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After Exposing 'Corrupted' Brazilian Government, Journalist Glenn Greenwald Faces Deportation Warning and Death Threats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/14/after-exposing-corrupted-brazilian-government-journalist-glenn-greenwald-faces


Gee, if he comes back home to America he will face the very same issues. He is strong and has a good support system in place plus a really big bull-horn but they all have more money and more guns. I wish Glenn and his family the best, stay well.


Glenn is brave & doing an incredible task for Brazil & the world!
He deals in truths.


Speaking Truth in the face of power is dangerous business.
be safe Mr. greenwald


Yes phred. Just ask julian assange:


Crime families, the drug cartels, and authoritarian governments are virtually indistinguishable. And that is certainly the case for Bolsonaro and Trump.


Very true! I posted a awhile ago, when the Fascist, Bolsonaro was selected, that Glen needed to watch his back.


Yes. Everything is always about “America”.

I know it may sound trite and banal but nevertheless to paraphrase Orwell: IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT, SPEAKING THE TRUTH TO FASCISTS LIKE…Chelsea Manning; Edward Snowdon; Julian Assange; and Glenn Greenwald about egregious war crimes, Government spying on it’s citizens and exposing fascist corruption is not allowed!


I know this sounds, well

Glenn already is in “America” South America and if he come North to this place, he’ll be in oosa part of North America.

Someday after the fall, perhaps America will not be defined by just one country. It is a semantic foible of mine but somehow it seems that calling this country/empire “America” makes me think of entitlement.


It is important to understand that Glenn Greenwald work in Brazil has nothing to do with what he did exposing the NSA. Plus Brazil is not USA and there was nothing improper in those messages. Greenwald is trying to help to release criminal Lula from jail, the ex president who bankrupted Brazil. His husband is from the very leftist party PSOL which main job is to release Lula from jail.
He would do a better job exposing messages between the corrupt politicians in Brazil, not between people who are exposing corruption and fixing Brazil.

Muchas gracias. You beat me to it. This needs to be said as often as possible. It’s one of my pet peeves as well. The USA = the country with no name.

If only Mr. Greenwald’s courage and integrity would rub off on the mainstream media.

So much for re-locating in a ‘better’ country than the US. I bet Glenn Greenwald thought he was safe living in Brazil. Guess what! It’s Brazil. It’s South America. It’s Banana!!

Another one bites the dust, but then we already knew Glenn has been spitting dirt for years now. So here we have another man without a country. These are the people that make and are on the right side of history. It’s a pity though that no one really cares anymore.

Life is extremely cheap in Brazil. Greenwald should relocate out of the country.
It is only a matter of time before the bad guys say enough is enough.

I don’t quite care about politics. However, here is something anyone, above mediocre intelligence, should reflect about:

Glenn Greenwald, the amazing reporter, is a democrat (or claims to be), which leads us to question tha fact he is siding with socialist/communist party in Brazil. Second, and remember I have no party, the former Brazilian president was trialed with over TWO HUNDRED other people from which ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE were convicted, the former Brazilian president was just one of them!! Then, former Brazilian president had his sentence ratified at second instance. After that former Brazilian president manage to take his sentence to be appreciated by Supreme Court (second highest), which maintained his sentence. Finally, former Brazilian president’s lawyers manage to take it to the Federal Supreme Court (highest), where his sentence AGAIN was ratified. On top of that, EIGHT out of the eleven judges, who form the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, were appointed by the former president’s party!! Am I missing something?!?!

I want to add to mr. Greenvald that socialist/communist were NEVER EVER in favor of homossexuality!! It’s no secret Engels and Marx felt disgusted about it. And, since the Brazilian party supports the Cuban government, the only country known to have (or have had) a homossexual correction facility and that che guevara’s hobby was killing (himself) homossexuals AND that US democrats were not at all the reason USA abolished slavery but Republicans, I find extremely unsettling to write the least, mr. Greenvald paradoxally involved himself in this huge mess.

Now, the cherry on top of the cake is what most are failing to realize: accessing somebody’s private communication without a warn IS A FELLONY in the USA and in Brazil!!

My guess? Mr. Greenvald was caught by his heart. Just like the Capulets and the Montegues, Glenn fell in Love for someone from the Brazilian left wing, which is not the same as an American left wing. A left wing in Brazil is a communist. The rest of the unfolding situation is a consequence of an ACT OF CRIME. Period.
Remember: I don’t give a root about politics at all.