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After Countless Billions Lavished on Wealthy, Trump Plan Would Spike Rents of Poor Americans by 20%


After Countless Billions Lavished on Wealthy, Trump Plan Would Spike Rents of Poor Americans by 20%

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the Republican Party has lavished the nation's wealthiest individuals and corporations with billions upon billions in gifts and tax giveaways, a new analysis found the Trump administration's proposed changes to government housing assistance would mean a 20 percent spike in rent rates for millions of poor Americans in cities across the United States—particularly impacting households of seniors, children, and people with disabilities.


The most useless thing in a capitalist economy is a failed consumer—it’s only fitting that they be punished.
(sarcasm alert!)


This can only be about the GOP’s dream of a “third world America” moving quickly upon us.

It’s a clear effort to increase homelessness and the welfare of families and children.

Any chance that the “white supremacists” who voted for Trump will also be hurt by this?


There’s a 100% chance, but they don’t know it yet. Won’t they be surprised?


The ruling class will stop ruling once the common people stop eating humble pie…


This is part of the continuous war by the U.S. elite and their global companions against indigenous and poor people in the U.S. and worldwide. Carson is a total abomination as is his boss Trump. HUD funding has been cut by billions upon billions of dollars since the Reagan neo-liberal revolution began. We see the result with the massive homelessness on our streets. We needed more public housing, more section8 vouchers, more HUD funding and we have gotten nothing but billions upon billions spent for illegal, wasteful and corrupt wars in counties like Iraq and Afghanistan. Much of our leadership and political class in the U.S. are criminals and violators of human rights.



One example:


I think the ruling class will stop ruling once the common people start eating the ruling class.


I think, though, that they will find someone else to blame, such as immigrants, or black people, for taking up all the affordable housing.


Let’s organize a BBQ party. I’m in…


Exactly. Even if it was broadcast on every news channel and front-page headline on every newspaper, the MAGA dolts would scream “fake news,” while jerking off to Trump’s photo as they headed out to the streets to find cardboard boxes to live in.

This is a fascist’s wet dream: tens of millions of mindless, sponge-brained sheep that soak up every propagandized lie from the Leader and his Party, refuse to believe the truth even when it impacts them directly and is bopping them over the head, and fervently willing to do anything and everything the Dear Leader tells them to do. Goebels and Hitler must be green with envy in Hell right now.


You nail it well. In our time the conditioning began with Reagan. While Carter was a neo-lib, he wasn’t a demagogue. Nixon was, well…Nixon. LBJ a tragedy. Kennedy was as hated as loved. Ike was authentic (but a Cold Warrior) and Truman a pissant who stumbled into the job. FDR, of course was revered and actually did some good. Clinton and OB were cloned in the same PR dept. with different color paint and Michelle slapped a chastity condom on Barry.


Actually, he was a cock block against Henry Wallace–nothing more than that–anything but true progress.


I stand corrected. Thank You.

Pissant is about as low as they go in my book, but clearly this is even more despicable. Oh those Dims. Long may they waiver.


Hard to believe – and they actually have legislation allowing these practices –

Harris is right that he’s not breaking a rule. Louisiana’s ethics laws, written by the Legislature, allow lawmakers to author, advocate for and cast votes on bills that would enrich themselves, their relatives and their clients, as long as others in the same affected industry would benefit similarly. Regardless of the law, political watchdogs say, such advocacy is troubling.

“If someone has a financial interest in legislation before them, we just can’t imagine that person to be a neutral judge,” said Pearson Cross, a political science professor and an associate dean at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. “Would you want someone on a jury who will gain financially depending on the outcome of a particular decision? It just shows the craziness of our system.”

Also note the use of these laws to prevent competition …

Yet, within weeks of introducing that bill, Harris proposed two separate bills that would have benefitted Leebo’s, a chain of convenience stores and gas stations that he owns, by making it more difficult for larger retailers to sell gas more cheaply than he does. One bill, critics said, would have raised the price of gas by at least 4 cents a gallon at those large retailers.

BUT you might also say it’s an attack on Monopoly Corporations???

You sure have a lot going on there!!

And …

Was just watching some of Michael Moore’s “Columbine” and noticed that the WELFARE
program … not sure of the state … was put into the hands of Lockheed Martin!!
This was the case where a 6 year old girl was shot by a six year old boy in school when the
boy found at gun at his uncle’s home. He and a sibling had been left there because their
Mother was being evicted from her apartment AND because the mother had to travel an hour
on a bus in order to make $5.50 an hour working away from home under new Welfare rules
to repay what she was getting from Welfare. MM said that the end of the Cold War had moved
Lockheed into seeking other revenue. So was Dick Clark profiting from taking on employees
on Welfare which somehow secured a subsidy for his eatery in one of the malls.

MAY I ALSO ASK … How is New Orleans doing, in your opinion?


Capitalism would die without bigly profits.


to many of these wealthy white people in power in the south…the antebellum period never ended - they refuse to admit they lost the civil war. if they could bring back slavery they would and in many respect they have but it just looks different. It is always all about them. Their idea of fairness - 10 for them and 1 for everyone else.


What are you trying to do, start an epidemic of food poisoning?


Race to the bottom trade policies are the cause.


We can’t be subsidizing rents for low income people. We need that money for bombs and bullets.