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After Dams Break, Dow Chemical Admits Floodwaters in Midland, Michigan "Commingling" With Toxic Chemical Storage Ponds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/after-dams-break-dow-chemical-admits-floodwaters-midland-michigan-commingling-toxic


this going on as the monster in the white house continues to dismantle daily, more and more environmental regulations that have offered some support for human life on the planet. the big greedy corporations have always gotten away with murder, literately and figuratively. What now you idiots who want to open your state to more covid 19 death and destruction on top of lead in the water and now further contamination of who knows what! maybe you can drink some disinfectant as your great white leader has suggested.


Good luck getting any help from the Trump misadministration without canceling mail in voting or helping spread the corona virus to help Trump get reelected.


Great white leader? Sounds like your using racism in your thuggish rant.

Sounds like you’re featuring abject ignorance in your snowflake whine.


Sorry downwiththepeople, I’m a progressive. I just don’t like people making accusations against an entire state.

I see what you did there, that was so clever changing up to down Who do you think the “Great White Leader” referred to? Which state were you standing up for?

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Correct me if i am wrong, but there is no mention of the thousands of people evacuated from this disaster:



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I see you are new here at 39 days. Welcome, but please don’t get into name calling against fellow posters. We have enough foes out there and need to keep internal discourse polite. Spirited challenges are fine, but decorum is important.


Let me clear the misinterpretation for You

The Fucking NAZI in the WH and his SS administration


Sorry, but I believe in an eye for an eye. Now please discipline that other guy too.

Well, there goes the decorum.

Trump already tweeted that help is on the way to Michigan and “Governor must now ‘set you free’ to help!” The turd can’t help but be a nasty bully all the time.


And incorrect grammar. Your as opposed to you’re,


If everyone believed in an eye for an eye, the entire world would soon be blind.


Also, i would appreciate it if you did not snoop around my profile(doesn’t look good). By the way, just cause I started “viewing” doesn’t mean I’ve only been in this community for 39 days.

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Oopsie. Don’t blame Dow, These people chose to fertilize their lawns …

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Sounds like you’re an asshole troll.

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What are “dangerous chemicals?” No mention of the possible consequences, nor what the response can or should be? This is reporting for grade-school kids.

The accusations weren’t against an entire state, they were against the idiots that have been protesting to open up the state.