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After Court OKs Trump Arctic Refuge Auction, Biden Urged to Immediately Ban Drilling on Public Lands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/after-court-oks-trump-arctic-refuge-auction-biden-urged-immediately-ban-drilling


Bernadette Demientieff is one of my spouses relatives and we could not be more proud of her!

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The de facto theft of public lands for private exploitation, exemplified by the cretins 'auctions" never has recognized the value of The Wild and as priceless, only the short-term profits above all else that come from the destruction of priceless habitat, fragile species, and the “worth” of the blessings of Mother Earth and Her creatures great and small to humans and all life on earth.
The obscenity of the orange cretin and his odious policies of destruction, racism, and serving the greed of the 1% above all other considerations must NOT be allowed to stand - to be with us for all the future!
Those narrow devious and predatory policy includes very much the great lie of deeming destructive “development” and its “jobs” as the prime goal of humankind that dominate the political and social narrative. There are many other ways to serve the public widely rather than greed and those that push politicians to do their bidding at the expense of a sustainable future!

The needs of people in areas of vast exploitation, like clear-cutting forests and opening the ANWR to oil exploration, road building, and drilling must be ended; their sustainable future lies in protection and living ion harmony with The Wild…

Impeach Trump now