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After Comey Firing, Gamblers Abroad Bet on Trump Impeachment


After Comey Firing, Gamblers Abroad Bet on Trump Impeachment

Nika Knight, staff writer

Since President Donald Trump's decision to fire former FBI director James Comey, betting odds on Trump's impeachment have skyrocketed.


He can't be impeached for being a Republican ... and with all this sound and fury, nothing has been suggested that he committed a crime. ( ... and of course, USA presidents can't be impeached for war crimes)


If Trump goes, shouldn't Pence also be shown the door?


Then again all bets are off if he ends up being committed for dementia!


"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"
—Benjamin Franklin

It's all about social engineering and hegemony...

First of all, the POTUS is effectively a “manager,” of sorts. The current one is megalomanically engaging in rampart displays of nepotism, cronyism and pillaging—at the expense of the "greater good."

That said, in part, his job is to follow the instructions of certain members of the global elite—for better or for worse. The "ruling class" methodically install the POTUS, along with their handlers, facilitators and enforcers, as they set into motion a series of events that fit into 5, 10, 20, and even fifty year plans for a "new world order". Meanwhile, their hegemony, all too often, present the citizenry with a distorted view of socio-economic and the geo-political realties; in turn, the common folks do often express world-views that seemingly belie the true nature of things.

It is ever so easy for the ruling class to take advantage of perceived and actual problems—by introducing solutions that do not truly benefit the public-at-large. Instead, the proffered solutions substantially advance any number of agendas of the “power elite” themselves. It is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: problem->reaction->solution (thesis->anti-thesis->synthesis). It is a great way to persuade the citizenry to accept something that actually is not in their best interest.

For the commonweal, perhaps it is necessary to understand this divide-and-conquer strategy. The power-elite uses it to keep the status quo in their favor. Many people are fixated on labels such as liberal, conservative, democratic, republican, etc. Meanwhile, the very wealthy are truly united. Consequently, the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing; the middle class is disappearing. Welcome to the modern version of a third-world nation.

At the highest levels of decision-making, the Democrats versus Republicans dichotomy becomes blurred, and substantially disappear. Things are not always what they seem, as their ostensible motives conceal their true ones. Practically speaking, it is analogous to playing "good -cop/bad-cop" in a police interrogation room. For, in the final analysis, they all serve the same master: the international ruling class ("power-elite"). Such real power and control is manifested through the financial institutions; it is largely enforced via the media, national security, intelligence, and military apparatuses. "Divide-and-conquer" strategy takes care of the rest. This inertia is built into the system. So, is it such a surprise that—at the lower levels—the citizenry question little, and effectively "police" themselves?

The cold reality is that the “deck” is stacked against the ordinary person. Far too often, even if a particular group or cause wins a victory against the ruling class, it is actually a hollow or Pyrrhic victory. You can rest assured that—at some point in the future—the global ruling class will take back the value of what they gave away, with interest. Don’t you realize that they can manipulate world affairs to such an extent that you are more than happy to allow the government to take away your rights? Out of fear, you’ll all too willingly give up your rights—even those guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What a scam!

Those in power will always seek a way to control and dominate—if not one way, then another. Who can say for sure how they will do it tomorrow?

Case in point: The House of Rothschild has been playing these types of manipulative games since the Napoleonic Era. In the long run, they always seem to win.

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" or "let them eat cake" is a quote which folklore commonly attributes to Marie Antoinette, a past Queen of France.

And, as the Borg (cyborgs) mantra (of Star Trek fame) goes, “Resistance is futile.” After all, the powers-that-be truly believe that this is their world—and we are just in it.

If the common man is able to survive on crumbs and scraps long enough, then there will always be a glimmer of hope—in the midst of ominous despair!


Even though Pence would be a disaster, would you want Paul Ryan as president ? All the choices are horrific !


That's why torches, pitchforks and guillotines come in handy.

I'm generally afraid of mob violence. But I make exceptions.


How about treason?


If you are truly curious why Trump still has any support, check such mongrels as Tucker Carson Fox. Logic and truth rarely effect those programs. We have simply been too lazy to fix a flawed election system. At lest go to a run-off, that would eliminate the spoilers. I can't imagine Stein and Johnson voters voting for Trump.


That is truly a dilemma. A nightmare brought about by being to lazy to fix an arcane and flawed election system . I have read article 11 section 1 clause 11 many times and still don't understand why. It is so convoluted as to not make sense even for the1800's Ripe to subvert any attempt at democracy.. It isn't only mathematically flawed, it subverts logic.


My imagination can't help picturing Trump joining in the betting: Coldly calculating, he joins the big boys by betting in favor of "President Trump's impeachment by the end of his term."

Hmm. Surely the odds are against his impeachment by the end of the year, he tells himself so loudly that he then decides to place that very bet. In addition.

