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After Charlottesville, Republicans Defend Bills to Protect Drivers Who Hit Protesters


After Charlottesville, Republicans Defend Bills to Protect Drivers Who Hit Protesters

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Following Heather Heyer death on Saturday—killed when a suspected Nazi


Driving while black hearted


Perhaps ALEC?


I was going to write my comment as: “we are nearing the end of a nation”… Instead I think we have arrived. Reason and logic does not deter fascism, instead it just makes it violent. Fascism has an element of: “good old time religion” embedded in it, therefor it is easy to justify. Note old Adolf.


Republicans who support this form of hateful legislation have no place in American politics.

They must resign their position and never be allowed to hold a public office again.

Hate is a destructive element in the human experience and it’s use must be legislated against.


A friend of mine who represents DWI clients says under most of these laws with the right presentation (which he is prepared to provide for a substantial fee) a good attorney could get a DWI dismissed or at least greatly reduced.


Does it seem these right wing groups get a lot of leeway in their right to protest. And if the media would do their job----broadcast some interviews with these people, they want attention give them full attention. I hope these legislatures proposing such bills get un-elected.


Republicans aren’t human. There is just one rule. There are no rules. Make them weep.


My first thought too: a Koch Brother cookie cutter legislation.


Shortsighted thinking here. One could use the law to drive into a group of nazis and suffer no punishment.


Exactly. As and recent scholar on fascism explained on Democracy Now a couple days ago, the idea that Fascism will be defeated by dissuading them in a liberal intellectual discussion with them is nonsense and history shows it is disastrous to do so. Fascism exploits respectful “free speech” to expand and advance. That is why the ACLU, Glen Greenwald and other liberal groups are so misguided in this idea that fascists deserve the right of free speech. We may as well grant Bill-of-Rights freedoms to the Ebola virus too. Fascism is not a something we have any kind of scientific discussion with except developing the best way to exterminate it.


The significance of free speech is not to “persuade fascists”. It is to address ourselves to others who are not fascists about the dangers of fascism. This is where the antifas who focus on yelling at fascists, or throwing stuff at them, go wrong. That is playing in the fascist arena. Never surrender free speech to the banner of fascism.


I’m not so sure that this is a bad bill. I recall an incident on a freeway where some folks were gathered, and the driver tried to pass the mob by in the far right lane, and a protester got too close and got hit. Protesters have the right to assemble, but they can’t just gum up the transportation infrastructure like this.


Then expect the fascists to win then. Go here (46:55 in program):


Remember OWS? When they decided to move their “protest” to the Brooklyn bridge (sans permit) and stopped traffic? For hours. Large groups of people banging on the hoods of stopped cars screaming at the drivers. People were quoted as saying they were scared for their lives.

These bills are common sense. You aren’t supposed to be in the road in the first place unless you are in a cross walk.


Republicans ought to call their affiliation the ‘Repugnant Party.’ Do any of them have a conscience???


DT is key to all the division and unleashing of America’s current disparity with its people; biggest political bellicose buffoon ever to perform on the world stage. Like his hair, DT is a façade; sadly, though, increasingly a deadly force killing sanity.


Do I hear a rumbling coming from Arlington National Cemetery? I would certainly imagine there are a great many WWII soldiers rolling over in their graves at the thought of the US government allowing Nazi’s to run over WWII veterans on American streets when they stand up to defend their communities from Nazi’s.


If it were wealthy people in the streets beating America hating Nazi’s it wouldn’t be an issue. But because it is poor people who are in the streets protecting their communities from Nazi’s it’s an issue. Amirite?


Reading that these laws have been up for consideration for several months at least, I did a rethink on the driver at Charlottesville. Seems it should be first degree murder, premeditated, perhaps.