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After Complaining About Lack of Due Process, Trump Declines Invitation to Participate in Judiciary Impeachment Hearing

These traits rather common among the Billionaire class which one reason a person should never vote for someone that is filthy rich. They tend to be filthy.


I’m a big fan since “The Return of the Secaucus Seven” (of which the blockbuster film “The Big Chill” was a shameless ripoff), but I thank you for pointing to a film I’d not heard of.

It’s amazing. My personal favorite is Matewan, but Amigo is a close second. It’s hard to find, though. We found it through an extended library system – a university had it for us after it was given out for academic distribution only. (Incidentally: Sayles also excels in the art of the historical novel, imho.)

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Trump’s Ukraine extortion IS a REAL CRIME. It’s great they’re impeaching him for that. They should also impeach him for all his other crimes.

Don-Don’t-Care doesn’t mind wasting the time and money of Congress, as he imposes his ongoing sociopathy upon the U.S. (and other countries). Impeached, indicted or not, he does not belong in the U.S.

So far this show is only making Trump go up in the polls. The “bombshell testimonies” are a joke if you actually watch them (not on the propaganda media broadcasts). Because the DNC is so corrupt, there will be ample ways for this corrupt president to get a pass in the Senate. Choosing sides between corrupt regimes is not a serious political strategy if your goal is to root out systemic corruption in our government. If joining the right MOB is your agenda, then have at it but don’t complain when the last whiffs of democracy in America fade away. That it precisely where this mob war leads–by design of course.


Yes, judging by “Los Gusanos.” So many great books, so little time…


He needs removed from the planet ! Not just our country. Attach his sorry ass to a satellite and let it rip !

Good comment Annie. I for one, cannot wait to see his demise.

Karma is a bitch.

Trump thinks of himself as a lion but he is mistaken. He is a chihuahua, all mouth and no ass. He may be able to stonewall his party and some soon to be primaried out Democrats but this isn’t going away and we each must do our very best to support those legislators and contestants who will acknowledge his incompetence and criminality.

I’ve decided there is only one explanation: Trump is a criminal and his supporters are bad people. All his business associates and administration are going to jail one at a time. 1/3 of America, those supporting Trump, are rotten apples.