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After Clinton Challenge, Will Sanders Throw Down Gauntlet on Paid Speeches?



She meant whenever anyone that was ever paid for a speech releases them. She will never let those speeches see the light of day. Bernie is trying to be a gentleman in a knife fight...he needs to pull his own knife...jump down in the ditch..and say " I'm your huckleberry, say when.. " :confused:


I am reminded of when Reagan first started being referred to in the press as the 'teflon president' - as though it were some magical theatrical quality of the B-movie icon. Nothing of the sort. Look at who the press advisers were, what the press climate had been hammered into and how the Rove types keep the reins knotted in an environment of lock-step authoritarian dog whistle rhetoric that is to this day the norm.
We invite you to walk the talk Madame Secretary and await attentively


If Hillary or her handlers think they can avoid releasing transcripts (Full transcripts, Un-censored!) of her highly paid performances before Wall St/TBTF bankers, she's got another think comin!

Clinton's smarmy evasions are clear in her carefully-crafted words: "I am happy to release anything I have when everybody else does the same because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups, including Senator Sanders." She is carefully referencing every other candidate, not only Sanders, but she will be hard-pressed to continue that transparent evasion when Sanders releases his un-redacted transcripts!

Did anyone else she obliquely refers-to get paid millions for speeches? Those obscenely-high "fees" can also be easily seen as quid pro quo kickbacks for Bill or Hills past "services" - same family right?

Release the transcripts Hillary!

And while wee're on the issue of fees, frauds and taking advantage of the most vulnerable....


What is Clinton, tens years old? I'll release mine as soon as everyone else releases theirs. Well, Bernie released his, without reservation. What shall her next excuse be, that she cannot locate them? Perhaps they were left in the family quarters and will be discovered at a more convenient time.

One thing is certain, both candidates have a record of consistency, Bernie as a champion for the American people [the ones that actually work for a living], and Hillary, as a champion of deception and denial.

Hillary loses all credibility when she cannot level with the people whom she ask to serve with the facts about her past. It's pretty obvious that a President Clinton would shield herself in secrecy. It's not speculation, it's a fact.


I'm really enjoying this Clinton/Sanders tete a tete, every time she calls him out it makes her look worse than before. I'm very worried about the super delegate issue though, it appears the establishment still has a stranglehold on our demockracy. Go Bernie!


A must read if you are at all considering HRC or if you misplace your conscience (thanks to the original poster of this link):


As in Michael Moore's movie 911 where GW Bush praises the billionaires and calls them "my base" Hillary fears the release of her Goldman Sachs speech for similar brown nosing talk to her wealthy "base"?


Wow, great article, thanks for the link.


Great. It gives me immeasurable pleasure to read of your delight with the Schdenfreude you are indulging in vis a vis HRC's deception and her contempt for voters out in USA land. The woman keeps digging deeper into the slime and the swamp.

On the other hand, what will Sanders do if the Queen of Darkness and her minions in the thoroughly corrupt Democratic Party, through vile subterfuge, succeed in torpedoing Bernie's stab at the Demo nomination. There is going to be a mass of despondent and especially young, disheartened supporters out there who are, have, and will continue to give him their all. That will be especially so if he comes through with his promise to support the winner of the primary. He's already been handed ample reason not to. What will he do? What will they do? They have come to hate the Democrats if they hadn't already.


And she also refers to "anything i have" so she can weasel out by saying "Well, this is all i have!" when she ultimately releases almost nothing and calls it transparency.


From my perspective, because of HRC and the corrupt Democratic Party, sooner or later Bernie will be thrown under the political bus.We need to plan for it and be ready for it so as not to be caught with any of Hilliary's rotten surprises.

I would argue that Bernie is just too nice and as someone has said: NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!


That was said by one of the most abrasive characters in the history of Major League Baseball, Leo, the Lip, Durocher, when he was with the long gone Brooklyn Dodgers.

I don't think the Democratic Party Establishment is fully in charge now, Bernie is taking over. The Party's attempts at bus tossing so far have been pathetic failures.


If the establishment gets their way (and they are preparing to do battle) what I would like to see Bernie do is motivate and engage his voting base to overthrow the incumbent senators and congressmen, where we may have a better chance of changing things. Pipedreams? Maybe, but if I don't have something to believe in, even if Bernie doesn't get the nod. I'd also love to see a movement of people to rise up and hold government accountable but our masses are afraid or plain don't care.


I would hope you are correct. Yes, the attempts have been a pathetic failure.....so far! We will not really know until the Democratic Convention this summer.

Thanks for filling me in about Leo.


Damn good article! Thanks.


I support Bernie but he must stop treating a whore like she is an angel.

The fact that HRC has many war criminal friends like Albright and Kissinger endorsing her campaign tells me she is nothing but a complicit war criminal and a Wall Street whore!

From the article posted by Giovanna: " It's not a matter of what is true that counts, but what is perceived as true". Henry Kissinger. That should be HRC's campaign slogan!


The process is rigged--it has been since the '72 disaster of the McGovern candidacy from which came the concept of super delegates imposed by Democratic party hacks on themselves. If ever there was a better example of a misnamed political party, I do not know of it.
Now Bernie has approximately 5 months to learn and practice "doin' the Kucinich" which will be his limp concession speech and urging of everyone to back witch Hillary effectively denying everything his campaign has stood for in the name of party unity and the lesser of two evils.
It has been great entertainment and even occasional spectacle which will be over within the next 90 days as organized money asserts its domination of the political process in the US.
On the Republican side, watch Lil Donny Trump's big fat mouth sink his candidacy and the twin Latinos, Rubio and Cruz, crash and burn as the masses outside of flyover country come to their senses and conditioned by saturation advertising beg JEB! to do a Nixon and "bring us together".
John Kaisich will be his VP and they two will likely win the election (all praise to corrupt state elections officials and Diebold adjustable voting machines!).


Way to go, Bernie! Show her how "a man with nothing to hide, hides nothing!"


" Bernie is trying to be a gentleman in a knife fight."

From my view, I would argue that is commendable, but not politically expedient because that could very well get you killed!