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After Data Shows Last Month Was Hottest June Ever Recorded on Earth, Sanders Says Maybe Now Is 'Time to Start Treating This Like a Crisis and Not a Hoax'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/after-data-shows-last-month-was-hottest-june-ever-recorded-earth-sanders-says-maybe


With the all-too-familiar Republican shenanigans, President Jimmy Carter was removed from office, where he had begun making serious inroads into energy reform for the nation. That one political event has had many negative repercussions throughout the world. The failure to rein in energy excesses for the love of money still remains an almost taboo subject in the M$M. Most of the climate predictions that make it to the public are on the conservative side and do not convey what nonlinear responses would wreak on the planet’s life. The current need for serious leadership is (one of many reasons) why I’m all in for Bernie 2020!


This last article is not widely published as far as i can see.


Last night as I gathered info for my blog I came across a 95+ F degree reading in Siberia using the “earth” map by null.school. 95+F in Siberia. The methane pouring into our atmosphere must be tremendous. Very scary. I am curious as to how far down the permafrost has thawed???


For those of you not familiar with the Arctic sea ice forum I highly recommend checking it out. But only if you have the emotional strength . .
those that contribute to the forum in the comment section are usually very measured and calm but there is now a sense of fear that I have not seen before.

Questions related to intense melting:

I second the question posed by Ditton above re: depth of permafrost thawing.

East Siberian Arctic Ice shelf and melting there: how much closer are we to the potential methane burst (see studies by Dr. Natalia Shakhova) after this season of extreme ice melt?

How will this unprecedented, rapid melting impact the AMOC right now?

It would be nice to have an overview (in lay person’s language) on exactly what is happening with the melting this summer and what we can expect in the near term.

I realize there are many unknowns but there are a lot of knowns that most people do not realize are happening at present.

I read that the northern sub tropical jet stream has vanished and that 2019 is the year the northern polar jet stream will begin to vanish too.

If true, these things have profound, catastrophic, immediate consequences for all living things.

Can anyone shed more light on this?

Things are horrific right now, can’t imagine how the next few years will be.

We need to know the facts and the truth as it stands in July 2019.


Lastly, a recent interview with Dahr Jamail:


Sen. Sanders can say what he wants and have all the support that he wants… however, the DNC will purchase another cooked poll.

I reviewed the four latest polls showing Sanders SINKING in popularity only to FIND that three of the polls polled ONLY DNC members! Is that you or me or just the wealthy Democrats working with the establishment media to promote anyone but Sanders?

Wait for it… they will start their cooked polling against Warren after they have destroyed Sanders.

The DNC has morphed into an evil organization. I’m only a member to help influence primary votes. But it’s getting difficult to embrace the left leg of evil.


An electric motor run by solar charged batteries has much less moving parts hence requiring less maintenance related costs ltherefore asting much longer.

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Completely agree, this is a nightmare. Not much surprises me anymore but the blatant oligarchic manipulation is even stunning me. I expected control and spin but this . . . this is crazy.

Do you think AOC (or anyone with a voice) will call them on this?

As long as the Republicans (and people such as Joe Manchin) are there, very little can be done. This needs to change.

It does not seem too much longer before we see the economic effects of global warming in first world countries. Excessive heat and drought (in other places massive floods too) are damaging crops yields in our own country but in France we just may see the demise of exquisite French wines. That may not seem much to some people but it does show just how much the planet will change as global warming continues unabated.

Maybe the French right wing and absurdities like Trump will realize that things will not be staying the same in the near future. For some people who love the famous French wines… they best join us in the marches and protests against climate change while yet they may enjoy a delicious glass of French afterwards.

Imagine a world without expensive French wines Mr. Trump! It is no hoax, just ask the French vintners!

Save French wines! March against global climate change!

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In Alaska there are many buildings and other structures that are tilting because of the melting permafrost and it was 100 degrees here already and now several forest fires. And what a lot of people do not realize the forest fires are being exacerbated by millions of acres of bug infestations which has killed the trees and are as dry as kindling.


I spotted this T-shirt today (and thanks to the guy at Hole-In-One Bagel Deli):

“Science Is Not a Liberal Conspiracy”

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I love Dahr…thanks.

I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Bruce Dixon, one of the founding members of Black Agenda Report.


Thankyou caroline. That interview was incredible. I identified with so many points. Jacques Cousteau predicted this before his death many years ago.

Fool Bernie once, now Twice? Can the DNC be that sure they can get away with the same brazen fraudulent tactics again, without Bernie Not knowing about it? I never believe Polls. The DNC had better not screw up this election like they did the last one, or Trump will win again. Sanders is the hardest working Candidate of all of them. I’m sure he knows all about the state of things and needs to keep growing his base with the real issues: He was the first to mention Wealth Inequality, and continues his fight for Single Payer Heathcare and dealing with Climate Change… which At This Time, no one can deny as it’s affecting the entire Planet. He may not win, but there sure is a place in DC for a champion like him.

I keep getting requests for funds from them in the mail. Instead of their surveys and a check, I send them reprints of articles like this with acid comments on their allegiance to the 1% and Wall St.

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When I was in Fairbanks 75/76 helping a friend build his house. The rough out was sitting on giant Styrofoam blocks so it would float during the thaws of spring and summer, I wonder how it’s doing.

I read a piece recently about how all the roads and bridges in Siberia were being destroyed by all this melting. It is a mess.

Few people realize the extent of the bark-beetle infestation, it’s from here in AZ all the way up to you and all those dead trees are just waiting to catch fire. We need housing and there is the lumber but for some reason it isn’t being thinned out. Go figure, silly humans, they are everywhere.

I was looking at the weather maps to day and the heat dome over you looks like it’s locked in for another week. Another week in Hell.

There are now several small forest fires in Alaska and if they get out of hand the whole state of Alaska could be on fire this summer because there are literally millions of acres including my 155 acres, potentially catching on fire because of bark-beetle infestation which many attribute to global warming.