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After Cologne, We Can't Let the Bigots Steal Feminism

After Cologne, We Can't Let the Bigots Steal Feminism

Laurie Penny

In a perverse sort of way, it's progress. After months of dog-whistle xenophobia, European authorities have finally started to treat migrants as they would treat any other citizen. They have achieved this by choosing not to make a fuss when migrants are accused of raping and assaulting women.


The feigned outrage is reminiscent of the bold, chivalrous campaigns alleged to liberate all those Afghani women from the oppressive grip of the Taliban… as pretext for invading Afghanistan.

This is right-on, Ms. Penny. And it bears repeating:

“… sexual violence is never, ever acceptable. Not for cultural reasons. Not for religious reasons. Not because the perpetrators are really angry and disenfranchised. There can be no quarter for systemic misogyny. And if we’re serious about that, there’s not a country or culture on earth that won’t have to take a long, hard look at itself. I stand with the many, many Muslim, Arab, Asian and immigrant feminists organising against sexism and misogyny within and beyond their own communities.”

When NPR did a story on the attacks in Cologne, someone called in to mention that something similar took place in Egypt during its Arab Spring demonstrations.

Young women–so bold as to dare to come out in support of a more Democratic nation–were encircled and attacked (some of them raped) by young male “fellow protestors.”

Inside the ranks of the sanctified Military-industrial-complex, it’s not a rarity for a young female soldier to be groped or raped by a “fellow soldier.” And typically, if she complains SHE is penalized. Besides, slim to nothing is done. In fact, often the offending soldier is her superior; and given the top-down system of the military’s hierarchy, that means there IS no path to redress.

Misogyny breeds violence to women. Its forms range from obvious rape to the rape culture that has turned porn into a staple of mainstream macho culture.

It would be refreshing for more men to “get this,” speak out about it, and refrain from trying to package Feminism’s meaning, intent, and purposes… for women.

The image that comes to mind when considering how many men do nothing about this problem is drawn from the film, “The Accused.”

Men stood by and watched other men rape a defenseless woman. Loyalty largely existed for the brotherhood of males… apart from one brave young man who DID step forward. Of course, he’s considered a traitor to his gender for doing the right thing!


I don’t recall the source, but it stated that Video Games generate more funds than Hollywood films!

That means MILLIONS of people, and a majority are male, utilize these games.

When Anita Sarkeesian began speaking up about the specific images of rape and violence directed at female characters/avatars, she also received death threats. In fact, those threats were substantial enough to cause her to cancel at least one speaking engagement.

This “fascination” with mutilating females is perhaps the most drastic expression of misogyny.

Even on “Progressive Sites,” the type of insults and angry verbal assaults directed at Feminists is deplorable… and frightening.

From the article:

“For all that these people claim to hate ‘Islamic’ sexual violence, it seems to fascinate them. In the past three years, I’ve lost count of the white men - and it is almost always white men- who have emailed, tweeted and sent me doctored pictures sharing their graphic fantasies in which feminist harpies like me are stoned to death, fucked to death, genitally mutilated, whipped, burned and gang-raped - not by them of course. By those awful Muslims. There seems to be an almost erotic fascination with the rhetoric of sexual violence these men associate with Muslims.”

There are men possessed of intelligence who lack the kind of humanistic empathy that would lead them to an understanding that pervasive cultural violence–tolerated by other males–means that males, in general, are complicit in all forms of cultural misogyny. It’s this climate of tolerance that produces the most heinous expressions in the form of rape, serial killers, and fantasies of mutilating women’s bodies.


Well, it only took a week and a half…but Common Dreams finally noticed the mass attack on women in the Cologne square. Better late than never, I guess.


All those German women have to do – and they will be doing this, eventually – is to dress modestly, walk with their eyes downcast when in public, always walk with a male protector in charge of them, and never go out at night.

Your antiwhiteism is showing. Good to see Victimization Inc. starting to notice of the rape of Europe, even if it studiously ignores the rape of America – preferring instead the comfortable false courage of fake rape scandals while 10s of thousands of real rapes take place every year in this country. Unfortunately for the bogus caucasophobic narrative expressed in this vapid article and the first few bigoted antiwhite comments – projecting vile rape fantasies onto white men – 40,000 white women are raped each year in this country by black men, while white-on-black rapes are too few to mention. The Marxist-Progressive media establishment has made a mission out of sexually exploiting all women – especially white women – with the inevitable result that white girls are raped and degraded every day in this country while fake feminists on sites like this salivate over rape hoaxes like UVA, hoping to find a decent white guy to smear. Your mysandry, caucasophobia and critical feminist theory are what endangers girls, convincing them to “explore” sleeping with strangers and dulling their self-preservation instinct so that mysogonistic savages like Jesse Matthews, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and the fake refugees in Germany have free reign to assault them.

