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After Five Years of Legal Limbo, Sweden Agrees to Question Assange in London



This whole sorry episode is so juvenile, vindictive and petty as to boggle the mind. You expect the US and the UK to approach the very idea of law with nothing but contempt, but for Sweden, these are the kinds of Faustian pacts that can wreck the soul of a people.
End this nonsense and let this brother claim his rightful asylum according to established international norms.


Am I just experiencing deja-vu, or did the Swedes agree and then back out once already?


Be safe.


"Swedish police will now be able to question Assange over rape allegations."

We all know the rape allegations are a red herring, so what is this questioning really all about? Be careful Julian, be real careful!


As always it is worth scrolling back to the bottom-feeding origins of this amazing timeline. Suppression by shaping falsely generated charges into the form of a calendar and map? Perhaps not so novel a strategy when you look at it from that perspective.

Once upon a time, August 11, 2010, to be precise, a story not quite fairy tale, not quite fable (yet), not quite murder mystery, not quite anything identifiable (quite yet), took flight in the minds of many. The flapping in those minds did however achieve the status of 'legendary' - but that is generally only fully recognized in hindsight. So, perhaps our story might be said to be emblematic of a genre of political time and space in a sort of science [of] fiction. Time will tell...


Don't know, but I know they've been arguing about it since day 1. I'm sure it's common knowledge that the Swedes are under tremendous pressure to get their hands on Assange because it's the only flimsy excuse that anyone can do it "legally". Otherwise, it's back to forcing down the planes of presidents or kidnapping curbside.


I suspect the Swedes do, too, which is why it seems there's so little pressure on Ecuador by Sweden to refuse Assange asylum. This is just a guess, but I'd think that i Swedish prosecutors really believed they had a genuine case, they'd be hopping mad at Ecuador. Further, they'd be spending a whole lot of time making that case to Correa's diplomats in the hopes of persuading Ecuador to withdraw protection.
That none of these things have been done--to my knowledge--suggests that everyone understands this as geopolitics.

Oh yeah, and the "duh" factor: the fact that no arrest warrant has ever been issued is also a pretty good tip.


The Swedish justices and police. A bunch of clueless peckers, and that includes that nasty bitch that kept this absurd imbroglio on life support. I smell USAins in this sewer.


Sweden has now decided they don't need to bring Assange to Sweden to ask him why he didn't wear a condom when having sex. They also need to ask him why after being given permission, he went ahead and did it a second time without asking. The British do have a reputation of being ding dongs, but 17 million for around the clock guarding of Romeo is to funny for words. It would have saved the tax payers a lot of money if they just gave Assange a free package of condoms, and told him to always ask permission for second dips.


Whether or not he lives or dies, he has let the whistle blower genies out of the top secret bottle.


More than that. There's been a radical feminist agenda that has taken over the Swedish legal system. Watch out, there're working on it here, too. Take a look at what's going on with Title IX in the universities. Or read Daphne Patai's books, Heterophobia and Professing Feminism (the latter, make sure to get the 2003 updated version).


Patai doesn't seem like a strong thinker, to me. She believes education has recently been politicised, which suggests either that she just woke up after falling off the turnip truck that was carrying her to town, or she was looking for a Cause to wrap herself in and wasn't too fussed about qualities like merit.

Paglia did much the same thing, and I don't think much of her either.


Bite. Your. Tongue!