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After Deadly Delay, Trump Reverses Course and Signs Coronavirus Relief Bill

Rope-a-dope works in politics too I guess

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The monster is Dracula because it cannot live without the blood of innocent people!


I wish he had pocket vetoed the defense appropriations bill, so it would have to start over, and maybe, with a few more progressives in the new Congress, we could start to get some accountability and cutting of that bloated mess that needs to be cut in at least half, but probably far more than that.

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I’m beginning to think that it doesn’t matter if it’s money or not.
If there were no money, the same people would be selling snake oil, cheating at cards, or outright stealing from us.
It appears to be immoral people that are the problem, not only the money.

I concede that there are truly brain damaged people who will commit crime for the sake of crime.
I believe most immorality is caused by money.
Now we need to conduct a test.

It must be a bitch to have to get up, and out of the coffin, for work every night.

I don’t know from these things, but I imagine the “FLOTUS”'s boots cost somewhere between $600 and $2000.

A million dollars of tax money down the drain every time trump golfs.
Oh but he didn’t take a POTUS salary.
Hundreds of millions in tee times. WOW

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Talk about an [ass]hole in one

(Best I could do through the brain fog)

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