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After Earlier Assurances Over Air Quality, Benzene From Petrochemical Fire Triggers 'Shelter in Place' Order for Texas City

After Earlier Assurances Over Air Quality, Benzene From Petrochemical Fire Triggers 'Shelter in Place' Order for Texas City

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Despite assurances early in the week from top local officials that air quality was not a threat to public health, residents in the city of Deer Park, Texas are now under a shelter in place order due to elevated and dangerous levels of benzene caused by a mass petrochemical fire in the area.

Update: 6:45AM
The City of Deer Park remains under Shelter-in-Place orders following reports of elevated benzene levels in the area surrounding the Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) Deer Park site.


From Industrial Security and Safety Source:

"Pollution monitors continued to show the air is safe to breathe, probably because the intensity of the fire is pushing the thick plume high into the atmosphere, said Jeff Lindner, a meteorologist with Harris County’s flood control agency.

Up in the sky, there’s a “black disgusting blob, but there’s no toxins in there,” said Ryan Sitton, a member of the Texas Railroad Commission, which oversees the state’s oil industry. “It’s the same risk as your backyard fire when you get ash out of there.”"

I don’t believe these people for an instant.


The question is: Where is our power?

Can we move forward, as a society and as individuals, toward restoring ecological balance and averting mass extinction and the collapse of human society?

Can we imagine, and live, life without rampant capitalists selling us the oh-so-necessary “consumer products” and oh-so-necessary wars that are literally dis-integrating the ecology?

How will we live, after the rule of capital?

How will we live, without all the products that are currently marketed to us?

The real question that should rule all of our thinking is:

How will we live without a functioning ecology? And:

What is actually “necessary”?


What happens when conservatives play with fire.


We the People that they throw in for fuel get burned.


A class action law suit is in order. Here are the warnings to health with benzene, a horrible carcinogen:





Just like the reports that exposure to the twin tower dust for those working in it was totally safe. When will Main Street America learn. Got some roundup partners?


You see, the problem here is too much regulation and corporate taxes are too high.


Who are these " top local officials"?


This is NOT a political - conservative vs progressive issue. This is an ecological issue that capitalism at its core has produced on this planet. And only WE the People can find the answers by rising up and asserting our power to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people, ecosystems, and all living things. The ass hats in the political/oligarch class have no interest in anything but power, property, and money.


I have to assume that is sarcasm, right?

I’d like to see the mayor or the CEO stay awhile in the area affected by the burning, toxic chemicals poisoning the thousands living in the immediate area. Better still would be to jail the violators of the lax regulations on a continual basis, A three strike rule would give the law some teeth. Violate the regulations 3 times will earn you a life sentence. Then implement a clean-up action plan with the same 3 strike provisions. Then see what happens. Of course these will never happen. I can still spend 3 months for lifting a steak from my local market though.


??? Surely you jest.

Officials that are dumb struck by all the corporate money and promises. Seems the greater the payoffs the more stupid they are.

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The good old Libertarian paradise of Texas!


Is it a coincidence that the asshats in the political/oligarch class are all conservatives with no interest in anything but power, property, and money?

Why should liberals and progressives take the blame for what they do?


"Texas, they’re lying to you. Get you and your family out of Dodge until the burning is done."

Drink bottled water for the next several months.


Damned straight. This company should be put out of business, and the bosses should be barred for life from any management or ownership position.


Dear Texas Republicans: Please, please go breathe this air.


And why can’t they ever tell the truth?