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After Covid-19 Flip-Flops, CDC Director Must Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/21/after-covid-19-flip-flops-cdc-director-must-resign

“Either science goes, or Redfield goes.”

In a country where there are people who believe that the earth is flat or 6,000 years old, zygotes are people, vaccines cause autism, evolution is a hoax created by the devil, the rapture is right around the corner, and the answer to Anthropogenic Climate Disruption is to rake the forest and clean up hurricane disasters with paper towels, I’m not sure I’d be betting my house on science and reason winning the day. As my old ma used to say, “there are way too many people educated beyond their intelligence.”


I think this is an old paradigm, it is where we give tacit approval to science that the errors start to stack up. You would have to ask who created the Atom bomb, thalidomide, factory farms and other scientifically controlled environments. If you were betting your house on science saving you from the wildfires that consumed 3 million acres, well you would lose that bet.

The things we don’t like don’t necessarily go away, I think the best thing is to learn from them. What really boggles my mind is that science is really pretty good at diagnosis and even prediction in some cases (the rest is still pretty iffy) and we refuse to use this information wisely.

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Both Redfield and Fauci are simps for Trump and both are liars.

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