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After Calling Practice 'A Horror Show,' Trump Reverses Ban on Animal Trophy Imports


After Calling Practice 'A Horror Show,' Trump Reverses Ban on Animal Trophy Imports

Julia Conley, staff writer

Animal rights advocates denounced the Trump administration's reversal of a ban on animal trophy imports, announced in a memo issued last week, and the secrecy with which President Donald Trump's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) will now allow some Americans to import endangered species they have killed in African countries.


Donald is just extending his trophy collection to include the natural world. Trophy wife, trophy kids, trophy kingdom of the decaying and corrupt.


Case by case, as in when his demented sons and associates want to engage in some orgy of animal sacrifice for their own sick pleasure.

That case by case.


If he tweets something, believe the opposite. Enough of the reality episodes for ratings!


The U.S. is not responsible enough to allow its citizens to own guns.
ban all guns… including cops! The U.S. is approaching ‘the millionth person murdered by guns’ milestone. At one point do we collectively realize that we live in the most dangerous country on Earth? ON TOP OF THAT, since the dawn of human civilization only ten or twelve thousand years ago, 99.9% of the world’s species have gone extinct, and we all know which species is responsible for that! It’s time to enter the civilized era where we try to preserve life at all costs instead of snuffing it out at every chance we get!


It figures that the bloody fingerprints of the NRA would be involved in this!


Donald is passing these freebies around like " get out of jail cards " to certain individuals who give to his campaign. Some of these " hunts " cost hundreds of thousands of $$$. It’s another " pay to play " scam. Not hard to figure out, really.
Trophy hunting is not a skill, it’s theatre. Catching a male leopard without a weapon is a skill. But, you rarely read about those big game hunters, except in the obituaries under the headline, Another Idiot Trump Supporter Dies In African Game Reserve Miscalculation.:grinning::grinning:
What a bunch of worthless p.o.s.


Head case by Head case!


The humans species was referred to somewhere as the “Terminator” species. Then, of course, there’s the belief in “human exceptionalism” (“Humans first, humans always, humans only.”) Its derivative: “American exceptionalism.” Social justice, animal-rights, and environmental activists are right to challenge these immoral and ruthless ideologies. But they need at least 55% of the public’s support, morally and financially.


There are so very, very many things about Trump and his fascist organization (and that basically includes the Republican Party now, as they have 100% embraced Trump and all that he stands for) that I despise, but this is the one I hate perhaps the very most. His contempt for life and beauty and nature and freedom and decency and all things good has always been disgustingly on display, but to encourage the destruction of these beautiful animals - which is what this ban reversal blatantly does - is just abhorrent. How many of these animals will die - that would not have - before this ban can once again be implemented, years from now?

Trump’s rhinocerous-like ass should be running through a forest somewhere being shot at by rabid gun-toting right-wing fucktards like his own sons, not these beautiful animals.


The great con artist strikes again. No big surprise though.


The only horror show here is the 2 goofs holding up the beautiful creature that they slaughtered in a disgusting attempt to appear manly. They think they are worldly, dashing, better than everyone and thing. Trump s are the horror show.


He should be someone’s hunted trophy.


These animals are going extinct anyway- please call and write congress as well as PETAand say that we will not permit this. The NRA likes killing kids and innocent animals. Why???


What is USFWS/


Hope his sons get eaten by a wild animal.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


He is his own worst enemy, no need to resort to his level. I wouldn’t rule out sending him a gift certificate for mc Donalds and lots of diet colas though.


Who smiles after killing an innocent animal/ hope the public finds out about this. These fake men need to attacked by an animal or other humans. They are nothing but entitled scum.


Thank you.