bail out and now wants to nevermore any
future help after this too late helper bill.

Airlines get another 44 billion dollars!
$300 / week bonus unemployment benefit.
renews state benefits that would cancel after this Christmas
$600 to every adult

democrats simply cannot negotiate!! Or the leadership, nancy and schumer, really are dumber than I had thought. Inept is being kind for them this holy week.


…It seems also that you have no suggestions for any avenue to get us out of this predicament, BTW!. Gives a big zero to your creds…

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Wang had a better idea. 2,000 a month though is insufficient.


“ Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest of the squad diverted their youthful and increasingly socialist base to the corporate jaws of the Democratic Party.”