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Some great points in the article. Too bad an expression like “…acting like viscous children” was used. Why randomly refer to another marginalized group, children, negatively. Are children more viscous or unpredictable (if thats the point) than anyone else?

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Yes one Culture that is more accepting of rape then others, outside the members subjected to it , is the US Military Culture and supporters of the same.


I’m afraid I hear far-left heads exploding from this built-in conundrum. After the “We don’t know what happened” (yeah, they do.) and then the “Everybody else does it” (No, not really) They are left with playing an idealogical poker game.

In this poker game, concern for women is a strong hand…say a full house. Multiculturalism , though, is a Royal Flush. Sorry ladies, you lose. Collateral damage in a just war…not.

Looking at the photo and reading the caption, there would seem to be a mismatch as it refers to a sticker when I am seeing a poster. Perhaps the wrong photo for the caption or vice versa. Even if this is what happened with the photos, I don’t believe that there are no neo-Nazis left in Germany who could be considered ‘far-right’ more so than even ms merkel.

What label, if such are meaningful, would you ascribe to PEGIDA?

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“Wrong. It’s time to take rape, sexual assault and structural misogyny as seriously every day as we do when migrants and Muslims are involved as perpetrators.”

You mean as in ignore it and try and suppress information about it? I thought one of the scandals of this event was the fact that the police DIDN’T act or take it seriously out of a misguided political correctness, as was the case in Rotherham, Oxford, and Rochdale in the UK. So Laurie Penny seems to be suggesting all cases of sexual assault should be similarly ignored when she asks for them to be treated in the same way.

What is your source for this claim?[quote=“clowardpiven, post:6, topic:17218”]
The Marxist-Progressive media establishment has made a mission out of sexually exploiting all women
And what is your source for this claim? And exactly who represents “The Marxist-Progressive media establishment?”

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I find it interesting that you limit “ideology-is-reality mentality” to Bolsheviks and Jacobins. Considering that those groups were active 100 to 200 years ago, what contemporary groups would you consider to be Bolsheviks and Jacobins? And how those groups demonstrate the “ideology-is-reality mentality.”

But I’m really more interested if you can supply media sources for claims #1 and #2. Assuming you weren’t present, of course.

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Three cheers to your post.

Unfortunately, propaganda often wins out over reality. Add emotions to it and reality withdraws and goes into hiding.

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These numbers are a complete con job. The proper books to read about this scam are Christina Hoff Sommers’ *Whole Stole Feminism: How Women Have Betrayed Women" and John Feket’s Moral Panic: Biopolitics Rising. The statistical manipulations are absolutely crude, and are based on a complete elision of “rape”, “sexual abuse”, “sexual harassment”, “verbal harassment”, “unwelcoming school/work atmosphere” and more. All this is a product of an ideology of “rape culture”: do something to make a woman uncomfortable, and that’s an unwelcoming atmosphere which will inevitably lead down the slippery slope to rape at knife-point in a back alley. And “uncomfortable” has even come to mean bringing up a discussion such as the elision of such terms of “rape”, “sexual abuse” & etc … in a classroom setting where such issue are properly discussed. Or even doing research on such. I refer you to the books for the nauseating detail.

I have a plastic bag nearby to vomit in.

There are books that try to say that global warming is a hoax, that Tobacco is perfectly safe, and that the world is made evil not by heavily armed imperial invaders, but rather by those on the receiving end of said invasions.

Any right wing piece of shit can write a book condemning Feminists.

Truth is currently in short supply and people like you have made it that way!

See if you can get an “empathy transfusion” somewhere. Males with this much disdain for women’s rights (and/or Feminists) have serious issues with their own wounded masculinity.


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This is an attack article that wants to downplay what happened and justify the non response of the left to the organized attack on New Year’s eve in a number of cities. Yes, rape is always wrong, yes it happens all over the globe but it is not usually part of an organized attack that involves hundreds or maybe thousand of men. I don’t see anything in this article about how to address the problem. You state that it is wrong and education is not enough but what is to be done? I am a 70 year old feminist and I am afraid. I was recently in New York City with my granddaughter and was refused service in a pizza restaurant by middle eastern men because we did not have a man with us. Islam is anti women by its very nature as is radical Christianity, education on cultural differences does not work with religious people. When we have a situation where any kind of call to answer these issues results in being called anti Islam and any questions about integrating Muslims into our society are met with accusations of being far right I think we are being too “politically correct”. I don’t see any Muslims talking about reinterpreting the Qiran. You say “I stand with the many, many Muslim, Arab, Asian and immigrant feminists organising against sexism and misogyny within and beyond their own communities.” I have never seen any of this please show a link so I can join these women.

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