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After Damning UN Report, Human Rights and Press Freedom Advocates Demand Justice for Khashoggi

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/after-damning-un-report-human-rights-and-press-freedom-advocates-demand-justice

…well they won’t get it in this country out of EITHER Party


There needs to be an international investigation by non American investigators, because the American govt is incapable of telling the truth. It’s quite obvious that he was murdered because he knew to much about the connection between the Saudis and certain members of the trumps administration, as we can’t trust anything trump says on ANYTHING, it is pointless asking him about it, The first to be questioned should be the ghoulish son in law and his ties to M.B.S.regarding the loans he received to bail out his stupidity, and greed. This wasn’t just a murder, it was a assanation, politically motivated, and planned in great detail, with the green light from all parties concerned about what he knew, and with America s track record on solving assassinations they should be exempt from any and all investigations. The American govt has zero credibility on ANYTHING. They are the most corrupt organization in the world. Yet they tout themselves as the harbingers of freedom and democracy, The biggest lie of all. I believe it was .Noam Chomsky that said the republicans party is the largest terrorist organization in the world. I believe that to be true. And one need not look far to see the proof. You don’t even have to leave America to witness it.


How many ‘democrats’ voted FOR the Iraq war, supported the Trump coup attempt in Venezuela, support lying us into another war in Iran, and this?

The problem is with BOTH sides of the Duopoly. The System is broken.


That’s in keeping with the truth.

Agreed Phred the system is broken, and money,or the greed for it is what broke the system, but the republicans do seem to be the slimiest of the 2,re. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham ,Jim jordan, and a handful of others who are beyond contempt for their daily verbal fellatio that they perform on the Donald. In order to further their own agendas or bank accounts. It is all about the Benjamin’s indeed. Thanks for your reply.


> but the republicans do seem to be the slimiest of the 2

are they? or are the Dems leadership better at lying about who and what they are?
I wonder.


Kashohhi was no angel he was a weapons procurator for the MIC. We have much bigger issues to tackle

I’m well into my 70’s: fought in one of many losing wars, worked for the CIA and did a lot of shit around the world. Those were the good days; we had morals, war criminals were prosecuted, bad CIA guys were eliminated and we used a justice system that worked for all. But now we don’t have a government “system” anymore. This so called fascist/ogliarchic/kleptocracy has broken its binding constitutional contract with the public and is now to fucking busy chasing mythological bogeymen or creating imaginary fear from something recently invented by some bogus false flag to protect the powerful elite from annihilation or poverty. Fuck Washington, DC, Fuck McConnell’s Congress, Fuck the defense contrators, Fuck AIPAC, Fuck the CIA and those K Steet lobbyists. To beat the Fourth Reich, protect and defend your local community and support any and all locally important movements and bitch at your local representitives if they don’t tow your demands. And for now, it’s still legal to burn the flag and protest in the name of fairness and justice in most communities, but the bad guys want to limit that right as well. I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom:

“Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us” - Justice William O. Douglas


Wonder where this sense of outrage is for an actual journalist who revealed information critical for public consumption?
Oh yeah, no justice for Assange. he rots in prison, but his life could still be saved.


Where is the justice indeed. USA and Saudi Arabia are joined at the hips. Involvement in 9/11. Manipulation of world oil price. Destruction of Yemen. And now the concerted pressure to take out Iran. Millions suffering and millions dying. Does anyone really believe there will be justice for the cruel death of Khashoggi!


I like your righteous anger, it is well placed and wish tens of millions of us would join your kind to take back our American way of life.

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