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After Coercing Parents Into Agreeing to Deportation, Trump DOJ Hoists Responsibility to Reunite Families on ACLU


After Coercing Parents Into Agreeing to Deportation, Trump DOJ Hoists Responsibility to Reunite Families on ACLU

Julia Conley, staff writer

After misleading parents into waiving their right to be reunited with their children—and then deporting them—the Trump administration claimed on Thursday that if immigrant rights groups want families reunited, they should now be responsible for finding the parents who have been sent back to their home countries.


I’m so pissed off at the joke we call Judge Sabraw. Most of this could have been avoided if she would have done her job and jailed Nielsen for contempt of court. You can bet you’re ass they would have found the parents by now if the witch was sitting in jail until all were reunited.


Begin with the White House who demanded the kidnapping of kids as a ploy to upset the world and please their “base”. Add the ICE brown-shirts who enjoy abusing people and grabbing children from their parents. Ignore international and US law about asylum meaning must be at the border or within the US to ask for a court trial. Ignore that every applicant had someone in the US who would host them with their children until the court date. Accept that Trump is not only mentally ill but with aging problems that should have left him out of the running. Add the GOP is totally corrupt and mostly criminal. Add the US has a right-wing propaganda system that for decades has created this deplorable nation’s actions. Shame on the US and shame on the world who sees this criminal carnage both here and in Central America.


As one who is within 6 months of Twitler’s (chronological!) age, I reject your implication that I would be just as ignorant, mean-spirited, dishonest and dangerous as he is.
Otherwise agreed.


The duopoly is in panic mode with:

  • corporate buy-back consequences coming down the economic roadway;
  • maintaining the “constant growth/planned obsolescence” model busting at the seams with poison and waste looking at the curtain coming down
  • facing the fact that if it engages in the violence, lying and full-jacket corruption necessary to maintain “power”, its modus operandi must be slicing and dicing divisions at every level as never before seen
  • the dicing machine STARTS with constant spin at a such a velocity that if you do not question and document everything and only follow MSM - its already game over as far as the duopoly is concerned, just a matter of herding and finessing left and right turns.
  • its a race against time with people awakening to prison statistics and the criminalization of dissent
  • in full authoritarian mode, the paranoia is over silence. This is the Trump insignia: that is why the rallies - it is to inculcate the knee-jerk response as the norm
  • any other observations?


“Foists,” not “hoists.”


Typical. Conservatives create a mess then refuse to clean it up.
They probably made their mom clean up their bedroom instead of picking up their toys themselves.


Nope, that would’ve been the maid’s job.


I am older than Trump and I totally agree with you. He is far worse than his aging problems, but they are on display as sadly they are becoming easy to identify in me and my friends. If his base needs an excuse as they seem fine with his hideous behavior they could use that one.


I would suggest Trump is a moral vacuum. As for age, I am older person, I find the rest of your sentence unfortunate.


Looking at the faces of the parents I note they are indigenous and so the US “Calvary” under Custer-Jackson-Trump is continuing the removal of the rightful inhabitants of this hemisphere. Hypocritical monsters make up the two parties.


Well, ACLU, you’d do a better job than Old Orange Butt’s administration, but if you do, PLEASE charge Old Orange Butt and Jeffy Sessions from their own pocketbooks for your work. We taxpayers should not pay for it, no matter who does it – America didn’t vote for that policy and does not support it.


Sounds like a “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps” thing. Not surprising.


Trump’s Rocky Horror Picture Show for real.

Gotta end this.


Please don’t link The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the orange cretin PB. Rocky Horror was a cultural event of love, joy, and unity - “an event sociologique”!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has absolutely nothing even remotely relevant to trump’s actual criminal impact of horrors on the entire planet…to conflate the two in any way is just wrong brother!


Point taken Emphyrio.

Showing the Horror of this administration’s actions along with their clear Indifference and Incompetence was my intention.


Experiencing the theatre of the Rocky Horror Picture Show was a gas, wasn’t it?

That was the first time that a movie became so much more than just a movie, for me.


What kind of sick *&^^%$& are running this program? I guess I was naive to think that that type of monster didn’t exist in American government. But I guess Donald Trump has managed to find the worst, lowest human beings to serve in his misadministration.


You made a very good point!
Conservatives grew up never having to clean up after themselves and just expect other people beneath them to have to clean up their mess.


That would be us, in their world view.