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After Brexit, European Left Calls for 'Massive Political Opposition'


After Brexit, European Left Calls for 'Massive Political Opposition'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In the tumultuous aftermath of the UK's vote to leave the EU, the European left is responding with a mix of reason, measured reassurances, and righteous defiance.


I don’t fully understand what is going on, but I think some of the problem had to do with racism as well. The older British people did not want Syrian refugees coming to their country. What the media fails to point out except for an article I read in the WSJ http://www.wsj.com/articles/in-middle-east-british-vote-seen-as-casualty-of-regions-wars-1466782546 is that the refugee crisis is caused by war, namely the US involvement in toppling regimes there.
The austerity is pushed by big banks on to middle class people, because of the “too big to fail” banking industry. I am not sure how Brexit will impact the banking industry. The younger people wanted to stay in the EU and the older, rural people wanted out. This usually means the conservative individuals wanted out.


The Left needs to provide leadership through clarity of ideas. My suggestion is that there should be zero tolerance for non-democratic institutions, whether they be the European troika, the DNC, you name it. True democracy with massive citizen participation will provide legitimacy to anything that emerges, whatever the details. Right-wing eruptions of anger won’t be an issue in that case. And left-wing anger won’t occur either.


You got that right!


I don’t like ‘class-based’ political thinking, Its like the Catholic church’s view of the solar system in Galileo’s day - still very popular and powerfully endorsed at all cultural levels, but… well you get my drift. You are not number 6. You are a free man… should you choose to open your mind. In any case, you make no argument whatsoever for the basic argument in your opening statement that mass change is a stupid idea. Are we expected to just accept that because you say so?


It would appear that just like in America, both the left and right are pissed at the establishment.


May be a fantasy, but the Stalinist view is just as much as one. No nation can even move slightly to the Left without US intervention and undermining of its govenments.


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That breath is bated! (and i’m not just saying that to bait you… well maybe a little, i’d have to admit that i know how much you appreciate friendly spelling info… so let me apologize in advance… but i love words!).


Wow, I was kindof hoping Britain would vote to get out, but didn’t think it would actually happen! The election-rigging department of TPTB seems to have made a BIG slip-up by letting England vote by hand-counted ballots (which if we had them here, Bernie Sanders may well be the Democratic nominee). They’re REALLY going to have to fix that and get GB some nice voting machines! But anyway, the stocks are plummeting so this has to be a good thing, right? Could this be a sign that we have reached “peak empire”? Is this the beginning of the end of Alan MacDonald’s Disguised Global Empire (DGE)? Will it start unraveling now, with more and more countries following suit. Maybe it will go so far as to start breaking up the U.S.!! Which state will secede first? Hawaii?? Who knows where this could lead!


I don’t understand why some Brits think that the EU is not a neoliberal central banking scheme to entrap once sovereign nations in a web of massive debt that cannot be paid. The EU was a scam to begin with. Its goal is just like the IMF and World Bank. They’ve done the same thing to Greece that John Perkins helped the IMF and WB do to African an South American countries.


Cameron cooked his own goose in 2014. He lied like Clinton’s Clan is now to win the election but his double cross backfired on a much bigger deal for the country. And, Rupert"s " poodle boy II " is now out for being the 1%er liar he always was. And, crooked tax evader isn’t the half of it. Just like 2010 was for Fearless Leader Ohbullshitter and 2018 will be for The Shill & Co. when she enriches her friends on Wall St and at AIPAC at tbe 99s expense. Too, too, bad it had to come to this but there’s a break in the 1st Circle. The scum continues to rise but skimming it off and straining it out may work, after all. See ya’ Cowardly Cameron.


Yes. This is the time to unite and fight the austerity beating us down. This is the time–so many revolutions going on and all of us in this together.

It’s imperative that we take this moment and run with it, and not let the right wingers get control. Still not voting for HRC, but down ticket, yes, and finding ways to fight for all the things Bernie and others stand for. Hoping that Bernie finds a way to keep us united–that’s how we win.


From the Guardian:

“A senior EU leader has confirmed the bloc wants Britain out as soon as possible, warning that David Cameron’s decision to delay the start of Brexit negotiations until his successor is in place may not be fast enough.”

Sounds like a scorned lover. We are so doomed as a species and tragically we’re taking the rest of life on the planet down with us.


But the poodles of Britain, in the last 100 years, never met a swindle or a war they wouldn’t fight for the U.S. Empire. They’re the Scourge of The Western Hemisphere for a reason. Already the Irish are moving to kick the Orange and Black out of Ireland and bail on the shitheads who hammered their economy. Yes, a man, woman or a country can die on its knees, or standing. Each gets to make their own call. There are no passing grades, anymore, for gassy essays. The world won’t wait for a dissertation, either. The smartest people in the room and the best and the brightest " took the money and ran ", so to speak. Now, we pluggers have to track them down and get our money back. It’s the only fair thing to do.


Here on CommonDreams, this article from a Left perspective in the build up to the referendum was insightful and shame it was not heeded by those on the left who advocated Leave

So when we ‘take our country back’ are we going to take our workplaces back? Control over our own labour back?