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After 'Blatantly Politicized' Trial, Former Maldives President Sentenced to 13 Years


After 'Blatantly Politicized' Trial, Former Maldives President Sentenced to 13 Years

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically elected leader of the Maldives—a renowned climate and human rights crusader who was ousted in a military coup in 2012—was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison after being found guilty of terrorism.


Godspeed. May this be the decade that the dictators fall and their regimes crumble.


This wasn’t justice this was him being framed. In this case, the dictator won, not the people.


The United States recognized the dictatorship immediately following destruction of democracy in the Maldives. The democratic administration destroys democracy and the anointed democratic presidential candidate is proud of destroying the democracy in Honduras.


Replied to wrong post.


When the US gives its blessing to a newly elected administration abroad, you can be sure the masses in that country will suffer.


What? He didn’t have to write, “There is no scientific consensus on the causes of climate variations”, ten million times?

That judge was too lenient!

Friends of Oil Industry Science


Environmentalists are #1 on conservative’s shit list.


That seems to be the MO of the US Fourth Reich. We put a Nazi government into the Ukraine and immediately “recognized” it as the legal government of the Ukraine and gave it a billion or so in arms and greenbacks. The actual citizens of the Ukraine were forbidden to speak Russian (for many their native language) and were slaughtered.

  • The Reich has done this in many countries and shows no sign of stopping. “Today the Reich, tomorrow the world (or we’ll blow it up),” seems to be the policy.
  • The Reich seems to be trying to solidify its control here by supporting its SA (the Brownshirts dressed in blue) the SS (elite troops and CIA), its Gestapo, intelligence, NSA and its propaganda ministry. And, of course, the bought and paid for legal system that keeps it all in the hands of its masters, the 0.01% aka the Oilagarchy.
  • We continue to promote and/or install similar regimes in nations around the world.
  • As I’ve written many times before, we sent in a generation of our people and millions more from around the world to get rid of Hitler’s Third Reich and his Italian/Japanese Axis.
  • It hurts to see a Fourth Reich, with its NATO/Israeli Axis arising here to repeat the same cruelty and mistakes against its own people and the peoples of the world.
  • WAKE UP!