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After Bragging About Vanquished North Korean Threat, Trump Declares Nation's "Biggest Enemy" Is Journalism He Doesn't Like


After Bragging About Vanquished North Korean Threat, Trump Declares Nation's "Biggest Enemy" Is Journalism He Doesn't Like

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After triumphantly boasting in a tweet on Friday that North Korea is "no longer a nuclear threat" following just a few hours of vague discussions, an absolutely "bonkers" video presentation, and several photo ops with Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump declared that the "biggest enemy" of the United States is no


It’s official – Trump has fully channeled his inner delusional megalomaniac.


Everyone : Get your protest signs ready. Your patriotic duty time isn’t far off now.

Our human rights are being threatened.

Educate your children about authoritarianism.

Time for them to grow up now.


… North Korea is “no longer a nuclear threat” …

So in what way is the agreement that Trump signed with Kim … a “comprehensive” one-page document laden with vague promises about denuclearization within North Korea with no specifics, no timetables, no details on verification procedures … even remotely superior to the one negotiated with Iran by Obama – the deal that Trump blasted as so weak that he has decided to renege on it?

Simple – the latter was signed by Obama (that pathetic loser who should never have been elected), whereas the NK Summit document was signed by Trump (the greatest leader in the history of Western civilization).

This conclusion is brought to us courtesy of the delusional, deranged psyche of Donnie T.


What happened this week in Singapore wasn’t a “Nuclear Summit.”

It was a collusion between two would be emporers to divide and conquer and share the spoils.

Does that sound paranoid enough?


During his post meeting summary for the press Trump WAS unequivocal about his intent to align himself with North Korea to get sweetheart financing for resort projects in North Korea. Next Trump will be telling us about the patents Ivanka is getting from North Korea. Echoes of Trump’s recent Chinese telecom salvation turned Trump family bonanza.

With slaves building Trump’s North Korean resorts and Ivanka’s North Korean sweatshops making today’s sweatshops look like union shops by comparison, North Korea will likely become the Trump family’s most profitable venue.


Time for the newsrooms and TV stations to “Grow a Pair” and stand up to this buffoon. Poor, poor Little Donnie! He’s been treated so unfairly, don’t cha know.


This is the first time that Americans have had a chance to closely view a fascist. Trump has one issue. It’s immigration or immigration/deportation to be more inclusive. The rest is either a show or required stuff like having to have a budget. This guy would have zero support with the immigration/deportation issue. As long as ICE keeps raiding and taking people away, the border police keep separating families at the border, the Muslin ban remains in effect, and the focus is on " law and order" when it comes to blacks Trump will keep his support and many Republicans who strongly back Trump will be elected. The Democrats don’t seem to have a response to the immigration issue that will satisfy Trump supporters. So Trump can continue with fascist rants about journalists without political consequences.


With Trump’s Republican polling at 80+% its official, the Republican party is officially the party of two faces and The evangelicals are officially the religion from Hades.


As much as I detest Trump, his statement is correct, just not his reason for saying it. IMHO there is no journalism in the MSM, mostly “fake news”, the same stories parroted around the country to a clueless audience. This is a very big threat to our nation, not because they don’t agree with Trump, because the citizens need to know the truth about what their government is doing, right now MSN is not reporting that truth. It amazes me how few “reporters” have the guts to tell the truth about what is happening, and leave their fake profession. It’s also amazing how reporters blame this on Trump, as though this started under his presidency, a deflection of their own untruthfulness.


Trump vs NK, another bufoonish psyop similar to little boys arguing in the schoolyard, you are no you are. Kiss and make up, as fake as the year is long. Trump is a thin skinned total asshole. His worshippers are the it’s all mine monied class and ignorant hillbillies.


"l’etat c’est moi
trump sees himself as the state, the country, and so sees any criticism of him as an insult to the state
( although we are allowed to do that too, it is seen by the public differently than criticizing one man)
he seems to think that everyone who is his enemy or critic, is traitorous, as he IS the state. and personal criticism for this thin skinned narcissist is seen as treason. he doesn’t understand our government at all, and seems to think he was elected dictator, king and grand poombah, all in one.


I agree that Trump and his supporters hate blacks. So what will it take to get blacks to vote? I’m guessing they don’t care to vote after Obama stabbed them in the back.Twice.


I agree FOX is totally fake. They don’t even try to hide the fact. They are so comfortable bending fact for their gullible audience that they have totally given up on reason and logic. Listen to Jeanine Pirro. The louder she yells the bigger the lie. The rest just hide lack of fact with a blond in a short skirt. I’m glad you have enlightened us with some real news and fact.


Sadly they were still supporting Obama and wanted Hillary as president, last time their temperature was taken. Not all of them, but it appeared to be the vast majority. They were mad about Bernie being a white man and went out of their way to manufacture racism on him, and they liked all those things that Hillary did for them - apparently they mean the massively expanded private prison complex and the laws tailored to put black kids in jail in the school to prison pipeline that Hillary supported bills for. I didn’t find any that supported Hillary and could be reasoned with. I was repeatedly called racist when I presented Hillary’s record - racist for proposing to tell someone how to vote they said (by showing facts on Hillary.) That pretty much threw out any normal debate where you could present facts. Oh, many also told the liberals they were going to teach us a lesson and not vote with us and it’s their turn to take over - they thought they could swing the vote to Hillary. Obviously that 13% of the population didn’t and needed the rest of us as much as we needed them. I expect a repeat as they go DNC again.


Promulgated? Promulgated? Who the hell wrote these tweets – it definitely was not our minuscule-minded dotard!


Thank you for illuminating my thoughts with hard-earned facts. We have at least two sheepdogs for the DNC who are frequent posters on Common Dreams. We all know who they are. I suspect many more will pop up as we near the election. Trolls are easy to spot…DNC trolls are less so to many people.


Trump a real wanna be dictator.