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After Exxon Fine for Sanctions Violations, Calls for Rex Tillerson to Resign


After Exxon Fine for Sanctions Violations, Calls for Rex Tillerson to Resign

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"It's time Rex Tillerson step down or be removed," said Gigi Kellett of Corporate Accountability International, following an announcement on Thursday that ExxonMobil will pay $2 million for violating U.S. sanctions against Russian officials while the now-secretary of state was the company's CEO.

"This is nothing more than a parking ticket."
—Gigi Kellett, Corporate Accountability International


Tillerson should never have been accepted as SOS in the first place. He has repeatedly demonstrated his disdain for laws he does not like and is, frankly, a climate criminal who is unlikely to have much sway as SOS. None of this is new.


Revolving door regulatory capture.

A specialty of the duopoly.

Shut down Enbridge Line 5!


The Treasury department will face sanctions over this! Heads will roll !


Apparently corporations are not people and cannot be held responsible for any filth they do - neither do the CEO’s, CFO, and others at the top ever pay for their crimes - just slap-on-the-wrist corporate fines for big-bucks in profits - hey, just the cost of doing business - and when the shite hits the fan, they always have Uncle Sugar there to bail them out - with our money!

And here we have an actual person in Tillerson who was head honcho while the “corporate non-person” committed crimes and violated its responsibility…and Tillerson now holds power…yes, Tillerson must pay the piper, else there is zero justice (as we already know) and not even a fig-leaf to cover the (obscenity) crime…or responsibility! Where does the buck stop now?


I guess Tillerson didn’t get the memo.


While he’s at it, I think I’ll buy some oil from Iran and cigars from Cuba!
I’m sure North Korea will provide some cheap labor once I set up a factory there.


Politicians are immune from accountability while enforcing their domination on the majority.

“Those who identify themselves with the whole, who are installed as the leaders and defenders of the whole can make mistakes, but they cannot do wrong – they are not guilty. They may become guilty again when this identification no longer holds, when they are gone.”
"Relatively new is the general acceptance of these lies by public and private opinion, the suppression of their monstrous content. The spread and the effectiveness of this language testify to the triumph of society over the contradictions which it contains; they are reproduced without exploding the social system. And it is the outspoken, blatant contradiction which is made into a device of speech and publicity. The syntax of abridgment proclaims the reconciliation of opposites by welding them together in a firm and familiar structure. I shall attempt to show that the “clean bomb” and “harmless fall-out” are only extreme creations of a normal style. Once considered the principle offense against logic, the contradiction now appears as a principle of the logic of manipulation – realistic caricature of dialectics. It is the logic of a society which can afford to dispense with logic and play with destruction, a society with technological mastery of mind and matter.”
Herbert Marcuse


And he will claim the Alberto Gonzalez (GWB’s AG) defense: "I don’t recall. or "I really can’t recall or “I have no memory of…” He will resign AFTER he, with the help of the diabolical despot DJT, manages to get the sanctions on Russia removed (most likely the topic of DJT and Vlad’s second one-hour chat) so he can then pick up where he left off before taking the SoS job and REALLY capitalize on energy/gas development in Russia. They are ALL greedy, grasping, ghoulish malparidos!


God help the USA War Machine, if peace were ever to break out with Russia …


Yup, it would come to a screeching halt, eventually turn to rust, and its perpetrators/contractors would wander off into nothingness.


Environment destroying capitalist pig, he should be in prison!


The Duopoly defined. Thanks for dusting off ole Herbie. If he only wrote/spoke in vernacular regular people may have understood how valuable his work is.


This what SuperMaxes should be for.


Yeah, so many candidates… chould start with the current mass murderer in chief, and go back thru obomber, bush/cheney…its a loong list!


Yeh. Well the Federal Reserve can create some new credit that a new Hedge Fund (financed by George Soros) could create a new derivative to finance prisons for real war criminals and politicians who exercise crimes against humanity faster than I can type. But Soros is also an international financial criminal who crashed Asian money markets a while back causing massive misery and poverty in the region so we’d need a special one for him. Oh, never mind. Let’s just get rid of capitalism and start over.


It’s really time for the GOP to stop running the country a la Trump and cabinet. Folks, just ignore them – they are all crooks, liars, and thieves. Call your best selves forward and give it a go. At least the next two elections would have a more even chance then. Even if you lose, you’ll know you did the right thing.


Yes, CLIMATE CRIMINAL, who should be tried for crimes against humanity… …all these people make me sick.




Seems like they will run that 60+ years old line up to and including failure-
Snyder and his Republican entourage need to be run out of Michigan for good…
I sent in A petition and Snyder’s office sent back some evasive reply that Michiganders need heating oil for winter!
What about drinking water Govner?