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After Chelsea Manning Released From Jail, Supporters Fundraise to Pay Off Her $256,000 in Legal Fines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/13/after-chelsea-manning-released-jail-supporters-fundraise-pay-her-256000-legal-fines

So glad to hear that Chelsea Manning’s enormous legal fees are being paid. She deserves to know how many people are grateful for helping expose illegal US actions. May she live long and flourish.


Ah, I hate to rain on the celebration, but what’s to stop another grand jury from summoning her and the whole thing goes on…and on…and on…

She needs to get the f**k away from the jurisdiction of the vengeful DS where she can hunker down and be safe. Maybe Cuba?


Aaron Maté tweets:

“It’s my birthday today and I could ask for no bigger gift than for everyone who can, to pls donate to this fund for Chelsea Manning’s legal fines: Help Chelsea Manning Pay Her Court Fines”


(I believe the Go Fund Me link in the tweet is the same as the article.)

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I was wondering that too. Maybe Iceland? I wonder if Ed Snowden has a spare room. But she has to consider how safe transgender people are in different parts of the world as well.


I feel like a Friday song dedication for Chelsea Manning, “Back on the Chain Gang” cover by Morrissey (not as inappropriate as it sounds).

"The powers that be,
that force us to live like we do,
bring me to my knees,
when I see what they’ve done to you.

Well I’ll die as I stand here today,
knowing that deep in my heart,
they’ll fall to ruin one day,
for making us part."


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I just donated to Chelsea’s gofundme campaign. I hope you can join me.

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These aren’t legal fees, these are legal, but immoral and unconscionable fines.


Does anyone besides me realize that Fascism has come to Amerika? The Fascist Rush Limbaugh, is given the medal of freedom and two soldiers have been pardoned by Trump for war crimes and this brave and patriotic lady is jailed and fined for exposing U.S. heinous war crimes!

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Let’s also mention Joe Biden happily bestowing GW Bush with an award for helping some veterans. Where was the ,out in public, response to having 4,000 and counting, troops killed for nothing. Torture program and indefinite jailing.

Good point. Thanks.