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After Career Full of Racist Remarks, GOP Finally Get Around to Punishing Rep. Steve King


After Career Full of Racist Remarks, GOP Finally Get Around to Punishing Rep. Steve King

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressives on Tuesday expressed relief that Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was booted from his House committee assignments following his latest racist comments, but also noted that the GOP's decision to penalize King is long overdue, following nearly two decades of openly bigoted remarks.



With what? Another xenophobic Republican? The fact that a racist like King was elected in the first place by the people in his Iowa district should tell us all we need to know.



As noted in the article, Republicans are just putting on a show for their own benefit. It’s the same as when the Senate voted to make lynching a federal crime a few weeks ago (yes very late to the game just like those protesting King’s latest remarks) they made sure the meeting was presided over by Cindy (“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be in the front row”) Hyde-Smith, or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who said to the voters about his African American opponent Andrew Gilliam “Let’s not monkey this up.”) issuing posthumous pardons to the Groveland Four. Those in the know see through all such veneers of decency.



Racist Republicans finally being held to accountability?

And really like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s ability to look ahead and sum up –

"King’s district should start working to replace him in 2020. Regardless of party, it’s not good for a district if their representative has such reprehensible views that they aren’t allowed to touch legislation with a 10 foot pole." —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)



The election of this Bigot is the result of Bigoted Iowan Pig Farmers. They know what this guy is all about but they choose to roll around in Pig Shit with this demented half-wit.

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“(…) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) suggesting the congressman find “another line of work.” (…)”

The most civil way that I can put this is… that is indeed rich coming from that particular sore on the body politic.

as for the others, the public is fed up to the gills with the constant $#!t storm of 'implausible deniability’



Problem is, King is still in office. Says something of Iowa and too many parts of the US.

If you have missed this:

A really excellent book on this case and a window of deepest south–Florida– is Devil In The Grove by Gilbert King.

All too typical of white society to wait so many years, 70 years in this case with all these victims dead.
And that monstrous sheriff walked. King deserved a much more robust rebuke instead he too walks by keeping his job.



Almost all. It would also be good to know the status of gerrymandering in that district.

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Gee, I wonder why young people are leaving Iowa.

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It is fascinating how utterly incapable Republicans are of accepting themselves for what they really are. They remind me of homosexuals in the 50’s, when the best way to distract any suspicions was to be as homophobic as possible.

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Contrain, keep in mind that much of Trump’s base in the South are direct descendants of Democrats whose favorite weekend entertainment was lynchings. Many of the older ones used to go as children with their families to watch blacks being hanged and then “BBQd”, as they called it. Many of them still have among family mementos bits and pieces of the burnt black men’s bodies they used to take as souvenirs. Darker than Hell is the soul of Trash America.



Is that all that is happening to him? In the real world a person would be unemployed with charges put against him or her.

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Yes, just blowing him off his committees is all for show. He still is being paid a handsome salary.



Make no mistake, republicans are only IN, because they are OUT of power in the House.

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