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After Coup Attempt in DC, Venezuela Offers Sympathy for US Suffering What 'It Has Generated' Elsewhere in the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/after-coup-attempt-dc-venezuela-offers-sympathy-us-suffering-what-it-has-generated


It’s called KARMA


… and Vietnam, Grenada, Chile, Panama, Mexico, Russia (since 1918, when we teamed up with the British and other belligerants to “restore democracy” over there), China, Indonesia, Cuba, Belarus, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Eye-raq (twice in two decades), Eye-ran (continuously and wholly directed by our real government in Tel Aviv), Bolivia, Yugoslavia, Cambodia and Laos … .

Whew, I’m spent. Part II tomorrow.


The list might be shorter if it is a list of places America (the west) HASN’T meddled…



Well, there is one … but that’s only 'cause they’re - somehow - the tail wagging the dog. Who is it, you ask?

I’ll give you a hint: We have laws here in the US which prohibit us from exercising our moral privilege and, dare I say, right - and responsibility - as conscientious US citizens to support the BDS imperative.

'Nuff said.


ahhh, perhaps the ultimate conspiracy, zionist control of america. and great britain. with significant influence in several other western allies of the u.s. and israel. remember the attack on the u.s.s. liberty. remember the false flags of 9/11 followed closely by the anthrax scare. false flags, false narratives, propaganda everywhere. who or what is behind it all? and why is support for the zionist theocratic state of israel so enshrined in american politics? ‘conspiracy theorists’ want to know, but those in the know aren’t talking. indeed, what a strange sight to see, when the tail wags the dog!


All these lawmakers who have had their offices broken into by these morons are going to have to have them fumigated to get rid of all the covid-19 and other infectious diseases left behind by them.


Every single one of the terrorists that invaded the Capitol on Wednesday can be and need to be hunted down and incarcerated pending trial. There sentences should be epic and the fines should be outrageous. Fist asshat rounded up should be that idiot pictured with his feet up on the desk. Well, actually, drumpf should be FIRST.


I love it when our victims can troll us.

Just be careful, Maduro. Biden’s crew is going to be a significant competency upgrade in deviousness from this last horde of imbeciles.


Reading this gives me a few chuckles but after serious thought we see this night is a turning point. The plotters and their agents are operation in plain view. A real good read authored by David North in the WSWS


Is Guantanamo still open?

“fueled by a “deep” political and social crisis in the U.S.”

He omitted “economic”. (Unless he included it in “social”.)


the Trumpites have shown America that what goes around comes around–this is what we have done to others for decades–how’s it feel???


Evidently, insurrection in America brings out the worst in people. This has serious if not unintended consequences but just possibly an opportunity to see things more clearly as well.


You are, unfortunately, correct.

Harris (Biden is mere window dressing, here) will be reverting to the Sustained Sanctions Playbook - one need remember that it was The Drone King who, in 2015, labelled Venezuela a “threat to [our] national security.”

But, of course, even as conniving as odious as he was, he was immune from criticism because, well, y’know … .

The really scary thing is that Harris will literally be able to get away with murder because, well, y’know … plus being female … .

Oh, boy - those dirty little Venezuelans are in for it now!


The worst in some people, the best in others. It works both ways, I think. I never expected to be favorably impressed by anything McConnell ever said…

“The states have all spoken. If we overrule them, it would damage our republic forever. If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral. We’d never see the whole nation accept an election again.”

That should be unshakable clarity. But USA’s a very shaky place anymore. Hang on!

Everyone – even on MSMBS – is astounded by the historically stark contrast in DC police behavior, depending on the patriotism of the protesters. January 6 seemed to unfold like a lotus blossom, or an inevitable fortune-cookie. It’s so obvious to all but the oblivious that the police let the fascists romp. Some of the folks learning that lesson are members of congress, and senators. This might serve as a nice teachable moment for legislators to feel, first-hand, the stroke of fascist police terror.

Defund police terror!


According to Richard Wolffe of The Guardian, we were lucky because

After listening to the outgoing president’s call with Georgia officials, it’s painfully clear that Donald Trump is the underwear bomber of our democracy.

The next one will not be such a buffoon.


I love Wolfe’s “underwear bomber” summary.

The next one… provokes some reflections on talents.

Rex Tillerson famously decried his boss as a “fucking moron” – but there’s indisputably something of the idiot-savant to this fiend. Some people really want to be played, and he’s one of the most qualified on Earth to play them. An historic, instinctive genius of grift – despite, maybe even due to, his manifest stupidity. Like a moron who does an amazing job playing Beethoven sonatas on the piano.

Hopefully, they broke the mold and there aren’t going to be any more of this model.


the dead bolt (Bolton) has been thrown and the pompous one (Pompeo) spewing tripe at podiums and minichin (Minuchin) are among the slimiest of the sewer rats in the pipeline. question is, who are their puppet masters and who are their minions being trained up for tomorrow? the military has been showing its interior rot being splatted all over lives for centuries now. When will reality supersede the propaganda (it costs BILLIONS to maintain the pipeline to troop counts for lives “externalized” by late-stage predatory capitalism


Hum, interesting perspective. I haven’t come to any real conclusions, there seems to be more questions to answer. Of course, the January 6 duties, grounded in history and procedure will no doubt not be detoured, maybe muted.

I haven’t really been able to grasp all of this, lotus blossom or water lilies, it is a clear cold night and nothing is on fire. Just very glad I never considered politics as a life path.

Hang on too. No doubt it will get sticky tomorrow.