Suddenly he remembers back to election eve last November: Oh yes, so strongly did he agree with just about everyone that he'd never win the presidency (priding himself as a professional gambler on his utter lack of sentimentality here) that he went ahead and bet a small fortune against any likelihood of a President Trump. (But even if he was enough of a hard-boiled realist to foresee a President Trump as soon to become the grandest of losers, he was hardly foolish enough to broadcast as much, keeping his thoughts for once strictly between his ego and his self.)

Imagine Trump's inner turmoil upon finding as the returns came in the night of the election that he had lost a great amount of money, too great to ever publicly disclose, having simultaneously won the presidency in spite of himself. As the nation's winner he was--well, at a loss. A considerable loss to be sure.

Fortunately he lost the monetary bet on his presidency--but gained a kingdom. He now ruled! And all that lost money, it turned out, he had only borrowed anyway; what did deeper in debt matter now?

So now Trump is president and the smart money is betting heavily against him retaining his office through the end of the year. Time for him to hedge his bets by putting considerable money on his upcoming impeachment--even while betting heavily on his staying in command even if not so firmly all four years to the point of reelection.

All terribly dramatic for Trump, even if exhausting melodrama for the nation. Lots of ups and downs, wild swings between pronouncements of death and resurrections out of nowhere. To the point that eventually all betting is called off for the duration of the presidency. And it's beginning to slowly dawn on our gambling president: It turns out that the presidency is a full-time job after all.



That would give a look at President Pence before he is elected to his first full term.

Happy Days Are Here Again...


It seems like the only Trump supporters left are those who were devout to the GOP platform all along.


2018 can't come fast enough.


There is no viable way around Pence being next in line. He is said to against single payer health recommending "Jesus care" instead. Now the claim has been made that it's a "fake quote." That has to be the most significant buzzword phrase of 2016-2017.

With impeachment talk suddenly being put out as a near certitude, media reporters need to find out, if at all possible, what a President Pence does believe and get some idea what he would do if catapulted into the Oval Office.

If Donald Trump is impeached that only means that the House has filed charges against him. The next step in the process is a trial in the Senate. I don't know what the procedural rules would be for such a trial. If a president is on trial does he retain his status as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces including the right to launch nukes until a verdict is reached? How many Senate votes does it take to convict a president and affect a removal from office? If a president gets however many votes it takes are his official powers cancelled immediately? Will Pence be sworn in as quickly as LBJ was after JFK was declared legally dead?

After the behaviors that President Trump has displayed is it reasonable to expect him to coooerate with a Senate trial? Can he take The Fifth and refuse to answer questions? Is he entitled to "reasonable doubt?" Can he grant himself a full pardon or could and would a President Pence pull a Gerald Ford?

I am not overjoyed that impeachment is looking to be more of a likelihood than it was a couple of days ago. It seems to me to only increase the amount of dangerous uncertainty than is in the nation now,


Provide an historical example of guillotines and mob violence furthering the case of humanity, plz.


Noone is going to impeach him. Think of it this way, Trump won by losing by 2.5 million votes. He had no clue how he won, Dems and Reps did, and the populace couldn't figure out why. There's a separation of understanding in our country. Minorities have been saying for decades that the system is rigged, though it's not been specified, they have been right all along. The electoral college is setup specifically to disallow the populace from getting the popular vote, obviously now. 'Alexander Hamilton said that the point was "that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications."' This meaning that only someone that is not considered the populace will have the ability to elect the Prez. Most founding fathers were against the electoral college, but it prevented you and i dumb folk from getting who we wanted into office. Later in the 20s, Edward Bernays, "Propaganda", opened with the discussion of how Democracy should work. He said that the people should not be allowed to vote in who they thought was the right person and the people should be persuaded into who the ones in power wanted. Bernays was one of the most influential pepeoplin our country with government. So, in just, noone in power wants to hear our votes, but only because its setup this way. Our government is the only employer that allows promotion from making mistakes, something you and i would undoubtedly be fired for. They have a employment rate that is as high as 90%, something John Stewart had brought up in a Daily Show years ago. When questions that matter are asked, then things will change. When we stop being led by "squirrel!!", then we can win our country back.


The French Revolution.


Smart money.

Since the House impeaches, just look to the few GOP House seats up for grabs this year, and the unprecedented large amounts of money allocated by the GOP to defend them. You suppose they are worried? These few races are the canaries in the coal mine, and foretell what the mid term might bring in two years.

If you care about our system of justice, our democracy, and especially if you reside in those few Congressional districts with elections this year, please support the challenger. Cite pre-existing medical conditions, cite impeachment, use patriotism as persuasion, but do something. Please.


One step at a time. Trump goes first. Faced with public ire, Pence might mind his manners.