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After Billionaires Gained $1 Trillion in Wealth, Says Sanders, It Is Not 'Radical' to Demand Another Stimulus Check of $1,200

Billionaires don’t generally pay income tax so they certainly won’t be helping with stimulus checks.

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Bernie has fought for years for the people including for livable wages, proper health care, increase taxing of the rich, free education, loan forgiveness, standing up for the unions, equality, and on and on. His campaign brought these issues to the forefront.

He did what he had to do to get the insane prick out of office. He fought Biden for the nomination, and after the stabs in the back, he is still in there fighting for what is right. He fought for us in the midst of a heart attack. Where is Hillary, why isn’t she leading the fight also.
We all know very well that this country was not going to elect a socialist for president at this time, and if it occurred by some miracle, he would be assassinated like the other greats.
Give it a break. Stop the infighting. Go after the real enemies in our face.


Next month, those enemies will be be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

How many will sleep, and how many stay awake?


…and prevented a viable 3rd Party on the Left from forming in that time frame and for years in the future.



Funny, the republicans have set the upper limit for a covid relief package for the masses at $1 trillion and the billionaires gained $1 trillion in wealth. Seems $1 trillion is only palatable to them if it goes to the wealthy, but is an exorbitant amount that the country can’t sustain if it goes to the people.


I do not disagree that the incoming administration might bring continuing problems to deal with, but my point is that Sanders helped to stop a psychotic authoritarian already in place. First things first.


$1,200 won’t even make a mortgage payment or pay one month of rent in most cases. Even if it did, there’s nothing left for food, medical, car payments etc, etc, etc.


When we talk about Sheep Dogs, we are also taking about you.
Gives a Big Zero to your Creds.

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That’s right on the money, Phred, and I do mean “the money”, for that’s what it’s all about. The incredible head of steam that “political revolution” of old Bern’s had built up and the “real deal” third party potential it served up on a golden platter to the man and all of us was flat out murdered, killed off by old Bern himself. It’s the truth and it’s unforgivable.

And AOC and the other so called progressives so many of us love to buy into are implementing the same faux progressive sheepdog scam in establishing their personal niches within the unDemocratic Party that Sanders has so effectively utilized to negotiate and maintain his safe little niche in the Senate. What he and now they accomplish, besides feathering their personal political nests within the Party, is to keep within the Party the more gullible of those inclined toward the genuinely progressive policy and economic justice that the Party so viscerally opposes.

That $1,200 bribe that Sanders is going on about would barely scratch the surface of the economic needs of the working class and the even less fortunate of us. Whether it’s a payment of $600, $1,200 or $2000, it’s a one-off placebo intended solely to appease the masses as they struggle under the heartless and terribly misguided policies of the duopoly, as they are forced deeper into poverty and the economic and financial servitude it produces.

Meanwhile, we see the results of the sheepdogs’ good work right here on CD, among the articles and among the posts in response, as so many continue to associate with and support the irrevocably corrupted unDemocratic Party while spurning the one and only way such policy might become reality. The sheepdogs do their job well.


And only symbolic crumbs at that.


There is nothing billionaires have done that would earn them those billions coupled with outlandish lifestyles… They earned those billions through the hard work of the thousands of workers supporting them and they need to share that wealth with them. On the other side of that coin, there is nothing any worker has done that would earn them homelessness and poverty. They deserve a generous amount of help to keep them and their loved ones safe and healthy. We need a minimum living well wage for all and a cap on wealth to avoid the lopsided situation we find ourselves in as a country.


I hope people realize that jobs as we know them are going away very rapidly.

not only are both skilled and unskilled jobs being automated, they are also often already and those that have not yet been in many cases are going to be outsourced internationally in huge numbers, both those that must be done on site here (converting jobs to outsourcing ready data) and those that can already be sent overseas.

Jobs are going to become rare, within the next couple of years. This shift has been planned for decades. Its to make businesses more profitable and competitive, and also to prop up the Least Developed Nations they say.

Barring some huge change in our mind sets to prioritize all kinds of education and help for people in starting businesses, this will have widespread effects throughout the economy. Many will become far richer, for more numerous others will become permanently unemployed.

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Not a word about the Dems’ going along with this deal.


I’ve never had a problem with Sanders’ words, it’s the part about trusting him to actually fight for the goals he lays out that represent the primary discontinuity problem I will forever more have with regard to the Senator from Vermont.


The “stimulus check” was just a way to launder tax money to the banks via the working class and was never intended to help anyone.
Helping people is simply not what the US government does.


Looks that way to me! Bernie collected millions of $$$ from his acolytes and if I knew he had no chance for the democratic nomination for POTUS, Bernie who is a lot smarter than me had to know it too! Bernie sold out and in that sense he was a traitor as he hypocritally took peoples $$$.

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Great post. It leaves us feeling helpless when folks only have gripes to share.
If there truly is NOBODY worthy to support why not go somewhere else. Unless some here are playing the Fox Noise gambit.
Cut everything down long enough and thoughtful people start to give up, or give in.
Just like with trump, we knew something was terribly wrong with him. The same concern is there for people that show no faith in even the progressive left.

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Good point. And not everyone who is unemployed is getting an unemployment check or the booster check. Nothing. Even Euell Gibbons couldn’t survive on a zero diet and pay bills with a wish and a hope.

Hi oldie:
sigh—sometimes it seems that the Dems , and not all —but many, act as if they did all they could, when it doesn’t seem that they tried. Then they say, as an 8 year old would say, “I tried!.” : (

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I advise the younger perogi progs that nancy alone almost lost ALL the elections for the democrats. No energy, just scolding. Lining her pocket and not the peoples. And then the dummy dem reps vote her in again as speaker. Do we really want her 3rd in line to be president?

The dems will have a few weeks in February to put in place fixes. Then, stagnant by republicans to set up wins for them in 2022. They will set up new congressional districts in most states to be sure they win.

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