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After Far-Right Group Cancels Rally, Thousands of San Franciscans Celebrate in the Streets


After Far-Right Group Cancels Rally, Thousands of San Franciscans Celebrate in the Streets

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Thousands of people celebrated in the streets of San Fransciso on Saturday after a slate of creative counterprotests and condemnation from local politicians convinced the rightwing group Patriot Prayer to cancel a rally it had planned for Saturday afternoon at Crissy Park.


Well, I was one – standing in the crowd of protesters with a home-made “IMPEACH the Lying Son-of-a-Bush” poster – for all the good it did.


People need to get away from their computers and TVs and get out into the streets for peaceful protest against the white supremacists.


They’ll be back.
We’ll be ready.


Wavy’s love was in the air.
Nobody for president, because Somebody always wins. Now we have a Nobody.:pray:


Your efforts matter. Sometimes it takes awhile to become apparent.Thank you for your service.:v:


Yes, just imagine if the protests against the white supremacists were as popular as the NFL!


As well-intentioned as these “counter-protestors” may be, the truth is that they are being manipulated.

See this article for further analysis:



It’s obvious, I think you hurt their feelings :disappointed_relieved:

Poor little rednecks went home


Me too. Planting seeds, planting seeds…


Are you sure? Seems like there are a lot of people out there in the streets. Do you know the heart and soul of each one of them? Do you know what each has learned–from reading, from living, from listening inside?

Yes, many are still asleep–in the streets and everywhere. But it seems unlikely that everyone in the streets is asleep, and problematic for any of us to assume we have the whole story on why each one of the protestors is there or what they’re really doing.

Yes, there’s much more to all this than readily meets most human eyes. I keep praying that this growing recognition inspire me me to deeper humility, curiosity, and creativity…


Great! Will be hearing less from you here then, friend?


Dangerous to try such humor online, I know. Truly I mean no harm! I read your comments routinely, often agree, always learn something…I’m not so much suggesting you should be doing something different as poking at our nearly ubiquitous human tendency to assume–in the midst of a vast and in some senses unprecendented moment of chaos–that we know what others should be doing.

I do it all the time! And most always have a point. Still, the hubris amuses as well as humbles me…


Plenty of white trash losers love football.


Me too, poll after poll shows what the people want and it does not seem to matter to Presidents or politicians of either party


The Alt Right, White Supremacist KKK are not interested in free Speech. They even have a fairly large segment of the Evangelicals. Hitler used Roman Catholic propaganda to wipe out large populations of the Jewish faith. ISIS has learned the language. Recently a Catholic priest was outed as a member of the KKK. We have serious problems in country and the left and moderate side of the debate has been primarily silent. Note FOX a right wing propaganda churning machine enjoys a larger audience than any of the reason outlets. Hate sells, myths are more easily sold than reality. Note the climate change debate. The thing about it is that Houston “climate change” believers are just as likely to drown as non believers. Sadly science doesn’t choose sides it just is.


What do you think? This is a press conference of the Patriot Prayer people after their rally was cancelled.


You’re giving stupidity a bad name.


AP-- Mayor Ed Lee defended the city’s response.
“If people want to have the stage in San Francisco, they better have a message that contributes to people’s lives rather than find ways to hurt them,” Lee said. “That’s why certain voices found it very difficult to have their voices heard today.”

That sounds a lot like free speech only for approved messages fully vetted in advance.


Finally a simple and logical way to deal with cowards hiding in a crowd of like minded white bigots. Take them, out of their element and force them to walk upright and act human and they shrivel like most fascist. Rob them of their hate filled platitudes and they whine like stuck pigs.


So Shane Bauer, the reporter for Mother Jones, actually covered extreme violence being practiced by antifa against American citizens. Keep in mind that Shane is one of those “famous” hikers who were arrested probing the Iraq Iran border area 7 years ago (we were just on a hike, honest!)

Antifa beat down apparent alt-righter. pic.twitter.com/WVdDJqLKmA

— Shane Bauer (@shane_bauer) August 27, 2017