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After Decades of Discrimination, Farm Workers Get Pesticide Protections


After Decades of Discrimination, Farm Workers Get Pesticide Protections

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Farm workers will now have sweeping new protections from pesticides under new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules announced Monday—safeguards which labor leaders say eluded farm workers for decades due to racial discrimination.

The new rules, announced by EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, and United Farm Workers (UFW) president Arturo Rodriguez, include the following stipulations:


So if this stuff is so dangerous, remind me again why we are pouring it all over our food??????


If you discount the human cost it makes the expense of growing food cheaper...the human costs are discounted so it makes for higher yields at a lower production cost. Just another example of how human and environmental costs are discounted in production. By the way it isn't just agriculture that does this but virtually every production enterprise.


Once again, Democrats, like Republicans, will do the right thing when they have no alternative!


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"Farm workers get pesticide protections" - I believe this is an empty promise ploy with little real protections that will ever be enforced (foreign ag-workers will continue to be poisoned by OUR chemical producers exports, where these and other "regulations" do not apply) and nothing done to stop untested, deadly chemicals being released into our foods and environment or on imported crops/foods. "pesticide exports create a "circle of poison" situation in which US banned pesticides are exported to the Third World and are used on crops whose produce is then sent back to the US" http://www1.american.edu/ted/mexpest.htm

The decimation of numerous insect species like our critical pollinator honey bees and monarch butterflies among countless others are a direct result of greed trumping common sense informed regulations.

The US government caters to the chemical poison industry that floods our croplands, crops, water and air with largely untested, unregulated, deadly pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and countless domestic-use poisons - the common denominator in farm poisons is the descriptive "cide" that means to kill. A billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed/applies to US crops annually. The residues for "safe" exposures to the public have been lowered and testing limited to an unsafe degree over decades of corruption of government agencies by the chemical industry.

“The dirty little secret of the EPA is that almost every pesticide gets put on the market while the agency is looking the other way”

We are witnessing the chemical poisoning of America and much of the world by corporations and government collusion via the "revolving-door" of corruption of "regulatory" agencies staffed by industry employees then back-again - collusion and corruption by agencies charged with protecting the public have become by and for the industries themselves, not the public. Agricultural runoff of chemicals pollutes swamps, streams, rivers and down to marine bays and estuaries to poison the "nurseries" of many marine species and harms our fisheries industry - the chemical/fertilizer/big-ag conglomerate is very powerful, controlling many elected reps, legislation, and regulatory agencies.

We are sold a pig-in-a-poke with announcements like this touting "worker protections", but the truth is likely far different that it will actually protect anyone beside the poison industry!