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After Court Lifts Injunction, Government Once Again Calls for Voluntary Halt to Dakota Access


After Court Lifts Injunction, Government Once Again Calls for Voluntary Halt to Dakota Access

Jon Queally, staff writer

Repeating a previous request last month, federal agencies on Monday asked the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline to voluntarily halt construction so that objections raised by the Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes can be properly considered.


MOJO notes today that this kind of abuse imposed on indigenous peoples worldwide is also finally becoming a global issue:

Indigenous Groups Are Way Ahead Of Everyone Else At Protecting Forests
And they are turning the Dakota Access protests into a worldwide environmental movement.


Obama is a coward and Hillary is a deaf mute on all of this.


The oil can is being kicked down the road until after the 2016 election. This pipeline should of never been re-routed to cross the Missouri on Dakota land. This miscarriage of justice will light a prairie fire across the Continent. Enough is Enough! White people in Bismarck are not more important or " more American " than the Sioux, who's freedoms and legal rights are being abused, here. It appears we're going to have to amp up the national cost of building this black snake.


It's called respecting the rule of law. The Standing Rock Sioux sued under, and Judges Brown, Griffitth, and Pillard ruled on, The National Historic Preservation Act. The Army Corps of Engineers was one of the appellants and presumably a defendant in the original suit. The action stopping work on another section of the pipeline, by the DoJ, DEP, and Army, was based on environmental law and charged that the Army Corps had failed to properly evaluate environmental considerations. Sunday's ruling cites consultative processes in a section of the Historic Preservation Act as "intended to mediate precisely the disparate perspectives involved in a case such as this one" and, while recognizing that DAPL has "rights of access to the limited portion of pipeline corridor not yet cleared, expresses "hope the spirit of [that section] may yet prevail."


Were you aware there's another section of the pipeline being challenged in Iowa, by White farmers whose land was seized legally under eminent domain? And this is not "Dakota land," but acreage outside the Standing Rock Reservation where, nonetheless, the tribe recognized graves and ritual sites, and about coming too close to, though upstream of, the Reservation's only water source.


Yes, I'm aware of the protest and arrests in Eastern Iowa over the weekend. And, the ongoing legal battles in Iowa ( the beautiful land ) by its' farmers. I also am aware that laws were stretched to the snapping point in the re-routing of this black snake. " White man's laws, white man's rules, two hundred years of judges being rich man's tools. "


Obama is on the cusp of cashing in on all the favors he has done for his corporate bosses. So why should he annoy them now?


" The FEAR TRUMP meme is just another device used to disguise their own cowardice and corruption."

True, but we have to admit it has worked well for the oligarchs and plutocrats. And the FEAR TRUMP MEME worked really well for Hillary's masters for their democratic con at their convention when Bernie said the reason he was supporting her was because Bernie FEARED A TRUMP POTUS.