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After Decades of Corporate 'Decimation' of Unions, Sanders Says It Is Time for Workers to Win the Class War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/after-decades-corporate-decimation-unions-sanders-says-it-time-workers-win-class-war

Unless I missed it, Bernie didn’t tie building up union support with the positive outcomes of M4ALL.

In Iowa the only businesses that are showing solid growth are the FPWL ( Farmer’s Public Welfare Leagues ) and the IAFHC ( Iowa Association of Faith Healing Clinics ), so maybe Sen. Sanders didn’t think this was the appropriate audience, or place.
Just speculatin’.

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Maybe a faith healer or two would benefit the party, and the candidates.

We love you Sanders! Building unions doesn’t only build the middle class, develop strong communities, drive corporations toward accountable practices and responsible policies toward their parent nation; Its also extremely effective at developing representative democracy and government accountability. Unions bring the people into government and make their voices heard instead of strictly the corporate lobby as it is today. Of course to accomplish this monumental task, a incalculable number of crooked appointee judges and corporate sycophant legislators will have to be permanently and violently eradicated from the face of the earth, followed closely by their organized crime, (corporate), bosses, and all who offer even a whimper of complaint at said action.


Bernie is talking the talk but if elected will the 1% let him walk the walk?

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And as the working class we must begin by demanding green jobs which include restoring the eco-systems. No livable planet-No jobs.



Probably not. Or at the very least they will make it very difficult for him. Heck they might even JFK him.

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Maybe President Caligula should see one, or two

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That’s why we need to stay with it (him) even after he’s in the WH

Bernie 2020

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He absolutely talked about forcing ownership to raise wages after the passage of MFA in light of the fact that they’d no longer being paying for health insurance:


I don’t understand the reasons but Senator Sanders is absolutely correct. Our enemies are the elite and powerful corporations who would love to pay no taxes and have slave labor serve their needs. The ordinary Americans think they have a representative government but all we’ve had since Reaganomics has been fascist dictatorship in sheep clothing.


Yeah that blond blue eyed Jesus

Sanders needs to get more of the commoners on his side since our Israeli representative president has the heart of the angry white supremacists in his hand. Most of his supporters are also ordinary working class low wage half wits who might be educable.

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Depends on how many dems are on the the 1%'s payroll, as to whether Bernie will get support directly, or by union bosses.


To rebuild the unions will require to rid them of the corrupt leadership which colludes with management to suppress wages, relinquish benefits, and to make concessions. The leaders of the unions have been bought off by owners. More ways in which unions have been weakened over the last 5 decades or so. The right to work laws in many states have also weakened the unions and work to keep them out of the workforce. Peace


I think the corporations have already turned us into wage slaves with some paying no effective real tax. They will eventually implode and collapse as people can’t keep increasing production indefinitely. We have lost all semblance of a representative govt many, many, years ago, if ever, there ever was. Peace


I learned something from Rep Tim Ryan in these debates-----These Unions seem to be supporters of the WAR MACHINE----jobs----And they are against Universal healthcare—THIS IS THE BACKBONE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY???

To hell with them letting him do anything. You have to forcefully take it, never looking to anyone for permission or acceptance, and do so at every cost. Never yield a one hundred trillionth of a micron to the scum of the earth 1% or even the 25%, massacre them if you have to but never yield and never ever surrender; not even in abject defeat. Kill the enemy to the last man, take no prisoners. Why the hell are we going to wait and see if someone lets us do it. Of course they are not going to let us. They are destroying the world, this is not a matter of disagreement, we are under hostile attack, more than any previous attack in history; worse than WWI, and WWII, Worse than England, or Korea, or Vietnam, or any other BS war, worse than every war in history put together; the whole human species is forfeit, and most other species too, and their evil work is nearly done. It is a quadrillion light years past what they are going to let us do, we either prevail or die, that’s the situation.


Not to knock Sanders, but this is not news to me. It has been in the media about unions losing ground and how the corporations have been winning the class warfare they started.
The problem is that it hasn’t been news, but that most americans have ignored it. Instead they have reacted to dog whistles about how minorities are hurting them. Which is why they keep electing republicans whose economic policies keep hurting them. As long as they feel minorities are kept down, they ignore their own economic position.