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After Demise of Union-Busting Wisconsin Governor, AFL-CIO Needed Just Six Words: 'Scott Walker Was a National Disgrace'

After Demise of Union-Busting Wisconsin Governor, AFL-CIO Needed Just Six Words: 'Scott Walker Was a National Disgrace'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid all of the wins and losses, triumphs and disappointments, of Tuesday's critical midterm elections, the long-awaited demise of Wisconsin's Republican Gov.

Walker’s party is a national disgrace, but that doesn’t stop it from continuing to retain credibility.


Perfect article.

This is one thing I really savored last night. That lip-drooling Koch thug will not be missed.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Wisconsin become the progressive bastion it once was?
That’ll take some work, however.


Good riddance to the twisted koch addicted problem. People all over the country have wised up to the sneering scornful usurpers smarming their path to try to make people believe their lies.

Tide is coming in and if the addicted don’t watch out and get out of the way, they WILL trigger a tsunami.

Time is short for absolutely necessary corrections and repairs to the environment and economies caused these effete mafiosi, and patience has just plain flat run out.

Interesting aspect of reaching this point is the taste for active engagement becomes a primary appetite and with it humor, insight, further appetite for collaboration seeing across faux differences that have been slathered on for decades and in some cases centuries. Fresh air starts with intent!


What more needs to be said? Get rid of the rest of GOP folks and corporate Democrats; start planning/organizing for a National Eco-Socialist Party to usher in that Green New Deal.


Let’s not wait this time.

Git walking Walker.

Don’t come around here no more…


always good to have appropriate traveling music…

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Madtown can party again.

I might not be eating any cake for awhile. Tony Evers is the kind of politician I have spoke a couple of times here. As a democrat he has vied for a better education system like many have in Wisconsin like Donna Shalala. I guarantee he isn’t about money or heading for Washington.

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That’s one less snake…

Read an article saying Republicans want to try and strip him of power before he takes office.

Well okay Sally it’s your 6th birthday and I know I said you could have a bike. But I want you to only have nine tenths of the air in the tires just because. I know it’s not fair but I have power.

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Basically nailed it.

I really wasn’t prepared for that one, and yes it’s my state. I running out of room for those kinds of surprises like I would suppose many Americans are at this point, even with the good election news. Thanks for the link, I don’t watch much local TV, and quit the paper when they doubled the subscription.