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After Brexit, Blexit: Putting Your Money Where Your Life Is


After Brexit, Blexit: Putting Your Money Where Your Life Is

Laura Flanders

You’ve heard of Brexit, but how about Blexit?

Brexit’s what the British public voted to do when they felt the European Union wasn’t serving their best interests.

Blexit’s what some Black residents of the Twin Cities have decided to do to free themselves from the city’s white dominated financial institutions.


Excellent idea, I’m for any opportunity to get money out of Wall St. Now if we could just convince the smaller populated states to start state banks like ND.


I’ve bern telling people that banks are criminal conspiracies since way back when one of those Big Banks got rid of me with “enhanced redeployment” then nickel and dimed me to reduce the layoff payout to me in every skinflint way possible. I’m sure they right in their crash predictions only this time there won’t be a handy pot of “bailout” money to save the world economy because they will have ruined the value of the world’s currencies with all their thieving and scamming.

The Trump Show is a giant sleight of hand distraction although Trump himself may not be aware of this. I strongly suspect that he’s being “positioned” to take the blame and be left holding the empty bag when the world economy all comes tumbling down. Like several previous presidents only more than his dimwit predecessors (best example being President Junior) he is being fooled into believing he’s really in charge. This is challenging for the Deep Statesmen because his tendency to change his so called mind makes his unpredictability tough to manipulate. But they are dedicated to their thieving ways and will keep on stealing until the faith based worthlessness of money loses its ability to hide what they’re doing and have done and the financialist world has become piles and piles of worthless paper


A question about North Dakota: We know that the state of North Dakota does a lot, maybe all, of its banking at the public Bank of North Dakota. ¿ How much of the total banking in North Dakota is done at that bank? It would be useful to see it broken out

  1. How much of the banking of human residents of North Dakota bank is at the Bank of North Dakota?
  2. How much of the banking of the small businesses of North Dakota bank is at the Bank of North Dakota?

Canada has the same with the Bank of Alberta, and maybe more, so same questions for that.