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After Enabling Trump's Anti-Immigration Policies, Paul Ryan Makes Exception for Immigrants From His Own Homeland


After Enabling Trump's Anti-Immigration Policies, Paul Ryan Makes Exception for Immigrants From His Own Homeland

Julia Conley, staff writer

After spending much of the past two years enabling President Donald Trump's hard-line immigration policy and blocking the House from voting on bipartisan legislation to protect young immigrants, outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is showing recent enthusiasm for welcoming a select group of immigrants—not the thousands of Central Americans who are in a camp in Tijuana, Mexico, waiting to seek asylum in the U.S., but people from his family's own homeland.


Words fail to describe what kind of a hollow soul Paul Ryan is. A coward, a jerk and an idiot…This news just confirms who he is once again in the most hateful way. Hypocrite.


Conley sez:
“As Politico reported, Ryan’s own ancestors came to the U.S. in the 1850s, fleeing the potato famine there.”

The irony is, Ireland was considered by many a “shithole” country at that time.


And these have absolutely nothing to do with the stunning propaganda sludge of FaceBook


That’s what racism is all about.


Ahh, the luck of the Irish! They’re the same color as mashed potatoes. Congress approves!


“Potato famine”=misnomer. Check out irishholocaust.org to find out which British regiment shipped food from Ireland to England.

There would have been plenty of food for the Irish if the Brits would not have stolen it. As a result, the only thing left for the Irish to eat was the potato. Unfortunately, the monocrop of only one variety of potato left the crops open to disease and rot. So the Irish starved to death. They were reduced to eating grass. There were green stains on peoples’ mouths.

The potato, originally from Peru, comes in many varieties. If only the Irish would have had several varieties, other types might have been resistant to the blight.


Ryan is a disgrace to the Irish race. His like have no right to claim Irish heritage.


I thought he was from Transylvania.


Dems should pass a bill in 2019 barring Ryan from any ambassadorship ever!


Irish migrants??? Didn’t know there were that many from Ireland in the 21st century!


Race??? Irish is not a race


Hi azqwdfr: and I have read that the potato famine started in America potatoes first. Perhaps the capitalist of America sold these potatoes to Ireland?
And yes, I agree that the Brits sold the food which would have fed the Irish. My relatives left Ireland in the 1840s and when they came to America------they were treated by America just as badly as the British treated them -
Amazing how cruel all nations can be to the newcomers----the inane fear of “the other ,” continues to thrive! : (


A “man” whose family lived on SS when his father passed- but who claims that he “hates” SS himself. Hmmm. He looks like Howdy Doody.


Hi gandolf: Yeah Transylvania : ) – It’s the same hair that Dracula had----although it’s called a, “widows peak,” for some reason. A little point of hair in the center of the forehead. I should check out his teeth — are they sharp and pointed too?


Stone cold.


Too bad his citizenship won’t be revoked.


His attempts at taking away healthcare from Americans is vampire-like enough. Sucking the life out of the innocent.


HI theoldgoat, thank you for sharing this video. : )


HI gandolf: I looked it up and widow’s peak came abut in the 1500s with the fold of a hood used by widow and in 1849 by a peaked hat worn by widows/. Oh and then this : some of my least favorite male people had them, Besides Paul Ryan, so did Ronald Ray Gun and the awful president, Andrew Jackson.