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After First Presidential Debate, Report Challenges Trump Attacks and Right-Wing 'Propaganda War' on Voting by Mail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/after-first-presidential-debate-report-challenges-trump-attacks-and-right-wing


I so hope that this isn’t one of those “spirals of history looking like repeats” in progress.

Can’t help but wonder if people in Berlin were feeling like this in the months/weeks before things went from going sideways to completely south.

With the multi-pronged fuster-cluck of heavy weather, a pandemic that doesn’t exhibit itself with ugly (albeit undeniable) boils, and the hard and vicious right doing anything necessary to keep a guy who could only win to Hillary but only with the Electoral College (how’s that for a run-on rant?), one can see how the superstitions of the past could be such certainties. It’s the End of the World as we know it…

Speaking as one who grew up under the nuclear umbrella (did many expect to live until their 30’s?), I’m glad that last comet has moved on.

It’s got to be a landslide followed by consequences. The Family and their ilk have to get amputated from any kind of access to public policy. Feels to me like Historical Times are once again upon us.


…and I feel fine."

At some point, you either fall into a pit of despair or watch the whole thing as a grande farce apropos of nothing meaningful in your life. They have stripped us of everything that granted the working-class power, or the illusion-of-power, over our lives, leaving us with fewer and fewer options.

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All this author is telling us is old news nothing about what to do to counter Trump lies. We need ideas and Broad based information to educate and provide support to the voters to ensure no one will be intimidated to voting freely. The Republican party is accustomed to cheating intimidating and winning,. This time around they’re going gloves off using and ugly naked aggressive tactics. One wonders when will the GOP nominate Trump as their fascist strongman. I am not sure what the progressive movement plans to do at this point and going forward in case Trump remains president. I don’t count on the democrats putting up much resistance bring the other wing of the corporate fascist state.


Trump supporters are thugs and hustlers just like their leader they will do anything to make sure their fascist leader wins. They’re already throwing propaganda tantrums about some ballot irregularities in minnesota and wisconsin. One wonders why the GOP was in such a hurry to appoint some 300 right wing radical judges. How can they be judges if already have opinions set in stone.

Regarding which, we are right this moment entering one of those ominous early mornings, this Thursday out in California’s Bay Area, with more heat and stronger offshore winds on their way, and ignitions simmering all over the place. We had a couple days of clear air, then a couple days of getting smokier. Tonight the nearly full moon at apogee is draped in stunning orange and yellow gowns.


since the racist anti-American Republicans lie with every breath–any one who supports them are simply the fools who have not the intellect needed for a basic understanding of the issues and are unable to engage in coherent conversation–or more probably are racist anti-American liars their own selves

too bad so many police forces have been infiltrated by these creeps as a direct result of decades of inaction and pandering done by the Democrats in the face of the Republican anti-American actions

the Dems were/are so pathetic that they could/cannot even protect the vote and this is where it has taken us

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I think you are quite correct about the Democrats. During what passed for a debate yesterday Biden did not seem to be at all concerned that Trump is actively engaging in sabotaging the election. In a powerful article at the wsws it informed its readers that:

"The abject bankruptcy of the Democratic Party was on display on Tuesday night. While Trump personified the viciousness of a ruling class moving toward fascism, Biden—frail and frightened—epitomized bourgeois democracy on its death bed. Though endlessly intoning, ‘This is the deal’, Biden spent the 90 minutes of the debate evading the fact that his opponent is preparing for civil war and dictatorship. He mindlessly declared that once the votes are counted, the political crisis will be over, and everything will return to normal.

The role of the Democratic Party is to do everything it can to downplay and cover up reality, in order to prevent any popular mobilization against Trump. Biden went out of his way to declare that he is not opposed to Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett. He complimented her as ‘a very fine person,’ even though Barrett, once on the Court, will be one of those who will drive a nail into Biden’s political coffin.

When Trump goaded Biden by declaring that the Democratic Party candidate supports the ‘far left manifesto’ of Sanders, Biden responded by repudiating any association with left-wing politics: ‘I beat Bernie Sanders … by a whole hell of a lot.’

Biden did not even respond to Trump’s verbal salute to the fascist Proud Boys. He pledged to demand that his own supporters ‘stay calm’ as the election is contested, while Trump urged that they mobilize and challenge the results.

To believe that dictatorship can be averted by supporting the Democratic Party is to close one’s eyes to reality. The Democrats’ actions are determined not by an abstract devotion to democracy but by the interests of the class that they represent."

I urge everyone to read that article [“Trump’s Operational Dictatorship: What the debate exposed”] as it points out the lengths which Trump will go to in order to stay in power. In order to prevent this from occurring the workers, as the authors of the article note, must rise up between now and the election to make sure that Trump’s ploy to become a dictator does not become a reality.

True all of it. I might add that when Trump questioned Biden how the green new deal was to be funded Biden had a perfect opportunity to bring up Trump’s at least 10 years of tax cheating reported by NYT recently. He should’ve added that had Trump not been POTUS he would’ve been in prison.

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If I was Trump and I wanted to call the election fraudulent, I would surreptitiously have agents provocateurs send in phony ballots.

If Biden wins trump’s passport should be confiscated. We want him available for legal action.

Biden winning the election is a big if considering the lengths which Trump is going to in making sure that the election will not be conducted fairly. Biden basically undermines his reason to be president when he refuses to acknowledge that Trump is doing everything he can to become a dictator by sabotaging the election. The passage from the article which I had previously posted was right when it referred to Biden as being frail and frightened.

And where did Biden go after the debate??? Ohio and Penn.------Biden is winning older voters for the first time in 20 yrs------------dead even Senate race in SC for the Senate-------Don’t be fooled-----FUCKIN VOTE!------The bigger the victory for democrats-----more of a voice for the base.

I’ve suggested this before a couple of times. When trump is speaking lies to the public multiple people need to laugh at the liar embarrassing him.