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After Failing to Prosecute Bankers, Obama Cashes In With Wall St. Speeches


After Failing to Prosecute Bankers, Obama Cashes In With Wall St. Speeches

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than a year has passed since he departed from the White House, and former President Barack Obama has already joined the "well trod and well paid" Wall Street speaking circuit, a decision many argued will negatively impact the Democratic Party's credibility as it attempts to fashion a message around taking on corporate monopolies, ta


Gosh, I just can’t put into words how shocked I am by this… Really amazed… Stunned even…


Just another article that corroborates my contention that presidents are selected before they are elected. There is a video that states: “ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS!”

I would like to see them make a sequel: ALL PRESIDENTS ARE BANKERS PRESIDENTS!


The first thing that comes to mind, Obama taking queues from his former sec.
of state.
So, this is our “democracy”.


The problems with the Democratic Party are now structural, integral, incorporated in the party’s lifeblood.

Those who talk about a Sanders Wing or reforming the party are chasing their tails. Any effort spent toward these ends is energy diverted away from real problem-solving.

I suspect that is the main purpose of the Democratic Party…to divert & confuse liberals, progressives, lefties, workers, etc. To take their good intentions & melt them down, forging them into bullets, bombs, & barbed wire.


So much for the “party of the people.”


How do you expect the Obamas to hang with their people on a $400k (plus perks) POTUS annual retirement and some book royalties ?

Marlon Brando’s island resort in Tahiti where the Obamas recently vacationed (accessible only by private jet) runs $13k per night and the cocktails run $525 a pop. Its not cheap hanging with the .010%.


I am NOT shocked. When he bailed out the banks without curtailing their future activities it was clear, where he stood on the corruption scale.


BINGO! Excellent post! The surreptitious, raison D’ etre of the fake opposition, in a nutshell.


Those too-big-to-fail banks controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008. Thanks to Obama and Congress putting US taxpayers on the hook for more than $20 trillion in bailout schemes, and enacting Dodd-Frank faux reform, those banks now control 50% of US bank assets, at the expense of community banks, and with no end in sight of their march to monopoly.

The next time they crash the economy Dodd-Frank “bail in” regulations will steal depositors’ money on top of the even bigger taxpayer funded bank bailouts Congress will authorize.


So what do YOU suggest?
Talk is cheap. - Action is required I for one rate the chances of…: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/s4p?source=bnc … to be excellent, if not impaired be doubters and nigglers.
But we have to work on it with our full and undivided commitment for 2018 and again for 2020.
Throwing in the towel will not do!


Obama’s failure to prosecute Wall Street bankers coupled with him not lifting nary a finger to save those who were losing their homes from foreclosure after the 2008 financial meltdown is one of the biggest reasons we have Trump as President today. He left a gaping wound in the American psyche that never was resolved or healed. His ‘I prefer to move on’ comment was a lack of moral leadership at a time when people desperately needed someone to stand up and demand justice.


" So much for the party of the people."

The Democrats have been getting away with their con of being “the party of the people” for far too long and are just as emptitious ( capable of being bought…corruptible) as the Republican party.


Excellent book – recommended

All the Presidents’ Bankers - Who rules America?



Democratic parties poster child, Obama, a sellout you can believe in, wink,wink.
The new slogan of the democratic party: Come on over to the dark side, it pays much better.


Nary a week passed during Obama’s 8 year regime that several CD posters didn’t remind readers that Obama was following the Clintons’ POTUS playbook including getting set up for the big pay back retirement speech circuit.

Seeing how these “speeches” are private events we don’t even know if there are actually any speeches given , do we ?


It is just the beginning. Watch for the “Obama Foundation”. Then he can get millions from the Saudi head choppers, etc. and pretend it’s a 501c3. If Willie Sutton were alive now, he’d have a 501c3. That’s where the money is. Ask the Cintons.



No surprises here, considering Obama accepted more money from Wall Street in the 2008 election cycle than all of the republican candidates combined. Helluva speech giver though, huh?


HOPE plus two bucks bought a cup of coffee in 2008…now its three bucks.

CHANGE continues to be what you put in the server’s tip jar after you get your coffee.


Exactly. And once again, the lib/prog media nail this “scoop” long after it no longer matters.