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After Days of Claiming Soleimani Posed Threat to US, Trump Finally Admits His True Stance: "It Doesn't Really Matter"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/14/after-days-claiming-soleimani-posed-threat-us-trump-finally-admits-his-true-stance

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Anyone have a drone with a rocket that I could use?

What do I need it for?

It doesn’t really matter. It’s irrelevant.


Then it’s an assassination warranting further investigation and, at minimum, an Article of Impeachment. This is a prima facia case of murder. Even tRump isn’t allowed to murder/assassinate people.

Where is the responsibility for impeachment? Pelosi seems hell-bent on not doing her job and allowing tRump to violate the law.


Recent poll shows that 52% found the assassination “reckless.” BUT, since the victim was non-white, Trump is correct, in essence: It doesn’t matter (to his supporters).

racism is the defining ideology of our species. Nothing matters to people as much as their need to feel superior to something, anything…


During the 2002 run up to the Iraq invasion I asked dyed in the wool Republican voters at my workplace if they believed Dubya regime lies and they told me they didn’t but that they took great pride in the GOP getting away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year, starting with teflon coated Saint Ron two decades earlier.

Birther brethren and MAGA hat wearing Murkins simply took this to new heights during the decade just ended.


After years of denying evidence of anthropogenic climate destabilization, Trumpo said, “Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway.”

After years of claiming that he didn’t rape those women, Trumpo said, “Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway.”


The franchise in 2020 doesn’t really matter, since Orangeman and his squadron of flying monkeys are already well on their way toward taking the franchise away. It was an egregiously imperfect (!?) democracy, but it was nice while it lasted.


Well now! We have at least three presidents that admit that they have the right (and the power) to murder whomever if they believe they have a nefarious past. Beware America! Future presidents will consider their prerogative to murder ordinary American citizens on American soil if they so chose to do so.
Hail Emperor(s)!


Shane is correct.

Somebody has to take his tweeter away.
What’s left of this white house staff is simply worthless!!

Maybe the beachboys.had this in mind with ‘fun, fun, fun’.


If I’m not mistaken, the Beach Boys’ tale of moral heedlessness concerned a t-bird, not a tweeter.


I know.
But daddy has to take her t-bird away!!

In trumpo’s case, please - please lose his charger cord, cancel his contract, use a 2 pound hammer. anything to stop this two and three times a day bleeding.

He has his TV reality show actor on.
If he makes you cry, he wins.

I cannot understand his reported popularity from polls. Maybe he is purchasing some as his team did buy three in 2016.


YOU’RE FIRED! you worthless, oxygen-wasting piece of wealthy trash!


Unfortunately, he is. As are many other “priveleged” people in this two-justices country.


Coldblooded murderer!


A “coldblooded murderer” who continues to reconfirm that he could kill somebody on fifth avenue and not loose one vote.


Isn’t handy seeing the “let’s welcome them to our community!” flag over bizarre garbage like this? By all means: Warm welcome, bizarre garbage man! Maybe they didn’t warn you when you clocked in, though: There are some adults in this room.


O.K. You’ve had your one post, now take your Dumbf-loving, brain-dead comments elsewhere.


Torres is one of the millions of Murkins who view politics as a 24/7 reality TV show and SHOULD be welcome to remind us that the GOP consumes 800 times its weight in excess reality.


someone ask for my services? :wink:


Obama had a “Kill list” that was clearly used to assassinate “terrorists”.

Now Trump has assassinated a high ranking member of a foreign government labeled as a “terrorist”

Both are against international law and are war crimes.

This is why the Dems will not use this as another case for impeachment. Much like the Nuremberg Trials where the US and allies could not raise crimes against the Nazis that they too were guilty of, this assassination like many, if not all, US foreign policies of brazenly breaking of international law has a perfect line of continuity through the heart of both parties.

I do not bring this up as an excuse for either of these war criminals and their parties but so we understand that this is NOT just a TRUMP crime. This is a unified crime that both paries are guilty of supporting. To be against this crime you must also stand up and be against Obama’s Kill list and drone policies.

It’s called integrity and if we want REAL change we must stand against ALL war crimes and the criminals that commit them.