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After Caving to Right-Wing Smear Campaign, MSNBC 'Grows a Spine' and Rehires Sam Seder

After Caving to Right-Wing Smear Campaign, MSNBC 'Grows a Spine' and Rehires Sam Seder

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Those who criticized MSNBC's decision to cut ties with Seder as a "cowardly" capitulation to the far-right celebrated the network's reversal on Wednesday, calling it "a big win for what is right and just."

What do you know, a little spine left. What about all the other poor schmucks they summarily dismissed without so much as a thank you? And as for Fox, I dislike Laura Ingraham. I have to restrain myself from throwing the television out the back door, but she has it right about the Democrats arrogant little self-righteous stunts of sexual assaults. That fifteen minutes of fame can be seductive to the point of creating stuff out of thin air.


Hey, there is money to be made (how about tell-all books and honoraria for speeches) and five minutes of fame on TV. Why not ruin the lives of their chosen targets and their families by telling a few little lies or twisting the truth…?! I am sick of the MSM and their holier-than-thou coverage vilifying ALLEGED perpetrators (excepting DJT, Moore, Vitters and others who are PROVEN serial perps)…while our nation and the world are facing Armageddon but that does not sell, I guess. I am very saddened to see Senator Franken so victimized, ostracized and wrongfully ousted from the Senate where he was a bastion of certitude and advocated for and represented the best interests of his constituents and All Americans EVERY SINGLE DAY. His payback is marginalization by his fellow Dems…a crying shame. Perhaps he was TOO progressive for the “liberal” tastes…

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CD, Cut the use of the term “conspiracy theorist”! It was invented by the CIA to smear people who tell a story that is very very likely to be more true that the MSM byline.

A corporate democratic spine ----get real!