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After 'Civic Catastrophe' in Wisconsin, Congress Urged to Fully Fund National Vote-by-Mail for November

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/09/after-civic-catastrophe-wisconsin-congress-urged-fully-fund-national-vote-mail


Most red states will defy any legislation (even legislation that includes funding) that attempts to reduce voter suppression in those states. To add insult to injury, by the end of 2019 Moscow Mitch and his band of pirates disguised as the US Senate had stacked Federal Courts to the extent that all such legislation will be overturned by the courts post haste just like the SCOTUS did not waste a minute when they overrode the Wisconsin Governor’s authority to postpone the Wisconsin state primary.

At least Eisenhower had the option to send the National Guard in to desegregate red state schools during the 1950s. The Courts will make sure that is not an option for reducing voter suppression.


Advocates of safe voting do not look likely to prevail. We’re so accustomed to being told we can’t do anything sensibly, the way they do in other countries, because any exercise of reason might pose a threat to our vaunted freedom of ignorance.

I watch this hazardous-to-humans exceptionally patriotic death-march cheerleading pitched uncritically and constantly on the agitprop machine. We feel your pain. Just look at those inspiring voters, lined up for miles in the sleet, six feet apart, because our heroes taught us the right to vote is precious enough to die for! Makes your heart go pitter-patter. Thank you for your service.

My reaction to such astonishingly suicidal gaseous emission is “Nah, even USAmericans could not possibly be infantile enough for crap this awful to work on them.” And then I see it working on them, apparently. I’m just totally lost, at this point…

What would it take to wake up USAmericans? Can’t be done.


Eisenhower would have been seen as a flaming liberal by the types of conservative tea party nuts running the republican party today.


I thought the Wisconsin governor made an order not to hold the primary. Was he overturned in court by the right wing who cares nothing about voter rights?

Wasn’t the Wisconsin Governor’s order to postpone the primary overturned by a 5 to 4 US Supreme Court vote after hours ?


No surprise they would meddle in all of this. I thought they were supposed to stay out of politics - not. A corrupt body if there is one.

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Assuming there is still mail service. The Republicans killed the money stimulus the post office desperately needed.

Do you know the rationale the Gang of Five used to justify their leaving the criminal situation in Wisconsin in place, as per WI SC?

Make no mistake. Wisconsin was NOT a misguided attempt at making a good attempt at a good ballot, but a hard look at just HOW badly ROTpublicans can behave.

The ROTpublicans have their own press, in which Dems are CONSTANTLY derided as: Evil, Socialists, Child Molesters, the Enemies of Capitalism, Religion, and All Things Decent (the American Way also, I’m sure). And against such self-declared “Enemies” – as they define what should look like a reflection of their own overworked consciences – they truly have NO limits to the actions they are willing to take. The only limit at all, appears to be their reluctance to be caught with a smoking gun in their hand. The blithe joy and utter devotion with which they approach their mind-washed task, should be sufficient evidence of the religious glee with which they approach it.

THERE ARE NO LIMITS, to the ROTpublican’s hate of Dems and Liberals; none. Our own ROTpublican-Hate will frankly evaporate, just as soon as one respects us. But not the ROTpublicans and their media overlords. THEIR project is for perpetuity.

As such we are safe to conclude that they intent nothing less than to ELIMINATE any “threat” from us at all.

THAT was what Wisconsin was about: not a mistake, not a fumble or flub, but what they WANT to do to us, our aspirations, and our dreams. Truly (ask them), that is what they intend to do: force us out of their own (fantasy-manufactured) misery, and permanently out of the life of this nation. Do NOT come back at me about this, until you do check that out. Don’t ask them what their “plans” are – they don’t have any really, except for that pending ELIMINATION of the Dems. No, just ask them to list what they WANT, and ten to one, the elimination of Liberals is near the top of the list.

After all, THEY had NO dog in the race in Wisconsin, did they? Because their dog is the only ROTpublican mutt on their agenda; no contest from any second-runners. They had NO stake politically, except to inconvenience voting Dems (and, if they can, KILL us before the General Election).

Walker ruined WI where I grew up incidentally and most of my family has endured. And shackled the current governor’s power with a stacked state house full of ideologues. Sound familiar? Another test case for shifting power to the right.