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After Drug Plan Shows Trump 'Will Do Nothing About Their Greed,' Big Pharma Stocks Soar


After Drug Plan Shows Trump 'Will Do Nothing About Their Greed,' Big Pharma Stocks Soar

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a strong indication that investors and major pharmaceutical companies know President Donald Trump's newly unveiled drug plan "will do nothing to rein in their greed," Big Pharma stocks soared on Friday as Trump delivered a brief and extremely vague speech promising to lower drug costs that critics called a "


Big Money is going to do all it can to prevent Trump for accountability for anything–even that kid he intends to shoot on the streets of NYC. Big Pharma gets to run rampant. Big Oil gets Iran. Big IT will get net neutrality expunged. “Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue…”


Mr. Mueller : Again, this crook is committing “another” massive Fraud on the American People.

In broad daylight for the world to see.

The intent is clear.



Follow the money

Up the indices


As shown in this article, a significant number of drugs that are touted by Big Pharma as suitable for cancer patients are actually completely ineffective:

The high cost associated with these drugs can be considered nothing more than immoral, particularly when they are designed for use in cases where patients’ lives are already threatened and they are at their most vulnerable, facing their own mortality.


Why would Trump do anything about greed when GREED is what this slob of a president is all about?


The entire medical system is a ripoff scam fraud. Cures are not wanted nor sought. Chemical pill pushers have only obscene profits in mind. Natural healing is blocked, proof enough is the continuing war against cannabis which is a miracle plant that actually heals with no side effects. Bayer-Monsanto are out to control cannabis. Big Pharma, big tobacco, big alcohol and big police state are enemies of the people. Trump enables them all in a war against this entire nations people and people throughout the world.


Very astute summary. While I only skimmed the article, in reading the headline I thought about the vast sums of money big pharma has spent to quash citizen’s initiatives to legalize cannabis. Thus continuing their efforts to monopolize the healing herb. Hats off to Rick Simpson among many others for their work and conveying knowledge.


Any bets against Trump being invested in Big Pharma and that his profits will soar?


As usual they put lipstick on the pig and parade it around as if it was the winner of the beauty pageant. This is nothing new and Trump is just the latest in a long line of Pharma greed enablers. The entire system is systemically corrupt.


In case you missed it: