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After Dissent in Louisiana Abortion Case, Warnings That 'Kavanaugh Has Declared War on Roe v. Wade'

After Dissent in Louisiana Abortion Case, Warnings That 'Kavanaugh Has Declared War on Roe v. Wade'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While reproductive rights advocates expressed relief on Thursday after the Supreme Court temporarily blocked an extreme Louisiana anti-abortion law that could have left the state with just one doctor authorized to perform the procedure, legal experts and women's groups warned that Justice Brett Kavanaugh's dissent in the case confirm

Watch you ass Kavanut, we’re coming to IMPEACH it.


Once President Caligula has been indicted (or quits) and his Crime Family is also under indictment, any one ‘installed’ by him must be removed. Especially in SCOTUS.



I laugh every time I hear that pious empty phrase “rule of law”. Don’t forget that Hitler had courts in Germany after 1933. It isn’t that you have courts and judges BUT the makeup of the courts and judges. If RBG retires or dies during Trumps administration we will have an EXTREME RIGHT WING Supreme court for decades

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Get fucking real, it ain’t gonna happen

The case of repeatedly lying under oath, and the alleged sexual assaults are not gone and forgotten! Those issues that must result in the impeachment and removal from the court if proves remain and the confirmation of kavanaugh can, and must be, overturned. The public must demand a full and comprehensive investigation , and if the charges so white-washed are proven, the perp removed! The person who nominated him and the nominee both need thorough investigations and prosecutions, ans consequences, IMO.

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We all knew this was part of his sick agenda as we watched this dude cry and lie, yet he was still elected. This was an outrage to have a questionable person like him on any Court, but there he is. What are we gonna do about it?

Last week I was summoned for Jury Duty. When they had us take our oaths, instead of saying “I do.” I said “As far as Brett Kavanaugh tells the truth and is honest and all that.” The integrity of our nation’s courts is compromised starting all the way from the top because of rump and the conservitards.

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And the Democrats didn’t really even try to fight it from happening.

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It’s a 1 party system. https://i.imgur.com/dAmIfmD.gif

Pelosi and Schumer are NOT our friends

How many Americans understand that the subjugation of the majority at the hands of a bigoted and ignorant white minority is an unavoidable consequence of the Electoral College? Not many, I guess.
If the EC is ever going to be eliminated it is essential to create awareness of what it is and how much harm it causes. This must start in Kindergarten and at home.


Did i sleep through the revolution?

If there is standing to impeach Kavanaugh he was gowned by a kangaroo court of congress.

Yes they did. Republicans held the power thanks to democrats not getting enough votes from us.

Given up already

Reminder: This is not in any way about “morality” as the GOP and right wing have none.

This is about Elites/Patriarchy and their need/demand for ending birth control and abortion.

They need excess population – overpopulation = cheap labor, higher profits.

EVANGELICALS are the front for Elites/GOP story –

But in fact Evangelicals did NOT support the concept that life begins at conception.
Nor did Evangelicals support GOP efforts to deny women access to therapeutic abortions
when their lives, health and future fertility was endanger by a pregnancy gone wrong.

Would also remind everyone – NATURE has put her full confidence and trust in women
in giving them total responsibility for everything to do with creating life – gestation, breast
feeding, nurturing, care –

AND, NATURE also provided many ways via natural plants to give women CHOICE about
whether or not to bring a child into the world. Plants provided women with ways to interrupt
conception, to prevent pregnancy or to limit the number of children they would bear – and
to end fertility completely at any time that they chose.

All of those plants were destroyed by Patriarchy in the “Witch Hunts” - the Vatican’s “Hammer
of Witches” which was an attack on females who were our scholars, who studied plants which
are more than our nutrition; they are our medicines and our drugs. Women were the medical
professionals in our communities.

Coincidentally, at the end of the Crusades so many males had been killed in the wars that
women were inheriting a great deal of property and financial wealth. Women held the knowledge
of these medicines in plants and held status as healers and midwives. This added prosperity
was a threat to patriarchy. In one of the greatest blows to females the era of “Burnings at the
Stake” took everything from them, including the right to inheritance and even the right to their
own children. Not until the 1970’s here did females recover the right to credit in their own name.