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After Days of Protest, Police Officer Derek Chauvin Charged With 3rd Degree Murder for Killing George Floyd

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/after-days-protest-police-officer-derek-chauvin-charged-3rd-degree-murder-killing


3rd degree murder under Minnesota law seems pretty damn weak! Where are the prosecutions of the cops that stood-by while this crime was committed before their eyes as they were charged to protect life? They are VERY complicit and could have, should have, stopped the crime! What will they be charged with and when? NOW would be appropriate!

All this hangs on whether a prosecutor (a cop in a suit) will prosecute or protect the crony murderer, like Amy Klobuchar did with this same deranged cop when she was prosecutor and refused to prosecute him for a killing!! This killing is apparently his third as a depraved cop - should add to the case against him - doesn’t his history of killings demand a strong(er) prosecution and charge? Those cases should be re-visited to determine the facts in light of the murder of George Floyd!

IF Klobuchar had done her job Mr Floyd might be alive - IF the three other complicit cops had dobe theirs, Mr Floyd might still vbe alive! IF the police departmant had done their job to weed-out psycho killer cops Mr Floyd might still be alive, and he should be! The charge against the cops should be the highest possible!

"Minnesota law originally defined third-degree murder solely as depraved-heart murder "without intent to effect the death of any person, causing the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life"


I’m bothered that jurisprudence by massive arson is a cultural norm.

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Would someone please explain to me why this murderer was not charged with first degree murder?


Under Minnesota law: “Second-degree murder can be an intentional killing, but it is not as serious as first-degree murder. Second degree murder can be charged when a defendant intentionally kills another human being but the murder is not premediated. Second-degree murder may result when a person kills out of an intense emotional response or impulse.”
That definition seems to fit in my ignorant opinion . Legal minds must choose the most serious charge against this killer cop who chooses his actions and did so over a seven minute period while killing the the victim, while he begged for his life and repeatedly said he could not breath!


There is a good chance these two either knew, or knew of, each other because they worked “overlapping shifts” in the same Club. That has to play into this.


I cannot agree. The problem with protest in the US is that it has been far too tame, polite, and accepting of police constraints like permits, bans on blockades of main thoroughfares, arrests of peaceful demonstrators, etc.
What makes change is protesters with the courage to buck the system, to bring commerce to a halt, to challenge unlawful bans on protest, freedom of assembly, and the right to seek to redress grievances. When the people rise up and don’t take no for an answer, when they resist police acting like soldiers, and yes, when they even torch empty police stations to get attention to their demands, they get action. If they just go to a circumscribed park with a permit to protest and give a few speeches and then go home, they do not get action, they do not stop illegal wars, they do not get gun control, they do not get national health care, the do not get fair wage laws and they do not get justice for people killed by cops. Europe has much fairer societies-- and far less vicious and violent police – because people in Europe know how to protest.

Americans used to know how to protest. We were doing it right in the late '60s and early
'70s, but we’ve been domesticated since those days. Now some, like the people in Black Lives Matter, are reminding us how it’s done.

Power to the people! Right on!

I don’t believe in violence, but refusing to be ordered around, and even a willingness to destroy property to make a point – specific property that is related to the issue at hand like a police station in Minneapolis after a police killing of an unarmed and non-resisting black man – is not rioting. It is justified and heroic action, and I salute those who have had the courage to act.

Random violence is unacceptable, and actions like shooting people, including cops, is both stupid and unacceptable. But most of the protesting that I’ve seen in Minneapolis on the news so far seems appropriate and, now with the charging of Officer Chastain, at least for 3rd degree murder and manslaughter so far, is being proven to be effective. I’m sure he would not have been charged with murder had there not been this dramatic a response in the streets of the Twin Cities. Though the three other officers who failed to stop Chastain’s murderous action should also be charged, at a minimum for dereliction of duty, and perhaps more. Hopefully that will still also happen.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening(dot)net


And why the other three (accessories to a murder) are not under arrest.


Video (link below) shows at one point three officers were on top of Floyd. What’s unclear is just how and why Floyd ended up on his stomach on the pavement after he had been handcuffed. Why didn’t they just put him in the patrol car.
This video is before the crowd formed on the sidewalk on the right side of the patrol car first released. Warning, difficult to view/hear.


I do not condone violence and destruction, but how long before any action would have been taken if some had not taken to the streets?

"A riot is the language of the unheard." Martin Luther King


Thank you, Mr. Lindorff for your commentary.



The charge should be 1st degree, premeditated murder! Premeditated can be seconds beforehand…this “officer” knew Exactly what he was doing, he ignored pleas from Mr. Floyd & bystanders…when he was told by bystanders that Mr. Floyd is no longer moving, for 2 minutes, Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck,
AND Chauvin & his accomplices did not check on Floyd’s condition., not once!
and Chauvin mocked Mr. Floyd: saying ‘get in the car’…
how could he “get in the car”, handcuffed, on the ground, a knee on your neck , & two other “officers” holding you down…??
extremely depraved
it reminded me of slavery…
the three other officers must be arrested & charges against
Chauvin upgraded!
Meanwhile there has to be an independent medical examiner…
possible attempt at cover-up because
City medical examiner has stated no indication Floyd’s death was from compression of windpipe by Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck…


Court tv has done a good analysis of what has happened and what this office should be charged with.

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Thanks for your reply.

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Damn good point! One has to wonder if there is not a lot more to this murder than we have been told.


Thanks Dave, i absolutely agree with your comment about protest 100% Unless there are consequences, the system will not change itself, the interests that have established the system will not change their interests. There needs to be confrontation, refusal, and resistance, not just letters and marches and speeches, as important as all those are. And i appreciate your connecting this to other systemic interests that need to be confronted, “illegal wars, gun control, national health care, fair wage laws, justice for people killed by cops.” We need a resistance movement prepared to impose consequences on these systems.


Good point.


Charging Chauvin with spitting on the sidewalk will not stop the protest. Rioting is extreme protest commensurate with the justice not served.

As I said about the murder in Georgia, strap him to a gurney and stick the needle in. It is time to stop police lynchings.


Ooh, now we get to find out what that evidence is that Freeman said proves there was no murder.

Unless he’s full of shit; there’s always that possibility.

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Isn’t it ironic that the killer cop’s name is ‘Chauvin’ and the term for male supremacy is ‘chauvinism.’