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After Bitter Tuesday, Progressives Ask Democratic Party What It Stands For


After Bitter Tuesday, Progressives Ask Democratic Party What It Stands For

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A disappointing election night for progressives ended Tuesday with two establishment Democrats, Katie McGinty and Rep. Chris Van Hollen, winning their respective U.S. Senate primary races in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Van Hollen won against Rep. Donna Edwards, both of whom were running to replace Sen. Barbara Mikulski, in a contest that highlighted racial, gender, and class divides in the Maryland Democratic Party.


The Democratic Party now stands for business as usual, for big-money, for profits above all else, and for corruption......the legacy of the party and its past leaders has been thrown in the rubbish along with its integrity and whatever honor it may have once had - a Tweedle-dee to the RepubliCon Tweedle-dum and we all are the poorer for the loss of any semblance of real choice or democracy in America......

The future and fight for justice and equality for the 99% is represented by Bernie Sanders and all those who believe......and will not compromise!

"Rise and Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions"


The Democratic Party has been a pile of flaming garbage for well over 100 years. Yes, FDR tossed the left a few concessions when it looked like capitalism was going to collapse, but before and since it's no more or less than the other wing of the property party.

"That is the only rivalry there is between the two old capitalist parties—the Republican Party and the Democratic Party—the political twins of the master class. They are not going to have any friction between them this fall. They are all patriots in this campaign, and they are going to combine to prevent the election of any disloyal Socialist. I have never heard anyone tell of any difference between these corrupt capitalist parties. Do you know of any? I certainly do not. The situation is that one is in and the other trying to break in, and that is substantially the only difference between them."– Eugene V. Debs, June 1918


Like I have posted before; the Democratic Party of HRC stands for the Oligarchy; the Amerikan Empire; murdering thousands of innocent people around the world to protect the vested interests of its plutocrats (the .01%). And the dems, with very few exceptions ( like Bernie ) are the nothing but the fake opposition war party!


Yes, we need a party to win. Parties provide a unified ideological agenda and work to get a majority of people in the representative assemblies/parliaments/congresses to advance that agenda. The is not a single example in history of an amorphous groups of "independents" effectively ruling a country.

We better get busy organizing a new party. It will be long project - starting with local governments. Forget these destructive, resource-sucking runs for US President.

And no, not the Greens - there is not a place in the world where Green parties have held more than a handful of seats.


Progressives don't need to ask what the Democratic Party stands for. We already know it stands for neoliberal economics and identity politics.


I am so sick of people cherry picking quotes from a century ago and more and then applying them to the present. So you read a f'n book, big deal. If you can't say it in your own words then you don't know what you are pretending to talk about.


Awwww, do you love your fluffy little Democratic Party? Here are my words then, you crackpot:

I would never vote for Hillary Clinton, I'd sooner piss on the ballot. That said, the best prospect for long-term, progressive change in this country is for Hillary Clinton to win in November and behave like Hillary Clinton.

This wildly unpopular, warmongering neoliberal gorgon –who will kill or otherwise wreck the lives of untold numbers of people with her lack of good judgment, belligerence, corruption, arrogance, stupidity and cravenness– will puncture like nothing else what little remains of the myth that the Democratic Party is anything other than wholly evil, and that this system has anything at all to offer ordinary people.

If Trump were to win, the Democrats would do two things: first, blame Bernie Sanders' young supporters (oh, how they would LOVE this, they would bash and scream and harangue and finger-wag and shame shame shame young people with "look what YOU did to America with your filthy idealism!") and second, go back to passing Republican legislation (by just one vote) while pretending to be an opposition party.

I'm sorry it's come to this, people, but with Bernie having had this primary stolen from him, Hillary needs to be elected, and we need a mass movement in opposition to her to overthrow this oligarchy.

That said, I would encourage everyone to vote against Hillary Clinton and leave it to Diebold to put her in the White House. It was Diebold that delivered for her in the primaries and I believe they can deliver again in the general.


Under FDR and the New Dealers we got an awful lot. We got the greatest sustained period of growth and prosperity for all, not just a few, that this country has ever seen. We got Social Security and Medicare, putting a huge dent in elderly poverty. We got civil rights and voting rights. We got strong labor laws and strong support for unions. We got regulations that prevented greed and fraud on Wall Street from taking the rest of us down with them. We got a lot.

Could they have done more? Yes. More can always be done. The New Dealers weren't perfect. But, their system worked. Undoing the dismantling of their system that began under Reagan and continued through Clinton on to today is a good starting point for progressives. We can build from there. People will listen to that. See, Sanders, Bernie. There is a reason Bernie replaced the picture of Debs in his office with a picture of FDR.


Great quote that makes your point that nothing with regards to the Republicans and Democrats has changed. Perhaps Ms. Edwards and Mr. Sestack should join the Green Party and leave the corporate Dems in the dust?


You are a shill for Hill, a troll or a fool. Your thinking extends no further than the election and shows no analysis of what will happen afterwards. People like you betray their fellow citizens and the good hearts of all who have wanted to create change in America and now you betray even common sense. If you want a billionaire oligarch to rule then so be it. Hillary is the status quo and I believe will help cement the installation of oligarchy instead of democracy but that is the status quo and has been for decades. Trump talks of mass round ups and all these things that are one step beyond oligarchy and very close to fascism. Big deal you don't want the two parties... But you betray everyone and then you and others typically stop short of talking about what will happen afterwards.

Now you will find out , as will we all. So Bernie ran as a dem did he? You couldn't see the truth that the Dems were against him. You helped them to defeat Bernie and now you pretend you were only against the Dems but you are just stupid or a fool because you helped the status quo Dems by reducing support for Bernie. So congratulations!


Now there is a novel idea! Hillary will not get my vote either.


Brilliant intellectual retort. I am so impressed ...lol


Three administrations ago - Remember, "It's the economy, stupid!"? Well today, it has been replaced. "IT'S MAIN STREET vrs wall street, dammit!" - NOT PROGRESSIVE vrs or LEFT or RIGHT vrs ----. Keep yer eye on the prize: GO BERNIE! STAY TUNED for the "The Thriller in Philly" coming to a streaming device near you, lol GO BERNIE!


Hey, there's no point in trying to refute your absolute raving stupidity. Get back on your meds and calm down.


And so relevant too. Ridiculous.


You must be joking? Do you really think that my point was about someone reading books? My God this is so f'n depressing. Are we really this stupid?


Perhaps it is less of a question of what the Democratic Party stands for then what coalitions comprise the party. The coalitions of parties shift. The Democrats years ago used to include southern conservatives. So to some extent it was a party of conservatives and also segregationists. Right now African Americans are are large part of the party and so are Hispanics. Environmentalist have become an important group. And there are feminists, etc. Many economic progressives seem to be outside the party hoping a third party will emerge or that Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, could take over the party.


It needs to change its name. Democratic does not describe it at all anymore


It must be the name "Green" that people shun because if anyone looks at the Green platform it is very progressive and very socialist. Why don't we rename that party to something more appealing and make that the new party.