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After Complaining About Lack of Due Process, Trump Declines Invitation to Participate in Judiciary Impeachment Hearing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/02/after-complaining-about-lack-due-process-trump-declines-invitation-participate

Orangeman has already framed his whole case: Anything Congress does (contrary to his wishes) is illegitimate. There should never be hearings like this. By now I’m no longer surprised to see thorough judicial endorsement (ultimately, by the Supes) of Orangeman’s project: shredding the frayed remains of constitutional democracy. This awful episode in history could be remembered as the time we decided dictatorship is okay.

It would be nice to see every last Repub automaton confronted with the question: “Now you think it’s best for USA to become a full dictatorship?”


You certainly summed up the entire trump philosophy in that powerful first sentence, in trump world it is his way or no way.


Why didn’t they impeach him on his real crimes–like war crimes. Because they are doing the same thing. More malfeasance and ineptitude from the Dims. Carelessly trashing our democracy.


Trump is right about the empeachment “hoax, unfairness, and embarrassment.” He IS a hoax; he IS unfair; he IS an embarrassment. He and the GOP are all those things.

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From a strategic standpoint, it would be malpractice for Trump’s legal team to let him take the stand.
He’d incriminate himself with every utterance. Because he’s a stupid blowhard. Because he’s guilty.


Or you could call the Dims the Vichy Opposition Party. Posturing idiots without the will or integrity to enforce the law in a real way (on themselves too). What a cesspool.


Oh my!! Is that so? I’m sure you have lots of evidence — evangelical evidence?

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Damnocrat apologists, such as yourself, are every bit as destructive to the country as the Rethuglicans. You still believe that the "D"s are an opposition party like in the FDR days…they are FAR from it! They are complicit and the aisle between the two is toilet paper thin!


Evangelical evidence? The genocide in Yemen for starters. WTF is wrong with people like you?




Without them, the dems, you have nothing and the vultures would just fly off with our carcasses.
If you had a dollar on your table, only the neighbor kid was near it and after he left the dollar was gone too, do we know who took it?
We have to investigate, investigate because the ruthless don’t admit their crimes, we have to prove it.
Trump is our neighbor kid, and we should never have let him in our house.
If our kids don’t have snappy clothes for school we don’t send them naked or in rags, we dress them the best we can. Same with the dems. Or like the Stones song says: “You can’t always get what you want.”

He is a chickenshit jerk, bragging, mocking people, cheating, lying. He’s building vast acres of karma (if you believe in it). As he lives his life, so he will die as his life dictates, despised by the majority of Americans and the rest of the world.

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Well of course, he can’t rail for weeks about a rigged hearing and then go be a part of the process. One (the only?) thing he is actually being consistent about.

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From my perspective, the USA became a full military dictatorship a long time ago…ever since the euphemism that called the bloody, Korean war a Korean police action.

What’s really sad, is that’s some of the reasons the Trump cult likes him.


The further back you go, the worse it looks. From my perspective, it’s quite remarkable how little we ever hear about USA’s crushing of the Philippines, given it’s ongoing today, and started at the overseas outset of Empire. Exiles abounding in my neighborhood, too. John Sayles made one of his best features on the subject (called Amigo), which got utterly crushed by the distributors.

From the time of entrepreneurial fascist-before-his-time Teddy Roosevelt, a military junta has seemingly run the joint. Andrew Jackson modeled the same mob-rule fist-waving we see today, in the service of expansionist & domestic oppression, with consequences still weighing us down.

Throughout those exercises, however, USAmerica felt obliged to maintain pretensions of democracy. In my opinion, allowing Orangeman to skate at this point would represent the permanent loss of that pretense, for better or worse. (Probably worse.)


Under the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing," Cipollone wrote to Nadler.

Cipollone sounds like one of Trumps, Mafiaocracy, Lieutenants. His name also fits.

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Sooooo damn true.

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The INQUIRY (equivalent to a Grand Jury investigating whether there’s enough evidence that crimes have been committed to warrant the fuss & bother of bringing charges and holding a trial) isn’t done yet.  The Judiciary Committee will now consider the report from the Intelligence Committee as to the attempted bribery / extortion in the Ukraine “incident” and related matters — including (clear, IMHO) Obstruction of Justice.  The Judiciary Committee can also consider the numerous ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’ detailed in the Mueller Report, as well as the possibility of Treason as it relates to the sudden withdrawal of the U.S. troops supporting our Kurdish allies in the War against ISIS- backed Terrorism.  (Did Erdogan bribe or extort Tweetle-Dumb’s acquiescence by offering him business oppor­tunities and/or threatening to shut down / take over Trump Tower Istanbul? To what extent was Erdogan’s and Tweetle-Dumb’s apparent friend Vladimir Putin involved?)